Reaper NEEDS help (he's been F tier too long!) 👺

Maybe. But think about it–if Death Blossom were no longer channeled, at least he’d get protection from bash/stun/trap/etc. abilities while ult’ing.

Someone recently proposed that his repositioning ability be replaced with some sort of smoke grenade that impedes opponents’ vision for a short time.

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Oh you mean transformation? I think that would be a good idea, it would help him get off good ultimate’s, while it still being counter able.

yea I put that in the post because of how popular it is, I don’t think shadow step would need to be removed though.
edit: going to go out for a while, be back soon

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(back after a long night wheeeeew)
That just proves my point, the fact that he’s STILL BAD in BRONZE just shows that anyone who complains about him needs to git gud.

I notice this as well, tends to be the golds that complain about him.

I can already see it coming
hEres whY reaPER iS oP

  • too much dmggggg
  • ezzz escape ability
  • ez hero
  • best ulti9ii in the game

I like that name :sunglasses:


Oh boi another one of my favorite threads, actual research and stats!

ShadowStep is the single worst ability in the game

  • Slow, clunky, suicidal, and a literal worse version of Sym’s TP

Reaper lacks the speed and range to effectively shred tanks and/or flank.

  • 4/7 tanks can outrun Reaper’s wraith
  • Pressing the S button is usually a viable counter to Reaper
  • His shotgun spread and falloff make him useless even even at 10m

Armor completely screws over Reaper

  • 4/7 tanks have armor
  • Torb/Brig/Bastion have armor. 1 is OP, 1 is getting reworked, 1 is bastion, R.I.P. bastion mains
  • Armor literally HALFS Reaper’s dmg, in turn his self healing. The heroes that have armor also fight well in closerange, putting Reaper at a massive disadvantage
Me going off on a tangent about these armored heroes, not important

And while I’m thinking about it, look at the armored heroes Reaper needs to fight!

Except torbjorn, all of them have prettymuch constant dmg output. Winston, Orisa, and Bastion can shoot for quite a while without reloading., Rein, Brig have no reloads. As if their armor didn’t give them an advantage enough

I think Reaper will need either huge buffs, or a rework to be viable

My ideas for buffs
  • Wraith mode’s cooldown is changed. The longer you’re within wraith (3 secs max) the longer the cooldown is (8 secs). But if you use wraith for a split second it’s cooldown is shorter


  • Ignores fences
  • Reaper now sinks and rises into/from the ground, making him less of a standing duck
  • Along with the new animation, Reaper reloads when using ShadowStep


  • Spread reduced


  • Death Blossom now has the movement speed of old nano boost. That’s the only way Reaper was ever viable
My ideas for reworks

Wraith Form

  • Slight movement speed increase
  • Now allows Reaper to wallclimb
  • Same cooldown as my buff idea, longer use=longer cooldown


  • Removed
  • Replaced with NightFall grenades (because I liked that name)
  • Grenades are smoke bombs, not 100% opacity, but extremely hard to see through
  • When Reaper is in the smoke, he can see enemies’ outlines. Not the entire red of infrared/sonic arrow but just the outlines
  • Smoke lasts for a few seconds
  • Upon activating, Reaper fires smoke grenades in the same style Hanzo fires storm arrows


  • Pellets are reworked, now 14 pellets dealing 10dmg each. Instead of 20 pellets dealing 7 dmg
  • Spread is reduced to go with new pellets

Death Blossom
I have 1 of 2 ideas
1- DB just acts like an AOE version of Reaper’s primary fire, but is shorter
2- Same as normal, except it acts like bullets. With long range and dmg falloff, still essentially no dmg after 8m

I hope one day the dev’s will update Reaper, He’s been F tier for 9 seasons, A LITERAL 2 YEARS

and as always



Careful what you ask for, you might just get a rework.

Thanks for the great reply, I’ve quoted some of your ideas in the main post, great post with great points :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind a rework to be honest, since he’s been stuck in F tier since release almost.

I think you are missing the point of my little joke, the recent “reworks” have ended up being nerfs.

OP you almost made me cry when I am reading your post. As a Reaper main you have my full loaded hellfire shotguns.


i guess your right there lol, now I think about it all the reworks have been complete failures, bastions, mercy, sombra, sym (sort of) etc. But lets be honest, surely he couldn’t be any worse than he is now.

Thanks :heart:

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Its not my thread so nothing wrong with a bump lmao

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I agree with everything except:

This would make wallhacks the only reliable way to counter an average Reaper. He needs the downtime he gets from crouching, and for bad ones to get punished if they don’t.

Death Blossom power level is about where every other ult should be. If anything every other ult should get nerfed to match it.

Also with an increase in self healing, Blossom would be indirectly buffed anyways.

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Great post.

As a long time Reaper main, I make it work, but he needs A LOT of help.

Shadowstep needs to be useful for more than flanking into “sneaky” spots. His ultimate needs to have a much shorter channel or be uninterruptible. As the psuedo “tank buster” he needs more movement speed and armor mitigation.


The thing is if Shadowstep was silent… it’d be way too easy to multikill with him. I think it can be quieter than it is but silent would be a mess. He has grenade bandoliers at his waste so maybe something like that for a cooldown, ranged attack or even interupt visibility for a bit would work.

Some good ideas in this thread.

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Good on you for making reaper work, I love his playstyle but I can’t seem to make him work due to all his weaknesses ;-;
I like your suggestions by the way, will put your suggestions in the post later.

I doubt it, he has too many over weaknesses that make him still extremely easy to duel him

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Good points actually, especially agree with

Now I think about it.
But I disagree when you said this.

I didn’t say he should have completely quiet footsteps, I think he should have quieter footsteps, because right now his footsteps are wayyyyy too loud.

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No not at all

Thats a lie

These are not bug fixes you only listed one bug fix please add more so your statement there is true

Hmm…Reaper DOES have grenades on his skins, right? Those could be useful to obscure an enemy’s vision. My biggest wish is that he’d have a very consistent spread and a way to easily shred armor. I’m worried a damage reduction + stronger self-heal with The Reapening would make Death Blossom very frustrating (maybe not overpowered, per se) to fight against. I’m not sure how to make Reaper stronger, he is one of my favorite DPS heroes but his weak position has always been pretty disheartening.

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Honestly anything is good to me at this point, I’m freaking desperate.


I tried playing him today in plat/dia and silv/gold and his ultimate gets shut down even at low elo. He gets shot in the head before he kills anyone, even with sneaky drops. He needs Zarya to bubble him.

He’s ok at running around shooting people in chaos as long as you’re getting some healing.

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