Shameless 40€ scam

Extending the beta out to July 25th would fix a lot of the upset here.


bro overwatch the edge of darkness edition comes with early access, a huge stash, gamma container, paytowin backpack and a tactical tomahawk.


Entitled much? This says it pretty much all about you.


we are barely some thousand players who want to play beta. we all got access for beta 1, we all get access for beta 2. ow is a small playerbase game, about to be a bit bigger…

I am absolutely disgusted by your disgusted-ness at an optional pack.

That being said I think a reduced price of $29.99 for holders already of the Legendary edition was in order…

So spend $40 and get 3 weeks of OW2 beta and if you don’t you’ll only get 2 days.

FOMO rubbish not only that’s disrespectful of people’s time if I work weekends and you don’t want to pay, you could get nothing.


why was beta access revoked for everyone who go into the previous one anyway? seems a rather odd decision.


Gotta inflate them twitch views again :smirk:


Everyone owns OW2. Its free

Can’t please everyone…

To be completely fair, he was not involved in that decision and you already know the answer to that question.

A whole weekend? Oh boy! Hopefully I don’t have something scheduled that weekend!

Oh no, but what if I do? Man, I better pony up that $40!

Oh wait, this is a shameless scam. That’s right.


The entitlement is strong with this one.
It’s a gosh danged beta. You don’t deserve anything.

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can you please clear up the requirement of adding a phone number thing?
i’ve had this account for several years, i’m semi active on the forums, i’ve spent a good bit of money on my account and i wouldn’t knowingly do anything that’d get me banned do i still need to add a phone number to my account?

… I am not talking about OW2, but that OW1 is included in the Watchpoint Pass…


That…doesn’t answer the question?

“Why is there no cheaper version for people who own the game already?”

“Because they want to test cross-play!”

First of all, crossplay has been around for like a year now?

But also, console players already own the game. Why isn’t there a discounted version of this?

If they have limited server access and can’t bring in EVERYONE, that just means that this “you’ll totally get in we promise for a teensy weekend” bit is a lie, OR, it means that they’re trying to convince people to drop $40 to skip the line.

It’s gross.


Or sign up and maybe you’ll get picked, like normal betas, or watch streamers to get access as well. If you’re too busy to put a twitch stream on in the background, then maybe you’re too busy to contribute to a beta.

you aren’t just paying 40 bucks for a game you already own
you know this, I know this.
If we are going to hate on it, lets hate on it with out lying

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Has that been confirmed?


no it hasnt. it is being assumed