✅ Need more Barrier Tank players?

If fixing DPS queue times hinges on making more people wanting to play BarrierTank (instead of DPS or DoubleOffTank).

Then how about devs put in some changes that those sorts of players would respond to:


  • 18% more damage on primary attacks.
  • 900 barrier, on 8sec cooldown.
  • Fortify changed to offer these benefits:
    • 10% damage resistance
    • Not affected by enemy Crowd Control
    • No additional damage taken from enemy headshots.
    • Blocks enemy attacks/ultimates from passing through


  • 18% more damage on primary attacks.
  • 600 barrier, with no cooldown.
  • Kinetic Grasp absorbs Beam attacks.
  • Can use primary attacks during Kinetic Grasp.
  • Does not take self-damage from hyperspheres or accretion.


  • 17% more damage on primary attacks.


  • 13% more damage on primary attacks.

And so OffTanks don’t feel left out, and without purpose, let’s buff their Peeling abilities a bit:


  • -1sec on Projected barrier.


  • -1sec on Chain Hook.


  • -1sec needed to regain full Matrix resource.

Wrecking Ball

  • -1sec on Grappling Claw.

900 hp barrier with 8 cd cooldown. It was annoying as hell. But iagree her shield is terrible rn.

Her original 800/8sec shield was fine, we should go back to it.


I do miss Orisa’s old barrier

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it was never 800. 900 hp 8 secs cd. she was replacing it whenever its destroyed. really annoying.

what does “More Firepower” mean?

ive never heared that used

No. We need less whiney DPS PLAYERS that don’t know how to break shields together.

It was just fine before the shield nerfs. View my break shields less than 2 seconds when Orisa’s shield was at 900!!!


Saving people from doing math.
Orisa Primary damage: 11 -> 13
Sigma Primary damage: 55 -> 65
Winston Primary damage: 60 -> 70
Reinhardt Primary damage: 75 -> 85

Oh…then ill disagree

i get what you are trying to do, but id rather not have a flock of DPS players that think they are playing DPS inestead of Tank

I’d say it’s preferable to DoubleOffTank or letting the entire game die because queue times don’t get better.


Agreed… tanks and supports are just a pain to play.

Should’ve just told them that: Just focus shields during double shield meta, 4Head.

the game would die anyways because people would leave because of such double off tank games ruining the experience

Not to be a :eggplant: but I kinda want Sigma buffs that actually help him like letting Kinetic Grasp absorb beams


yeah, if you make his barrier 600hp no cooldown id also like boosted barrier regen, and maybe some form of kinetic grasp buff as well, maybe have that idea that shields over 400 heal the barrier

Sure why not, let’s throw that in there if he’s basically being an offtank.

Lol, Orisa’s the off-tank. Sigma was made for main tanking.

With a 600hp barrier with lowish regen, not really.

But he’d have more barriers and matrix than D.va and Zarya combined.

Well then he shouldn’t have such a weak barrier. Its not like reverting the shield cooldown is a good idea anyway, it just makes it oppressive for hitscan.

I want to play Sigma as a main tank.

Kinetic Grasp is a sucky ability. Its got a low area of effect, high cooldown, and you can’t do anything while casting it. Then, after 2 seconds of being a sitting duck (despite this being a defensive ability) you get to earn some sustain.

Its not a replacement for Matrix or bubbles, its a self sustain tool to make up for an already weak barrier. Good for a main tank though, if it only worked.

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Are you sure? I seem to remember it being 800/8 at release, and 900/8 being one of the first buffs she got when Blizzard was trying to fix her low pick rate. My memory may be playing a trick on me, however. Like many other tank mains, I was slow to recognize how good she was, and didn’t play her for much of the first year she was released.

In any case, if her barrier is changed to 800/8, she should be in a good place with all the other nerfs she’s received in the past 6 months.