Reaper NEEDS help (he's been F tier too long!) 👺

Reaper has been a hero who hasn’t been touched due to the amount of people who complain about him when he does get buffed.
However, just because a small minority complain about reaper doesn’t mean he’s balanced/OP, firstly, here are some stats:

Grandmaster Pickrate: 0.39%

Bronze pickrate: 2.88%

As you can clearly see, reaper is much more effective the lower the rank you go.
So we need to balance him in a way that wouldn’t cause too much uproar in lower ranks but still be a solid pick in higher ranks, kind of like current tracer.

Reapers problems:

  • Too many heroes are “better versions” of reaper, for example junkrat.
  • Short range hero with no medium/long range attack
  • No engagement tool, (Wraith is for escape, not engagement).
  • A very risky E, which is extremely easily countered by every hero
  • Huge hitbox, making it too easy for people to hit him when he’s flanking
  • Too many heroes counter him
  • Trash against armor (which tanks have and he is supposed to be tank buster)
  • Slow hero (unless you think wraith form makes him really fast)
  • Unreliable shotguns, occasionally the pellets do not register.
  • Very loud compared to the usual flanker, his E gives away his location, his footsteps are so noticeable.
  • Very horrible ultimate which is countered by way too many heroes (All stuns, Snipers, Focus fire etc.)
  • Ultimate isn’t good against tanks when he’s a “tank buster”.
  • Awful passive, not enough healing at all.

Reapers strengths:

  • Very high damage
  • Good escape ability (Wraith form not shadow step lol)
  • Shadow step can be sometimes useful
  • When his ultimate isn’t countered can get a couple of kills.
  • If he’s not focused he can be very powerful

I’d also like to note that he is very rarely viable in a meta:
Even in triple tank (where he is supposed to shine), he was not viable

As you can clearly see here, in triple tank meta he was the least played dps, behind junkrat (who was F tier at the time)
While reaper has had some buffs, he still most likely wouldn’t be meta even in triple tank because of how minor the buffs were.
The fact that he doesn’t even have a good niche (tank buster), proves that he needs buffs.
I’d also like to note if you look at all the other metas, Reaper is ALWAYS at the bottom!

How he is outclassed by a lot of heroes who do his same role
YES I DO UNDERSTAND that Reaper is better than these heroes in OTHER ways as well, but I believe overall they are just "better versions of him’
Junkrat: Longer range, higher burst damage, better mobility, Slightly smaller hitbox, More consistent one shot combo, A similar/better E, Barrier buster.
Roadhog: A secondary fire for mid range which can one shot more consistently, a hook which is basically a one shot, Better self heal, Similar ult.
Zarya: Higher damage at high charge, MUCH better ult, Similar/Better self defense, Supportive ability which saves team mates.
Hanzo: Long range damage, Medium range damage, Close range damage, Higher DPS with storm arrow, MUCH more consistent one shot.
Tracer: MUCH higher mobility, more consistent self heal, similar ult, engagement ability.
Brig: No explanation needed here.

What reaper NEEDS
These changes would be the bare minimum for him to be possibly out of F tier:

  • Hitbox decreased (Head and Body)
  • Fixed a bug where Pellets sometimes wouldn’t load
  • Removed voice line from shadow step
  • Quieter footsteps
  • Increased self heal by 5%
  • Ultimate is now a transformation

What reaper should have

  • All of the above
  • Shadow step cast and arrival time reduced by 0.5s
  • Increased self heal by 5% (10% overall)
  • A new ability/ secondary fire: Smoke grenade launcher (Highly wanted by reaper players).

A whole new rework, which is what may be needed due to reaper being OP in lower ranks but UP in higher ranks

Now your probably thinking…
Woahhh all these changes would make him OP.
Firstly they are quite mild changes if you look closely and finally, a couple of these changes are just giving him a few less weaknesses, which is what he NEEDS right now, he should be able to fit in a meta like every hero, even if it’s not this one.

Please read the whole post by the way, cheers and thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Here are some important quotes and ideas:


That .39% is SpiritOW


i agree with everything you said ‘‘yourself’’ but idk how many ppl will lmao because like you said hes a lot more effective in low ranks…


Call them “Nightfall Grenades.”


I am a bronze Boi and no, Reaper is not ok in the lower ranks, he’s even weak there.


oh i know hes trash but for some reason the golds on this forum dont


They probably just got hit by a lucky damage spike and see Reaper so rarely that they think he’s always that good.


nooooo what have you done? Now we have to listen how op Reaper is :\


He’s hard to justify using. I used to play him a lot but Tracer is a better version, so I just pick her now to be an assassin/flanker. For a hero that needs to be right up on enemies to do damage, his mobility is pretty bad.

I think your suggestions are reasonable.


mistakes were madeeeeeeeeee


He wasn’t strong in quad tank but in Beyblade


Whoa, that’s edgy :smile: Almost as edgy as “Hellfire Shotguns”

Let’s add them to his kit!

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Poor Reaper does need help.

Let’s do this people.

(Love the gamertag by the way):heart:


the best meta ever

20 character


Yeah it was funny But a litle brain dead

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i mean tbf that was cause ana was easily the most op hero in the game at the time

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Thanks :blush:
Lets do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly! He’s outclassed by too many heroes and has bad mobility for a “flanker”
Glad you think my suggestions are reasonable.

Thanks for the support everyone :slight_smile:


What if Death Blossom were no longer a channeled ability, but the Reaper player could still cancel it in progress?

Tbh I don’t think that would be enough, reaper has too many OTHER weaknesses. Also his problem is that his ultimate is cancelled too often, I don’t think cancelling it would be too useful