📊 Poll: Should Competitive Open Queue be a permanent mode?

People saying no are wild.

If its optional then you dont have to play it, youre just taking choice away from those who do want to play it.


Total Mayhem, Mystery Heroes and No Limits should be a permanent mode too, but still aren’t.

Sure, I would play what I want and not care about 2-2-2.

OH OH OH… i do…thinknig like BLIZZTARD…

‘‘oh you guys having to much fun?..’’
‘‘lets just fix that for you’’
removes game mode


Yes keep it, i’m really enjoying it and judging from what I see, so are many others. I can’t see any reason for saying ‘no’.


There are some people who literally get satisfaction over forcing people to wait in queues. It is kind of pathetic, but at least that IS a reason to be against it. Lul.


Yes, it should be permanent. I’d never play it, but hopefully it siphons off enough people to make RQ waiting times better.

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As long as we have both options, I’m totally fine with it.


I agree. Ive been playing the game for three years with terrible balance. Its still fun (at my rank).

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Until 222 stay on the ‘‘real’’ rank mode and open comp is somewhere else sure, personally I prefer 222 since I like to know my rank with each role and I don’t miss the old ‘‘6 dps’’ teams

I mean i wouldnt mind?
Certainly not my thing, as a tank player id just have to deal with 5dps teams and it would be annoying to deal with


I believe the fact that Competitive Open Queue is popular in

is reason enough alone to keep the mode.

This will possibly reduce the Damage queue times for Competitive for the Korea region.

Korea also generates the most dedicated and talented competitive players. By giving them a competitive mode to hone their skills in within a reasonable timeframe, you potentially increase the success of OWL.

Don’t get me wrong, I like role queue, but more options is always nice.

Absolutely. I believe options are exactly what makes Overwatch so great.

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I played 275 games of competitive open role queue this season. My SR is 2817. I’ve played about 153 games of regular comp. My SR is 2810, and I basically only play tank. Not waiting for 10 minutes to play a DPS game.

But, you get throwers in both, the way I see it. People just throw in different ways. I’ve wanted open role queue back since it was taken away. Got it back, and so I quit regular comp entirely.


Heh. Funny going back to comments like this.

Just want to thank everyone who voted in the poll and helped make this happen.


I appreciate it’s existence as an alternative to RQ.

For me personally, I feel as though I won’t get bored of the META because there’s arguably going to be two different METAs for both gamemodes.

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It can happen, but do you know why? Because they want Korean players. It’s also stupid - 2 SR systems, means the one that is respected for OWL is 2-2-2.

Heh. Funny your petty enough to re-post on it. Your vote had literally nothing to do with it, it was due to the sudden running out of OWL players, mostly Korean. They did this to allow them to practice basically in the ladder when necessary and satisfy the DPS players who refuse to do anything else. Gonna enjoy bombing that queue with DPS and listening to pleas for shields and healers… Its nothing now but the same nonsense as QPC.

Yep, for sure. Korean players are very valuable.

2 SRs aren’t an issue. We already have 3.

I do find it fun to go back and real all the comments telling us how it would never be a permanent side-by-side mode.


Two for two different forms of Play means they are not comparable. Even Jeff indicated they would balance for 2-2-2, which essentially means OQ SR is inherently unreliable.

So we guessed wrong, it doesn’t mean its a wise decision. Feel self-justified you guessed one? I feel better simply because I rightfully predicted Brigs rework in 2-2-2, and the nerfs and eventual changes would be made to Moira. Aren’t we insightful.

if you find that “fun”, then you are indeed a bit petty my friend, ngl.