Beta-2 is pay-2-play


You can 100% get into the beta without paying a dime. It is not 10% or 20% or even 50%, you will 100% get into the beta without paying a dime if you simply sign up.

buuuut don’t these games usually have progress for the real game when it releases?
At least the ones I bought/played.

We’re not even sure how long this Beta will last… Who knows, maybe there will be a second pack to buy with an access to the third beta sometimes in August or September :p…

One thing is sure (WyomingMyst confirmed it), there will be no afking during Twitch steams acces to the beta like last time. So yeah, the Beta is confirmed P2P as it’s like buying another copy of OW1 (though not getting an extra licence of the game).

It’s hard to tell how many people will get access to the Beta on the first week but the goal is to sell that Watchpoint pack from the store so… I guess not many.

It’s unbelievable that we have to pay to access a Beta that consists of 80% of a game we already bought in 2016… :stuck_out_tongue: ! If there were lots of new content, I would understand the pricing but only 2 new heroes on the beta (and 3 new heroes altogether on October 4th) is pretty scarce to making it worth selling…

I guess this pack is meant for new players but I don’t think many players outside of Overwatch fanatics are aware there’s something going on with Overwatch on October 4th.

Who would want to pay that to get access to a 6-year old game that hasn’t changed that much for this new version of the game ?

The beta also is only adding a single hero and map and maybe lets you use/look at the redesigned appearances for the OW1 heroes(minus echo) which are not even substantial or something to worry about really.

I know we are mad but this is absolutely reaching, maybe try again later.

I never said it’s a new concept. Stop pulling words out of my mouth. I said it’s one of the worst things to charge someone for.

If you don’t have a finished product. You shouldn’t be charging people for it.

Simple as that.

Mate relex… they have literally said that everyone who signed up for the beta will get in over time. The layed access is just for day one.

I guess none of the live service games should charge then? If you’re against live service, that’s fine. I disagree, but that’s fine.

I’m just thinking how far WoW has come from day 1, and wonder where they would be if they had waited for a “finished product,” to start charging people.

Queue times are gonna be real fun that last weekend if they don’t allow most people in throughout. Good luck actually playing anything is my guess.

Actually I wonder if that’s why they want to control how many people get in so badly. If you allow everyone to play everyone is just gonna queue tank and play JQ

My 2 most toxic friends, with multiple suspensions… and weekly warnings got day one access… the nicest kindest ppl, who never get in trouble got ) access the whole “beta”.

we gotta get toxic to get in

They’re supposedly going to be adding people in waves throughout the beta (The first being on the 5th iirc)

The 14th is just the final cut-off point where everyone should have access.

Edit: *14th not 18th :woozy_face:

Well the 18th is when the beta ends, the 14th is when everyone should access but fair enough your point stands. I still fully expect queue times to be atrocious. They were bad beta 1 and now the new hero is in the least available role. Actually probably gonna be an issue every time they add a new tank to the game.

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Where do u buy it? I’m looking fowrard to buying it

Just so that you’re aware this isn’t quite true, much as I think the pack is problematic.

OW 2 website sells it.

he is got the bait, gj blizz

Access to the beta is just an added on bonus if you buy the waypoint pack.

It was specifically stated that all who sign up (for free) for the beta should get access by July 14th.

You don’t have to pay to get in.

Omg … you’re lunatic…

That’s what free to play means…

If you can’t pay for content you can play for free and be someone else’s content.

No it isn’t. It’s at best pay to queue jump.

Look! You can be impatient or poor, but not both. That’s on you.