Sinatraa (OWL MVP) leaves overwatch for valorant

he’s leaving his contract with OWL for a new contract with a org for pro valorant play.
i think he’s gonna start streaming again due to this too which should make people happy cuz he never use to stream cuz blizzard is super controlling, what u can play or not play or say and stuff like that.
he was MVP in OWL and switch games. overwatch people tend to think overwatch is the best game and no other game can touch it, thinking that valorant is trash cuz its like csgo rather than overwatch. hate on the graphics of valorant but then log into overwatch which is a game with trash graphics lol. idk half the people in overwatch are just snowflake weirdos

he was payed to join overwatch tho…

u honestly think this game is on par with some of the highly graphical intense games out there?? like i honestly think this game graphics is on par with fortnite. fortnites engine being better since it was just upgraded.

It was only a matter of time until someone made a better version of ow… Or something that felt enough like it …

Blizzard never took a stance on the identity of overwatch… They wanted it to be a casual go happy game that if you were awful you could group with your god tier friends play a user friendly hero and hold you own…

But then they also created a professional league and made and agressive ranking ladder that even says who #1 is…(not casual at all lol…)

It sent a mixed message that people were never really satisfied with…

Half the players didn’t want to get spawn camped by a crazy widow…the other half wanted to try and take that widow on but didn’t enjoy having their mechanical hero be outvalued by an easier meta hero holding left click

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The games a clown fiesta these days


he quit being pro in OW and went to valorant. he said he would still play/stream overwatch if he wants to play it.

he said the same thing kinda. pretty sure he doesnt have alot of hope in OW2 for the PVP side. just doesnt like the game really (think alot of pros think this but are kind of stuck in OW due to them not being good enough/cant practice other games to get good at and have to practice OW so they are not washed up.) burnout type thing too.

So may excuses for ow being made…

Why hasn’t faker left league of legends for valorant yet?

League is like 10 years old and still gets tons of play and loyal players and still is the most popular game

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Hopefully bliz can put that money back into the freaking game instead of a crappy league

No he wasn’t. Super revealed on stream that he was benched because he was demotivated to continue and had spoken to SF’s coaches and players about it. Crusty wanted him to be a starter because he found him as a leader to the team, but was an obvious move to bench when he revealed to them that he wanted out.

It is an esport though, it’s just poorly run and managed.

Well League of Legends is 10 years old, but getting updated far more. It’s also a simpler game so to speak, easier to make new characters and changes for. Plus it released in a far better state than OW. OW has never really been a balanced working game… and has suffered for it.

Even after a year of “focusing on game balance and bugs” OW is still a mess. I really don’t know enough about League to know if it’s better but I can only imagine it is.

as an OW player who left for League, nahhhhh I’m still terrible there’s so much stuff to learn.

It honestly feels like the Mario Party of fps games (even moreso than TF2). Fun if played casually, but no point becoming serious since so little in the game is in your control.

That said, Valorant has heavily drained Overwatch’s talent pool and tier 2 scene. There’s no denying that.


Nobody cares about valorant, its nothing special

Streamers chase the new thing, where do you live, under a rock?

I meant more in graphics and game engine than tactics and game mechanics. It’s easier to modify and code for being far as I know a top down 2d game not far off of starcraft style. Which only goes to prove it’s better to have a good game, than a good looking game.

I think far to many games these days focus on having amazing 3d graphics over something they can actually implement good idea’s and game play into.

This is completely different, T2 players and OWL bench warmers like Mendo who never even got any play time moving makes sense. The literal best player moving on to a game that has no scene is insane. I don’t know if Sin is just stupid, or if he’s just a kid who has no idea about how financials

And OW is going to eventually be a dead wasteland. XD The game its self just has way too many flaws; the main one is the fact that the game actually requires some one with an IQ of over 160, which maybe 2% of the world has?

Honestly, if my IQ were that high I wouldn’t even bother with this dumpster fire.

Here comes the butthurt high rankers.

It’s not just streamers leaving, but practically the majority of OW’s upcoming and former talent. That is not good for an esports scene if you heavily lack new star players.

You can’t blame it on pros for Blizzard not nerfing dive heroes.

The dive heroes were not anywhere close to dominant or op in casual player’s hands. Nerfing them would have been a decision catered to pros.

He was never a “streamer.”

If you want to dismiss someone’s opinion based on what he does, with prejudice, at least get the information right.