So... What do you think will happen next?

Because apparently, what some of us think will happen but most of us don’t wan to happen is coming true. Maybe let’s add a bit anxiety to the mix; what do you think will likely happen anytime soon?

"Surprise, surprise, Content Creators and Streamers will get a special favor from us, where they can all apply for free, but can test the beta as long as those dummies who gave us $40 can!"
They always had a thing for content creators and streamers, so I don’t think this is unlikely.
Usually I would say “They will only give the free beta accesses to streamers and CCs and leave most others in the dust”, but if I read the post from AndyB right, apparently everyone gets at least a weekend.

Still, trash practice from my point of view, I hope they won’t make it worse.

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Idk, I would do something for the ones that were still left.
Twitch ow has been kind of dead for a long time now, those streeemers actually need the boost.

Streamers have probably already received that pack for free.

I mean yeah why not?

Kind of how mutual business interests work…

New Heroes become a pay wall. Let the salt begin