PVE Junkenstein wins uncounted

Is it just me, or do the PVE Junkenstein (story) wins not count towards the Week 1 epic Genji (Skeleton) skin?

Like I know they’ve been too lazy to make a new mode for 5 years or whatever, why can’t I also be lazy and earn the skin in like <30mins of play?

For the record, I actually (somehow still) like most of the PVE they’ve released, I just don’t get why it’s not counting towards skin wins in this poorly implemented skin system.

Edit: workaround solution found below, thanks!


It is just you, it worked for me and the people I was grouped with.


Yep, it’s a bug. They know about it.


Thanks for the info, pretty crap but I’ll probably get it from whatever modes anyway, it’s just quite annoying.


Wait really? I did all 6 and got credit for them.

This platform specific?

I’m on PC, if that helps. Others on PC were getting credit.

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Yeah, PC, I did the 6 challenges and had 12/whatever towards the skin.

Yeah I’m stuck at 2 on this account after playing at least 3 more games to check.

Are you leaving the lobby before it finished the scorecard? It might be a timed thing.

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I’m not doing anything nooby, I have 2000+hrs in the game. Also in a response above someone quoted a bluepost that it’s a known bug.


I’m on Xbox and have experienced this today. Twice.

Both times I had leavers in the matches, yet managed to complete the event with no reward.

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That’s too bad. It’s also really too bad they seem to break the game in the most bizarre ways every major patch!


It’s a bug that has been around since they started this “27 points to earn rewards” method. Some times it just doesn’t count at all. Not even as a loss. You’ll get Arcade weekly win counts but some how not event points.

Basically it’s been nearly a year and Blizzard has still done nothing about it.


How lovely!

Just want to update:

Sometimes PVE wins count, sometimes they don’t—even within the same gaming session!

I’ve found a work around – in my experience the first match always counts and subsequent ones don’t. If you exit the game then relog and play another match it’ll count. Basically restart the game after every Junkenstein Revenge run and you won’t run into this problem.

Annoying, yes, very much so, but at least you won’t be playing matches and not getting credit.


How do any of you beat that mode? Randoms are awful, can’t aim, and won’t protect the door past medium difficulty.

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On normal and endless it’s not too bad. It’s nearly impossible to lose on Hard or less. The worse your team is though the more you’ll want to stack your team with good hero picks.

Simply put if possible play Torb. A good torb player can nearly solo the entire thing. I have managed to Duo it with a Mcree after the rest of the team left early on.

The legendary difficulty is a bit harder, takes a bit of team work or good hero picks all around. Mostly though guard the door. You can expect your team to chase the easy kills on the left side or rush the Elite bosses.

Rare do they cover the right side or the door as regular zomniacs and tires rush it.

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Close the game and restart it after every game if you want the count after each game.

If you restart it after every 2 game, the 1 game that did not get count will automatically be added to the count after the next game.

Sadly I had one game where I did lose on hard. The team was filled with three new bronze player with only two healers, Baptise, and 76, that refuse to heal the team so everyone ended up dying. On the final boss fight, no one bother killing Mercy and they kept trying to out dps roadhog with mercy heal. I ended up killing the mercy, but without heal, i kept getting kill by roadhog and junkrat at the final boss fight.

Well they were new players, so meh, i didn’t really care if we lost.


Eh it can be done with no healers at all, but yeah people have to sort of try…

I will say if the team isn’t actively trying to throw though it’s pretty hard to lose.

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If you want to beat the hardest mode, you need torb to defend door, and then deadeye + nano/window for the last boss wave. Torb should stand in front of mcree to take the hook if need be.

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