PVE Junkenstein wins uncounted

I’m having trouble with the wins counting as well.
As I write this I have the Weekly Reward 9/9 wins, but my Week 1 challenge is only at 15 games.

It doesn’t seem to be giving me my double wins, OR my losses trying to complete the Junkenstein Challenges. (Tried 5 times, not a single Challenge win…)

I also watched 1 win worth 2, and the next worth 1…
So I don’t even know what’s going on.

Same bug here, duped me into playing way more ow than I intended. Finally managed to scrape together the points after hours and hours of grinding.


Nowadays, you’re likely to get two people who know that McCree and Torb are S Tier for Junkenstein’s. When they first came out, I beat all the challenges solo-queing within a few attempts (at the most) for that reason alone. Even if you get some guy who thinks Tracer or Widow is a good idea, McCree + Torb + Zen/Ana/Bap can handle Expert difficulty.

What kind of idiot queues up for the second hardest mode as a noob? No mic, no aim, no synergy, just picks whatever? I doubt these people are new, they just don’t care.

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It´s not just you. There is some bug.

All I can say is sadly the work around is throwing matches. Ran into a couple groups last night. Just make a full team of 4, play the exploding or fast moving Zomniac challenge and lose as fast as possible. Aka dying all together or letting the door explode by not killing any.

Each “loss” is 1 point on the counter. It takes maybe a minute or two to go through the whole process. I mean it’s throwing so I wouldn’t recommend doing it with a real team who didn’t agree on it.

But given there is about a day left to earn your points and the system is so broken it’s probably the only way for some people to get it in time.


i would love getting more points for playing higher difficulty mode since I enjoy those more. Since the higher difficulty gives the same amount of points as cleaning the easier mode, and last much longer than a regular qp, mh, etc., it’s not worth the time and effort. With the other mode, winning reap 2 points, and is actually much faster. The main difference is PvP require you to turn on your brain, whereas in PvE, you are free to turn off your brain for the most part base on the difficulty mode.

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This is actually an excellent idea, so we likely will not see it implemented for a long, long time, if ever!

Legendary should be rewarded 2 points, whereas expert should be 1.5 points but it can be up for debate. I find expert to be roughly the same difficulty as playing MH and QP or slightly easier.

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It happened to me too. I ended up playing QP then back to events and it counted again then didn’t count.
*Squashes bugs crawling around * :bug:

When I notice it not counting I exit the game and go again

It’s the only reason I looked forward to this event.
I want to be lazy sometimes

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I mean the event points no… you do get a slight bit more XP for a longer match but that is about it. Kind of sad really. As you say playing a more challenging game of the harder difficulties or the harder challenge is more fun.

But You spend more time to possibly lose, or even get nothing with the bug. Then there is the que times. If you do anything but hard it usually takes far longer to get into a match.

it’s sad that i have been running into a bunch of afk bot/macro torbs in the event, hopping people doing hard carry.

It happens if you swap heroes. So if you played McCree your first match and then immediately go into your second match and pick Torb, it won’t count. Gotta restart the game fresh each time to pick a different hero or do all your matches with the same hero.

And am just now seeing someone necro’d this and it was from 9 days ago so if you already know this, disregard.

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