Shameless 40€ scam

Title says it, i am absolutely disgusted by this.
As someone who owes OW since it’s existence, now if i want my DESERVED beta access, you want me to pay 40€ for that?
After all your boogers that you have been throwing at us for now already a years of no content, is it such a problem to give a beta access atleast to your most loyal players?
Honest to god, i would rather have it as “buy few loot boxes and get beta access for 10ish €” which is still greedy and lame, but atleast we get to taste OW2 for a decent price. But this, forcing people to spend another 40€ even tho they spend already 60-70 in past on legendary edition is beyond spineless. And worst thing is that people wanna try it so badly they will actually pay another 40€. Yea i know there is a Opt-in, like “here doggy, stand in line with 500.000 others, maybe you get your cookie.” And i don’t care if there will be guaranteed twitch access, this is not about it. It’s just about disgusting greed, that’s all. If there was a 2nd package next to it, totally fine. People who don’t owe OW at all can buy it for 40€ and that’s ok. But let others pay some lower decent and affordable price then if u already wont give us guaranteed access.


go back, read what you actually get and please. just stop


You don’t deserve anything more than any other player.

The beta only lasts like, 2 weeks. Why are you upset?


You aren’t owed anything and you don’t deserve it either. it’s a closed beta so if you don’t want to pay sign up and wait and see if there are going to be alternative methods of getting in like watching streams etc.

A lot of fuss to make over something that’s going to be free to play.


My favorite type of people who reply are the ones who read 1 sentence and then give answer based on that. So dumb. Just don’t reply if your only reason to do it is flaming.


I read your entire post. My comment still stands.


Lmao you dessrve nothing. Simple


You don’t deserve beta access.

You shouldn’t be charged $40 ($60 in my case lol) for a game you already own, a free beta you will have access to anyway, currency of unknown relative value, a lame icons and mediocre skins and battle pass…

They should’ve kept origins content as the exclusive reward for those who purchased OW1 ages ago.


You can still get beta access for free, everyone will gain access if they apply for free, they said they will keep adding everyone into it until the 14th July, so no need to spend your $40 on this lol (unless you’re a cree/soldier main and really want them skins lol)


Imagine getting upset over 40$ lol. The entitled generation.


You got baited, beta would be free, and I think twitch drops would be a thing as well. They just saw twitch hyped for 1.7 million viewers for drops, ofc they will bait you with that “GUARANTEED” word, and you ate that :wink:

2 skins (5 dollars each)
Premium battle pass (probably around 10 dollars)
Legendary edition (that contains some more skins and also OW1)

Yeah, totally a scam

And I missed stuff as well


I stopped right there. Let me drop some FACTS for you (and apparently a whole lot of players that don’t know some things):

1 - You are NOT entitled to betas at all, because their purpose is testing, not showcasing a product. Thats a DEMO. Thats a different thing, ok ?
2 - No one is forcing you to buy ABSOLUTELY anything. The PvP part being free means that you can play and progress and learn and improve your skills without spending absolutely anything.
3 - They are not a Non-Profit, so they are choosing to add monetization via cosmetics that only help your game looking “better”.

Please get real.

Because every company ever, that is not “non profit”, will have monetization in their products and while the way its implemented will NEVER satisfy everyone, this is by no means, predatory (at least with what we know for now).


Everyone who signs up for beta will receive access, over time. You will have at least a weekend to test and provide feedback from the beta

The Watchpoint Pack assures instant beta access


And after these 2 days minimum, what will happen to the access? Are you just gonna get kicked out?


i think he means that after that, teh beta ends


Can I just ask why the decision was made that there is no cheaper version of the Watchpoint Pack for people who already own OW1?
I would have spent 20 bucks on it for sure, to get access and the skins. But 40 for a game I already own? No…


i think that may have been out of dev hands. or the value of the pack is fair.

Isn’t the beta like 2 weeks long? How is it supposed to end when it can still be going on?
Unless they mean the absolute last weekend…

yes, I think they do, as if i remember right, the last wave of people are let in on the 14th and the beta ends on teh 18th