😡 Why are Symmetra players Angry at the "Rework"?

I used to be a Sym main, climbed from Silver to Plat with her and bought her golden gun

And I’m actually really excited for her rework.

I was pretty upset when they reworked Mercy, and still miss huge rez sometimes, but one great thing came out of it: bunny hopping. That one thing makes Mercy so much better and more fun. Maybe the same will go for Sym? You’ll miss some things, but other changes will make up for them

You can’t really tell if this rework is good or not. Her new ult in the current meta sounds trash as dive will just ignore it half the time but dive is going to be changed with the new season as well. You can’t even begin to think what Sym might like because we don’t even know what the meta will be like itself.

This thread:

I mean… logically the people who play Symmetra are the people who enjoy her as she is, or they wouldn’t be playing her. They might like the playstyle, or they may have hand injuries that reduce them to easy-aim heroes like Torb and Sym.

The people excited about the changes are people who play her sometimes (or not at all) and want her to be better, or hate playing against her and want annoying mechanics to go away.


I disagree that they are “replacing her” with a “new hero”, and honestly, I think that argument is just a matter of opinion, so no one is “right” in that regard.

As far as implementing changes gradually vs changing many things at once… I think it’s fairly obvious that many (not all) aspects of Sym’s kit do not work/are not viable in the current state of Overwatch, and in the ever shifting state that it’s in as new heroes are added. So I can understand the preference over addressing all of the issues now in a thoughtful and deliberate manner, rather than prolonging the transformation over a period of development and production time, which could be served towards developing new heroes, adjusting other heroes, creating more content for events, and just other production/development needs.

Overwatch, and Blizzard as a whole, does not have an unlimited amount of human resources to dedicate constantly over a long period of time to the adjustments of one hero. It makes more sense to really spend the time now to fix most, if not all, of the issues that current heroes are facing in order to make them more viable and usable for the foreseeable future.

I mean, the devs themselves have mentioned that it is not their intention to constantly be iterating and changing current heroes over time, when all that time and all those resources could be allocated to different needs for the game.

Yea but if they do a bunch of changes then undo them one by one aren’t they still spending similar amounts of time for each approach, like they are still trying to figure out junkrat and are implementing another nerf soon, so not sure it’s more efficient

I never asked her to be changed. I asked her to be buffed. Ie, improve the kit she currently have, maybe (maybe) change an ability or two, but stick with most of her kit.

I’m still sticking with Sym if she end up being a good hero, but the only thing that remains from OG Symmetra are the turrets, and even they behave differently enough that it could had been another turret hero to give builder’s players more options to choose.

It’s like if they decide to rework how Widowmaker works, but they are changing her rifle to a Long Range Homing Missile, switching her grapple for Retribution’s Assassin’s wall jump, trading her venom mine for a 3 seconds wallhack “pulse”, and giving her ultimate the ability to lock her homing missiles on targets behind walls.

Is this hero fun? Maybe. Is it balanced? Potentially. But we all know its not Widowmaker. This hero is just designed to work at the same range as her.


Because its a drastic change away from the original vision of the hero?

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She is not support anymore. She’s defense. She needed to be changed.
esp her ult.

Junkrat is waving. People haven’t seemed to have grasped the ultimate counter to him yet - NOT WALKING INTO HIS FIRE.

Same, and I wish some people would stop saying things like “All Sym mains only play her because she has auto-aim! We Symmetra players are mad because we cannot auto-aim for much longer!” when that is so not the case. It’s hysteria.


She still has her teleporter, it is just not an ultimate.

As much I dislike it yeah the change is fear just what happen to Mercy mains. Symmetra mains are afraid even though they were playing a F Tier hero. I just wish they improvise on her kit, but it just shows the potential of Overwatch developers when handling a shield type support. Oh well hopefully some fps game similar to this will get it down right.

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I’m a Symmetra main and I love these changes. I love playing her now but she’s simply ineffective most of the time.

These changes are just more unique and versatile to me. And honestly all of this is on paper. I want to test her out myself before making any solid opinions on her.

She’s getting attention that no other hero has gotten before. We should at least be thankful for that


Sorry, I’m trying to have decent conversation, not troll. I get that people like you are upset but good grief. Work it out. Bye.

And “Widowmaker” still have her wallhacks, its just not an ultimate.

Just because the ability is also called “Teleporter” don’t mean its the same thing as before. It was not like Mercy’s Resurrection, that just changed the numbers of her ultimate (range, targets, etc). TP 3.0 is completely different in scope and purpose. Current Teleporter is a backup to return to fight faster after you die. New teleporter is Shadow Step for everyone.

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You’re a delusional Symmetra main if you think putting hours of work on her now is something very significant.

As a Symmetra main, you can only go so far with her. I look forward to relearning her. Maining Symmetra has rewarded me with great game sense and positioning. I can’t wait to carry those skills to new Symmetra

Because they’re afraid of change, they don’t want to have to relearn one of the easiest characters in the game. This gives me serious flashbacks to when Mercy was overhauled the same way, people screaming about viability and actually having to try in a skill-based game to win.

I’m just disappointed at Overwatch developers for not bothering to tweak her the whole entire year as an F tier hero with all the feedback the community gave them. It took them a year and a half to come up with this solution. Ugh…

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Considering to the community especially with her reputation. I say yeah I think it’s very significant. My friend still in the top 10 as most Time played on Symmetra on Master Overwatch. Used to be first place for awhile, but then well got bored while others went on. My friend is just disappointed as I am with this approach, but is also getting ready for the new change.