Getting team wiped by one character is getting old

If your getting team wiped by a Genji multiple times you’re just not that good.

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The power creep in this game is getting out of hand. It feels like Blizzard is still trying to kill goats even when that meta is long dead. Due to the power creep, less and less people are willing to play tank and supports now. The longer queue times are a testament to that and yes you can go open role comp now but the fact is unless you have good dps on the team, you are very much lost. Also Genji counters are not easy to pull of in lower elos - people say just pick mcree or ana but even in higher elos (T500) you can see most of the time players cannot land a sleep. Now I do not want more CC in the game but I think it is time Blizzard reduces the overall power levels of heroes. Every game I have team mates that are now toxic to each other because they want to play genji and the other person won’t let them, then the one who cannot play genji decides to throw whilst being toxic to the person who insta locked genji first. I usually play tank and support but decided to go dps and picked genji in open queue and got a 4 kill with a blade when i had little to no experience playing genji - granted i would have been insta shut down in higher elos but I am starting to play less tank and support now because it seems everyone wants to pew pew. So I guess I will head that direction myself.

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These exact same arguments are used every time any character is “overpowered”.

id like to see some buffs to winston zarya and sym. none of them are doing great and are dependant on other synergies with teammates similar to genji and ana back before his changes.
the characters that were previously strong against him are lacking
i think that has to do in large part with why he gets away with a lot of things.

Forum nanoblade doesn’t really exist.

Two characters actually, don’t forget where the nano comes from.

There is a big reason for this too, the defensive ults of these heroes charge too slowly to consistently counter what they’re meant to counter. When the devs overbuffed Genji they didn’t take into account how much faster he gets blade, which now he can usually have ready while a Zen/Lucio of the same (or even higher) skill level would only have ~70-80% up. There is also the fact that the high damage creep in this game has made these characters low healing obsolete.
But wait there’s more! Especially with Zen, he doesn’t have any defense for when a Genji, especially Genji, dives him and his Ball sized hitbox.
So this means that Zen is basically unplayable against Genji and Lucio doesn’t charge beat fast enough to reliably counter blade.
Yeah, so there really isn’t any reason to use these heroes when there are others that can survive and heal more (bionade + pocket from ana and moira make target immortal) out there.

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A good Genji will easily delete the Zen before he blades

Team wipe by 1 DPS is okay.

Mercy surviving and rezzing that? LOL UNFUN


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I like how genji’s ult didn’t even got changed and people are here complaining of it.His ult charge is probably getting nerfed soon and telling that if you don’t pick genji you lose is such a blatant lie.

and this people was the reason for his buff… Flashly OWL plays

Exactly this.

Blade has same ult charge requirement dragonstrike. Let that sink in.

Some may say that hanzo can do more dmg from it, but that was before the changes to him. Now genji is funnily more consistent in gaining ult charge in a lot of the cases.

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“Lol just use rip tire on the Genji” is another popular one I see.

yeah but it’s not even genji mains it’s literally any old rat off the street who decided “hmm i wanna play a broken hero today” and has put in less than 3 hours on Genji

Yeah, I’m staying far away from comp for that reason. Whats even the point if you want to be competitive on heroes which clearly arent in blizzards favoritism?

I won’t even stay on how much hypocritical and irrelevant your answer was. It is like when someone has nothing to use as an argument and just uses many and pretty words to justify a random answer.

According to your logic then, we should not have opinions and feedback at all. Its Blizzard’s game and they can do whatever they like… I agree… I won’t lie, but they need to stay on something as well. You will either do whatever you like just because its YOUR game… or you will ask for feedback. And till now Blizzard says everywhere that our feedback counts. You won’t find a faker statement from that. They must to do some adjustments on that and say “Only the feedback of High Elos and OWL players count for us”. There I fixed it.

Its definitely a problem in Comp right now as well. For kicks did placements in OQ for DPS, was mostly serious, and a couple games were flat out decided by clear unranked Genji mains. They can’t all be good, the buffs have to be bit out of line and the ult charge is off the scale.

What’s equally annoying is that Hanzo had his nerf reverted for some incredibly stupid reason and he’s being overshadowed by the four… four buffs Genji got at one time… wtf Blizz… if that isn’t an OWL move I don’t know what is.

I wish that blade was the only problem … it isn’t though.
Blade is as easy or hard to counter as it ever was, the main problem is that he survives A LOT more, gets away with A LOT more and farms lets A LOT more than before the buffs.

Countering Genji blade is fine … but you can only counter it so many times dude. The tight spread of the RMB and the deflect cancel HAVE TO GO.

Numbers like that can be adjusted for sure, but first you still need to be willing to run Lucio/Zen. I have seen far too many players got complacent for too long, tanks who think they will always have 100+ healing on them and start to take unnecessary damage all game; far too many support mains who don’t have skills to play Lucio or Zen at all.

We need players to remember how to protecting/peeling for their backline again, not just thinking: oh Healers can take care of themselves, I can just tunnel vision the front line.

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Irrelevant answers all around, I guess. Good talk.