Request for Mercy Pink Skin in Overwatch 2


and myself. We had both asked you the same thing about showing us what exactly they said as a fact and not simply a supposition.


So if there are many written statements as you claim, why when asked to provide such evidence, the response and evidence are inaccurate and insubstantial?

Then you have group C, who just want a new charity event from a new company featuring a new hero.

Plans do indeed do change, however, some plans here in Overwatch have not changed. I am all for collaboration for charity as it is for a good cause, but again we have been told by Blizzard themselves that Pink Mercy skin or icons have no plans to bring it back.

Nor have there been any proof of statements that have stated that BCRF wants the skin to return and is waiting for Blizzard.


Yeah, I have yet to see any links, sources, citations, credentials, or evidence stating such a claim that is being made, which is

If I made such a claim, I would have expressed and displayed the source for not only awareness but to help support my claim.

No evidence or receipt is often dismissed especially against those who have provided evidence and/or receipt. Based on what we know right now, is that Pink Mercy is not returning anytime soon, as the evidence supports it with the time span from the release of Pink Mercy to now, and since it has been stated more than once that Pink Mercy is not returning or have no plan to return.


I ask that the personal attacks cease

Blizzard please I have been waiting for YEARS.

Notice how we still do not have the evidence?


yep :confused: a simple discourse


It is more so than telling that the evidence does not equate to the statement that was made. Instead, words are being misconstrued into fixing a false claim, as any statement without evidence is just that.

Now let’s just say that “BCRF said that they want the skin to return” and it is in Blizzards hands, as Megadodo stated, and Blizzard came out years ago stating that they have no plans for Pink Mercy and the icons to return, then that should speaks more volume. Blizzard “overall or majority rules” does not want the skin to be returned.


I saw an article a couple days ago where blizzard said they’ll bring it back sometime in the future. I don’t remember the link, so please don’t attack me for having hope that they’ll bring it back. Knowing blizz, they’ll prob bring it back when they get desperate.

awesome :slight_smile:

if you do come upon that article again, be sure to add a link to it to a Pink Mercy thread

Blizzard doesnt care about their old players

Yes, please provide a link when you do find it. All articles I have seen mentioned that Pink Mercy is not returning.


We wont ever see that link cause the skin is never coming back lmao


actually, the skin will come back when and if Blizzard decides it will come back, no matter how many forum members declare that it cant or wont ever happen

Yes…but how many of the people are spending the money FOR the charity and not FOR the skin

There was an amazing thread by someone named yeetle who discussed a topic similar to this. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. People wouldn’t have donated to charity without the skin.


If it makes anyone feel better, if skin trading was a thing, I’d trade my Pink Mercy for an Atlantic All Stars Mercy.

tell that to megadodo lmao

I saw an article where they said “Pink Mercy will never ever ever come back”.