😡 Why are Symmetra players Angry at the "Rework"?

You mean like when mercy was changed dramatically? Several times over?

Change is a part of Overwatch. It will always be that way.

Jeff said in a recent interview that they aren’t “completely satisfied” with current Mercy. So it looks like we’re in line for a 9th nerf :confused:

As a Mercy main, let me tell you…

The last quarter of this year will most likely be a nightmare for Symmetra mains. I’m sorry.


Thank you someone else who agrees that this is a new hero with the same name not symmetra


I play Sym and I’m not angry at this rework. Heck, I’m excited. The changes sound like they’re going open up far more interesting tactics than her current kit allows for. Plus it seems like a very good sniper counter.

Key word entire not one ability will be the same so it is a new character not a rework mercys rework still kept her gaurdian angel her healing and damaging beams and her pistol they changed her ult and gave her a new ability sym is having every ability changed


How about Sanjay
And the company is called viskar

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Posts like these are exactly why developers are scared to post content that IS WORK IN PROGRESS.

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You don’t even have 30 minutes on the character and you think you know everything about her good sums will learn every detail of a map to best utilize her abilitys some people think the some spots only characters which mobility can get to but I play sym and I know some hard core par core that you can do on all sorts of maps and this is even further amplified by turret climbing using your turrets like a ladder you can even get on top of the buss in numbani

I like symmetra 2.0 mabe a few changes would be nice but I just wish they would keep the same character instead of giving her a new kit

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So your too good for auto aim that literally makes no sense

Winston has more forgiving aim then sym and can hit multiple targets plus the damage is brutal Winston will always win it takes I’m about 3 seconds to kill a sym while it takes her about 6

I put a lot of work into learning her and after I did I climbed she might not need that much aim but she needs a lot of othe important skills that a lot of other characters do not need


Sym players should know how this works by now. You’ll all scream and cry for weeks and weeks after this drops, you’ll get vague promises of “we’ll keep an eye on her” and you’ll get your own megathread where all Sym related discussion will get shoveled.

It’s fine to be upset, just know that nothing is going to come from it. Get ready to accept the change and keep playing her if you love her that much or find a new main and/or quit the game. :man_shrugging:


Because now, they will have to aim!

Was I the only one that thought turrets that slow movement down, being on the one hero who did the most damage without aiming was both ironic and counter-intuitive?

Sym now has a tangible reason to want to slow enemies down, and while I have a visceral gut-jerk reaction against ANY change that could be even REMOTELY interpreted as a buff for Genji players, I still think only good things can come from this.

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This-Symmetra, will be a bigger change then Mercy probably, and a good experiment to how the community accepts change.

If it weeds out the weaker players who cant bare the thought of sticking with it when things get tough, then better for the game.

Did you actually mention a 10 second moving death sentence and probably the best zoning/damage ultimate in game as something that can be avoided ‘just by running away’ is if it can’t follow you in first place ?

Really ?

More unique? For her to get zarya gun with teleporter that works as a reaper shadow step the whole teal can use?
It seems way less versatile to me as her aim will be much harder making her less effective against the mobile squishes she does so well against now, like lucio and genji. debatably it will make her a better tank fighter, although they are taking her sheild peirce balls away which currently help with all tanks but dva. They are taking away charge orbs peirce, a unique move as one of the only range sheild peirceing ability’s, and changing it to a fast moving aoe projectile, a very common peice of kit. The sheild peirce orb spam zone denial was a huge part of what currently makes symetra unique.
The teleport, people keep saying it is a new mobility move, but I see it as a positioning move, which is different. It will work like a reaper shadow step, that your team can use. This means you and your team can get to some neat new places BEFORE the fight. But when was the last time you used shadow step durring a fight? Mobility I would argue is getting around durring an engagement like a blink or jump. I would argue sym now has less mobility durring a fight as her sheild throw is gone, the sheild throw allowed symetra to move where she wanted safely durring a fight. The sheild throw is much more versatile than the new teleporter because you could use it to get where you needed to go, protect teammates, stop all sorts of ultra in unique ways like killing phara with her own rockets, or protecting your teammates on the other side of a dva bomb from you by timing it right. What does the new teleporter do? Help immobile heros get better positioning before an engagement, like getting highground. This looks to have potential, but seems less versatile to me as it will be most useful on certain maps with hard to reach high ground, and on certain teams who have low mobility heros that get use out of highground like zenyata, but be of limited use on a team like say phara dva winston, mercy sombra who can all get where they want just fine.
The ultimate swap is a new and unique ult i’ll Give you that, but versatile I would give to the current ult which is the only ult in the game that is two ults. Allowing you to choose between giving shields and increasing your teams durability and ability to stay in a fight or teleport and decrease effective respawn time and/or give them cheeky flanking spawn. The new ult I see as less versatile and more level /hero dependant. It will be most useful to stop long range heros, and will probably pair best with certain maps. It will be harder to use on push the cart maps as they can move past where the barrier is placed limiting time it has impact on the battle. It will also be more hero dependant as it will not effect characters like reinhart, Brigette, Winston, doomfist much if at all, and be easily coped with by high mobility dive comps who can bypass the sheild.
I really don’t understand how these changes will make her more unique or Versatile I think they will make her more like a typical damage dealer and generally a worse pick than the others as she will be a relatively close range damage dealer that is best against tanks, but she will be worse at it than reaper and junkrat, because they have decreased her survivability moves like sheild throw and sheild gen, moves essential for a low health close range damage dealer. All the other close range characters have lots of moves to get them in and out of a fight, or sheild them to get away or in. The new sym will only be good at approaching and have no way of escaping. Her new teleporter will be good for coming at them from a surprise angle or giving you highground to drop into a team, but it will be of limited use getting out of a fight or staying alive in a fight. With a main fire that takes time to charge to full damage you need something like the sheild throw or extra shields from generator to have time to build that charge before you are killed to get the best use from it. So she will be the least mobile close range dps with some wonky positioning utility that will be useful on some maps for certain teams, against certain teams making her more niche and usually just a worse damage worse survivability tank buster with no mobility


Lol weeds out the weaker players? It’s a game many to entertain people not the military. I think your coming at this from a very specific and competitive viewpoint that is only representative of a small percentage of the community