Regarding trust levels

Obviously we don’t know how the OW team have defined their trust levels, but there’s some good information about them on the Discourse meta:

It also describes how users can migrate from one trust level to the next. These are the default settings, and this forum is probably different, but it illustrates the sort of thing.

For example:

Obviously we can flag posts but not upload images or edit wiki posts, so this forum is clearly using non-default settings.

By default, trust level 3 starts to be a bit more time-based, and you can drop out of it:

Some of them are particularly interesting, and might not work well for a very high traffic forum like this.

e.g. “of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25%”

That’s a lot of reading!

Anyway, no we don’t know how they’ve set it up. And maybe they’ll never tell us so we can’t game the system, but I think it’s still interesting to know the sort of things that Discourse can base trust levels on.


Thank you for posting that in the other thread :blush:

It was very insightful on how the Trust system might work as a whole. Obviously the Moderation Team here may change some of the ins and outs but overall your post was very helpful.


What do they mean by entering? Like just joinin’ a post ‘round ‘ere of somethin’? Or makin’ one?

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So I lost trust level 3 over the weekend after getting flagged for trolling - I was pretty angry about some of the topics some users created about hating Hammond and responded in a way that got me in trouble… I lost trust level 3.

Does anyone know the time frame on getting it back? I am a regular forum poster…

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Wow, you lost it over that? I got suspended multiple times and I have mine. You have to gain it back, we don’t know how, just be good.

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thank you for the explanation!

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I lost my trust level 3 just for saying someone’s username was fitting after they said they report people for t-bagging. Instant 24 hour suspension for “trolling/spamming”.

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ty for the insight into how it works

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