Request for Mercy Pink Skin in Overwatch 2

Dear Blizzard Team,

As someone who has been part of the Overwatch community since its inception, I have witnessed the evolution of the game, including the introduction of various skins and cosmetics. While I have enjoyed the diverse range of skins that have been added over the years, I have a special request to make today.

I would like to respectfully request the creation of a Mercy Pink Skin for the character. Mercy has been a beloved hero for many players, and I believe a Pink Skin would be a wonderful addition to her collection of cosmetics. Pink not only symbolizes hope and healing but also aligns perfectly with Mercy’s character theme as a compassionate healer.

I understand that the development of new skins is a complex and time-consuming process, but I believe a Mercy Pink Skin would be a fantastic way to show appreciation to the Mercy player base and contribute to the overall diversity of skins available in the game.

I also want to highlight the positive impact that such a skin could have on initiatives related to breast cancer awareness and fundraising. Many Overwatch players are passionate about supporting important causes, and a Mercy Pink Skin could serve as a symbol of solidarity and support for those affected by breast cancer.

I am more than willing to contribute to any efforts, whether through feedback, suggestions, or even community fundraising, to help make this request a reality. I believe that such a skin would not only make many Mercy players happy but also help advance a noble cause.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I understand that you receive countless suggestions and requests from the Overwatch community, and I appreciate your dedication to making the game as enjoyable as possible for all players.

Once again, thank you for your hard work and commitment to Overwatch. I look forward to any updates and improvements that lie ahead for the game and, hopefully, the introduction of a Mercy Pink Skin.


here before people start hating, I liked this post a lot : D ( ps pink mercy is already a skin )


This is a limited legacy skin attached to the condition that its profits go to a charity for a third party. This third party also owns the trademark of pink mercy and likely has at least partial control over its distribution. It’s not just gonna come back no matter how much you beg and plead for it. Blizzard literally cannot sell/resell this skin for profit, nor give it away for free in game, as both scenarios will spell a catastrophic PR nightmare or actual legal ramifications.

You can ask for new pink/charity skins sure. But stop begging for this pink mercy. The End.


Already been done, sorry you missed it. Hold out hope if you’d like, but don’t bank on it happening again.

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The pink mercy charity skin is likely neve gonna come back, you’ve a better chance of praying to god they do another charity event with a different charity and fan favourite hero you enjoy playing


I’d totally be down if they did another charity to do a second run of that skin. I already have it, I mean more for those who missed out. Always a good thing when there is a cause to support.

Alternatively, imagine magical girl Mercy!

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No. You’re just going to have to cope.


Let it go! Let it goooo!
Can’t bring the skin back anymore
Let it go, let it gooo!
Instead buy some shop skins and become poor
They don’t care what you’re going to pay
Let the players rage on
The countless posts never bothered Blizzard anyway :notes:


I’d like to see the skin brought back just because players are saying no to it. No charity attached to it either.

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Everything this person said is right, but this.

Pink mercy will not comeback, but pink reaper is a possibility.


Another forum smurf acting unaware.

Also according to internet, pink doesnt symbolize hope and healing, but charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and romance blah blah.

With all due respect, pink mercy is already existant and its uniqueness should be kept through not releasing it ever again.

I fully support idea of pink reaper as a new skin for breast cancer awareness.

Also, whoever wants to donate to a good cause, he/she can do so directly at

h ttps://


its funny that random forumers claim pink isnt coming back as if they are blizzard / bcrf employees to decide it lol


BS. Youd know there is one and why it cant come back if this was true.

You’re requesting the creation of a “Mercy Pink Skin” - well you’re just in luck!

If you go to OWL teams section in the shop, you can get two for the price of one by getting the Spark team skin.


Then you’d most likely see an actual lawsuit as opposed to whatever players here who threaten legal action think they’re doing.

It’s funny that in the 5 years since pink mercy initially made an appearance it’s never come back despite both Blizzard and BCRF subtextually both pointing fingers saying it’s the other who’s stifling the collaboration.

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As others have said, Pink Mercy was done before.

Would you take Pink Mei instead? Pink Pharah? Pink Sojourn?

I bet if those came out, there wouldn’t be anywhere near as many sales as Pink Mercy. We all can guess why.


Yeah sorry but a ChatGPT paragraph isnt gonna really bring back the skin

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Pink Lifeweaver. >:0
His petal backpack could turn into heart shapes!

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There’s been no begging in any Pink Mercy thread I am aware of, and I particpate in most of them

what I do see a lot of is certain players using attacking words like “begging” is used here to deride those who merely wish to make a legitimate purchase

such attacks are against the spirit and rules of this forum, and as such, I ask that they cease

not at all

continued discussion of this subject in this forum keeps the topic alive and helps ensure that those in power to make the decisions involved are aware that the level of demand for this skin remains high, even many years later

we’ve actually seen several signs lately that point to an increasing probability of the skin returning

or…or…we can continue to discuss it here to ensure that the powers that be remain aware of the strong demand for this skin

no need

see above

further, this is a legitimate ow-related topic on a forum explicitly set up to discuss ow-related matters like this one.

so this discussion belongs here

since this is a specifically charity skin, I cant see it coming back as a for-profit skin

there would be enormous negative backlash on Blizzard if they did so

No forum member has the knowledge and/or authority to legitimately make such a statement

Pink mercy will return when and if Blizzard says it will return, no matter how many forum members declare it cant or wont ever happen

this is indeed true


groups A and B have been discussed many times in many Pink Mercy threads

group A Donates just to donate. The appeal above is an appeal to group A

Group B requires recompense to donate. Pink Mercy is an appeal to group B

as such, the appeal above is mistargeted in a Pink Mercy thread

I dont see any evidence that the post was generated in chaptgpt, but I do see many instances where such a statement is made to attack the poster, as seem to be the case here

such attacks are against the rules and spirit of this forum, and as such, I ask that they cease



sadly, this happens in almost every Pink Mercy thread I have read

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