"Server Closed Due to An Unexpected Error" in Competitive

My wife is playing on the ps4 and she is not being paired with any enemy teams at all, she has had multiple games like this. Im on PC was playing comp and servers kicked me out. Had to restart the game to be able to rejoin. Won the game. However my rank dropped 65 SR now 2460 was 2515 and my endorsement fell. Not fair when my internet is connecting well and I get penalized when it is a server issue and many people are reporting it and server tracker can back my statement. Want to know if my SR can be restored where it was since it was not my fault. (Beginer in playing on PC)

THREE TIMES this has happened to me. You really need to start fixing the problem AND refunding the players affected. This is ridiculous.

Same issue here lost a bunch of SR because I got kicked from the server, just replying here to see if I can get my SR back or if the problem is gonna get fixed.

Had it happen to me. Would like my SR back

As I posted up above previously, specific individual player based alteration cannot be made. It is not fixed, you will have an answer to these questions once it is fixed and they post on this thread. Demanding SR be returned does literally nothing.
They are aware of this thread and will post here when they have some information to share.

As an update, we have found the cause of what was causing the Server Closed error. If anyone is able to retest Overwatch, please let us know if the error comes up again. We’ll continuing to monitor the issue and provide updates when we have additional information.

As for the SR loss and leaver penalties, please take a moment to check our thread, Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties. While the issue is a frustrating issue and understandably so. It’s rare these issues to occur, but the system is built to take these situations into account. While the first few penalties and losses are lenient to later ones, over time the rating will even out as you continue to play matches. As long as there are no intentional leaving or technical issues, these situations should not affect the account and sr loss in the long run.

Thank you all for patience and understanding of the situation.


I just got out of a competitive match with no dc’s or lag. It started just before you posted this. Will be playing another soon.
Thanks for the post.
EDIT: Works great thanks.

What if I have evidence that the Overwatch servers crashed? Is there anything yall can do there?

Honestly though, that is a really bad way to run things. I have had this happen twice to me now and 100 SR is a good amount and to think that it would take 5 wins in a row to make that up…

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still happening on xbox

Still server issues happening. Comp should not be able to be selected if there are known issues like this :-/

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I got the same thing. I was in a group playing with friends. They were still talking in discord, had to finish the game without me. I got the SR penalty. I tried to rejoin the game, but it wouldn’t let me.

Happened to me all the time. Blizzard must really be sitting there laughing at our misery after 3 years of refusing to address and fix their server issues. It is truly pathetic to continue to blame the player base for this issue when literally thousands of people have this issue over and over.

We are all on high end computers most likely. Also, it appears most of us don’t have this issue on any other game but Overwatch.

Frankly, I believe they know what the problem is. Its either to expensive for them to fix, or it is something involving Windows that they know they CAN’T fix, but don’t want to tell us since that would mean having to accept an incompatible, flawed game. We know Blizzard is to arrogant to disclose something like that.

So we are screwed/

just happened to me and someone on the other team at the same time

Here I am again, next day, same problem. I’ve been kicked out of 4 games over the last 2 days. My SR is plummeting (I’m not that great so it’s not easy for me to rank up), and I just got banned because I couldn’t join the game I was just kicked out of. Not to mention my teammates are hosed because I got booted about 1 min into a new match.

This is still happening on PC. Not fixed.

Me and some of my friends were regular playing comp when two of us (me included) got a random server dc needed to restart the game to get in again, before that battle.net needs to reconnect too(maybe its a battle.net issue idk). (2 min of losing in comp for that) its not an connection issue on my site because i was the whole time in voice chat in discord and exactly at the same time as i dcd a friend dcd too, he is living on the other side of the city and has another provider. I lost already 100 SR because of this server issues. Some random persons we played with had the same issues.

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Same here , lost 50 SR for nothing , it is so annoying , I just don’t even want to play the game anymore . + Battlenet’s support system is litteral trash , I can not click on the submit button . Trash game , Trash company.

Alright guys it’s back.
It happened to me today.
Here is my thread

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