Request for Mercy Pink Skin in Overwatch 2

These have been provided multiple times in multiple Pink Mercy threads

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I’d actually like to see these sources too, otherwise what you say is a supposition stated as if it were a fact.


As I have already stated, this is available in many of the existing Pink Mercy threads

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Ok, so threads by other players? Someone actually in charge?

If it’s from a Blizzard employee surely there must be some sort of proof you could link here.

A recent article;

'As players across X, Reddit and other social media sites inquired about Pink Mercy eventually coming back, Overwatch 2’s Jared Neuss [chimed in], addressing the request.

“We don’t have plans to bring Pink Mercy back right now,” he admitted, reiterating earlier comments from when an [Amazon Prime Gaming ad teased the skin’s return]

The producer further noted that while the team hears the requests to bring back the skin, they have other priorities at the moment and that’s why it hasn’t come back in any capacity.

I addressed this awhile back and things haven’t changed – We don’t have plans to bring Pink Mercy back right now.

“I definitely don’t want you or anyone else to feel ignored or unheard but we’re focused on other work at the moment. If that changes, we’ll be loud about it!”

— Jared Neuss (@OhReallyJared) [August 21, 2023]’

My statements are in regard to statements by BCRF

ok, and they are? There must be some sort of written document you could copy/paste or link.

your statements are suppositions stated as if they were a fact.


actually no, my statements here are of fact, not supposition

I have already indicated where the statements by BCRF can be found

Having fully clarified this, I will not be replying any further in regards to this particular item in this thread

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I provided facts from a credible source (executive producer of Overwatch).

You simply provided hearsay (aka a supposition).

So according to the statement I have provided, there are no plans to bring back Pink Mercy.

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But I already have the pink Mercy skin, so lets have a completely new skin that nobody has.

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not sure why but, something tells me that the mythic mercy skin will have a pink palette :thinking:

with this change of topic, I will reply, albeit only once: My statements were in regards to statements made by the BCRF; and as such, statements made by Blizzard or Blizzard employees do not impact what I stated in any way, shape, or form

there are many other players of this game aside from yourself, and many of those players would like to purchase (and in some cases, purchase a second time) this skin

That said, I have always been in favor of new charity skins being created, but with the pay to win game being called OW2 in such a incomplete and unstable state, I dont see Blizzard diverting the resources necessary to make any new charity skins anytime soon

CB: wasnt there a fairly recent tweet from a high ranking member of the Overwatch team that expressed enthusiasm for the possible return of the Pink Mercy skin?

I am asking you if you can provide the link and/or source since you provided such a statement

The source that was “provided”in these other Pink Mercy threads has not stated that BCRF would like for the skin to return . If you have the link and/or source that provides otherwise, please do so.


I think they can’t provide any because none exist, or they had a dream that was very realistic.


Let me try and find the link of what I assumed that Megadodo may be referring to.


The link that was provided stated that, and I quote

Thank you so much for reaching out. We are so grateful to receive your kind words and love for the BCRF + Blizzard partnership. BCRF continues to be in contact with our wonderful partners at Overwatch. We encourage you to continue sharing your love for Pink Mercy on social media so the Blizzard team knows how much this program means to the community. While the program is no longer active, there are several ways you can continue to support BCRF through direct gifts to our cause at or through gaming fundraising to learn more, we encourage you to visit and stay up to date with updates from our partners, we invite you to sign up for the BCRF newsletter, linked at the bottom of the page of" -Lexie

Based on what was provided via through the Twitter screenshots, nothing was indicated nor stated that BCRF wants this offer to return, however, BCRF stated the company continues to be in contact with our wonderful partnership at Overwatch.

It was also stated that there are several ways to continue to support BCRF through direct gifts on the website and check the website for any updates from our partners.

It was stated that


Actually, there have been many written statements by the BCRF indicating that they’d like the offer to return…and these have been posted in many existing Pink Mercy threads

Also, pushing the idea of a direct donation is off-target in a Pink Mercy thread. Charities work with both group A (those who donate just to donate) and Group B (those who require recompense to donate) in order to maximize donations. They appreciate both groups. So, since this is a Pink Mercy thread, pushing a group A type agenda is simply mistargeted here.

Finally, plans can and do change, especially with all things Overwatch. We had a prepaid game of 6v6, now we have a pay to win 5v5 game. We were told PVE would be added, and then it was cancelled. Plans can change…and often do. It is our hope that Pink Mercy will become part of Blizzards plans once again at some point

This must have been before the whole debacle that came to light lol

I see a lot about how to support the BCRF (which is great, but that’s not what people really care about unfortunately) and nothing about the skins return.

So far there has been an executive producer for Overwatch and I’m assuming someone from BCRF named Lexie both saying nothing about the skin returning, but thank you’s and links on how to support them.


actually, no - statements from BCRF indicating that they’d like to see the offer return have been made both before and after the scandals

and…the desire to help the charity and the desire to buy the skin are not mutually exclusive. People can and do often want both. The attacks where it is claimed that people (including fellow forum members) only want the skin are baseless and are against both the rules and spirit of this forum, and as such, I ask that they cease

We simply ask to see the

That’s all.