Sinatraa (OWL MVP) leaves overwatch for valorant

Settle down lol


Not really. It’s justified. Overwatch is done.

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After 2-2-2 he was like a Chipsa to Shock.

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Someone descriobed this game as a clown fiesta which it is

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No. No it is not. Not even a little.

If you want to compare it to a real world event, it’s closest to when Michael Jordan went to play baseball. And even that’s not the same but it’s closer.


Blizzard made that choice (and to be clear, I disagree with it). They could have decided to go with more content updates, more lore, and other things. But instead, they pushed OW into e-sports territory, (and as collateral damage, they’re stuck balancing the game around the pros and their meta).

I’m not saying you’re completely wrong. However, Blizzard could make changes so OW’s livelihood isn’t based off of OWL.

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That ship sailed long ago.

Lol they have been balancing around casuals what are you talking about, this game is trash because they aren’t treating it like an esport.

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They have been mostly balancing for GM and OWL, and have said as much. Few changes get made to improve the game for the regular playerbase.

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No they can’t cause they doubled down with this 2/2/2 and having pure tanks and pure healers.

The games modes that a pure tank are viable in are very limited. In most game modes they won’t be able to do anything unless their is a point you need to fight over and choke points.

I really have no idea who this is or do I really care about some random Pro who is easily replaced and forgotten. That said did they actually say they are giving up OW, have they missed a tournament?

Or they just playing something else on the side? Either way the smart money isn’t on Overwatch. OW 2 doesn’t seem to have much of a PVP focus and the game is almost 4 years old. Any game would decline in that period and Blizzard in general is seemingly to have some serious financial issues with a lot of cut backs and lay offs even before the epidemic.

Not to mention their some what shady money management with crowd fundraising to make prize pools for their E sports, fun raising where they often skim off the top or out right forgo paying anything into themselves.

Blizzard E sports might be gaining more viewers, I really have no idea. But seemingly less money is making it to the players and more teams means more competition for that small prize pool.

I really don’t care. If he wants to play that boring corner peek shooter, that’s fine by me.

I’m far more miffed about Overwatch Central (now called Hitscan) essentially becoming a Valorant only channel. They said they would cover multiple games, and now they’re just Valorant. It’s irritating.

Pros are leaving.
Production talent are leaving.
Artists are leaving.

Everything is fine.


And yet the games are PHENOMENAL. Some of the best we’ve ever seen, imo.

okay, he was one of the most toxic overwatch players. Who cares. He’ll come running back next event and when he’s MVP skin comes.

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Is there a non toxic OWL player? At least one with any fame. It honestly seems like the only OWL players with any personality and following are those that break the ToS blizzard actually sets…

He did it because he want’s money. Such a loser. :grimacing:

He already joined a professional team too… if that doesn’t scream, “I’ve been payed to join.” :grimacing: :grimacing:


The sooner owl gets shutdown better for overwatch whatever papa jeff things overwatch is not a esport, the sooner they get that the better its for general game balance and content.


COVID-19 is enough to shut down OWL ?

Overwatch is very much an E-sport. Damn good one too, but that part’s subjective. The former part is not.

Overwatch has beautiful graphics; what are you on about?