Sinatraa (OWL MVP) leaves overwatch for valorant

He said he wasn’t getting fun with the game, maybe it was Hero Bans, maybe role lock.
And can’t blame him, I feel like the game kinda died there.


Maybe Blizzard will actually care about the backlash of 2-2-2 and hero bans now that their MVP quit before his Zarya skin was even released and left them with their pants down.

Because some famous person leaves Overwatch. Does not change my own opinion about Overwatch. Who cares, honestly?

And? Pros can go ruin that game like they ruined OW, lol.

You think pros wanted the current version of OW?

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Anything that would lead to the OWL downfall would be praised to the high heavens on this forum anyway.

And maybe a tiny bit of reddit as well.

Blizzard has had to find unorthodox solutions to work around the pros (they don’t want to upset them), which makes balance 10x worse. Take when they added Brig because they didn’t want to nerf Dive heroes.


Then drop her the pros won’t care they would be happy. She is there to protect people who don’t like getting pew pew pewed by flankers.

He said he lost passion for the game. Pros and streamers move on to new games all the time; it’s just part of life

Dead league. OMEGALUL

The calculation is probably a giant pain, actually. On Youtube, it’s not just a click that matters, since they use disruptive ads. It matters how long you actually watch as well. Twitch does the same thing, but since we see instant snap shots of how many people are watching at any one time, we get a better idea of how many ads are being viewed. Youtube’s total views hides this. 500k could be amazing, or it could be absolutely terrible.

I bet there is a marketer out there that knows how to estimate this.

18 posts,

I think blizzard needs to fix this, is even pros are tired and bored with 2-2-2 (hero bans will probably dissapear next season) why not just try 1 season with open queue and max 3 picks of one role and atleast 1 of each other? I dont know

He left for Valorant. Good riddance.

The advertisers get analytics.

Mei is just one example. You can’t claim that DPS heroes aren’t impactful when there are multiple examples of DPS heroes that are impactful.

There are plenty that aren’t impactful, because healing is too strong (just like how plenty of tanks are basically unplayable because of burst-damage and CC powercreep) but to say the Damage role in its entirety has no impact is just dumb.


Cool that’s great, I’m glad he likes Valorant more and wants to be in their esports scene more its great that he’s able to pursue something he loves

Sin isn’t the best player lol

I just hope Activision-Blizzard takes a good long look and give us the attention we needed. Instead of shelling and wasting lot of money & resources into esports crap.

I’ve never been shook like this for a retirement ever. This is the (I would say equivalent but they are most certainly not equal) of Kobe’s death for the overwatch community. :cry: