📊 Poll: Should Competitive Open Queue be a permanent mode?

doesnt have to…nor do you have to play it…its a choice to play the game that way…im perfectly fine playing that game mode competitively knowing full well the game is balanced for 222


It definitely should. Open queue has it’s own style for players to showcase their skills. Having more options is not a bad thing in this case. It being a permanent mode has the potential to bring people back and others to keep playing.

I remember when role queue was first coming out it was more or less “this is going to save the game” or “this is going to kill the game.” People have wanted and are enjoying that experience just as much as others enjoy open queue. At the end of the day everyone getting to play how they want and having fun is what should matter the most.


Not only should it be permanent it should be featured prominently next to role queue. Let people play what they want.


No , they need to pick one or the other there are not enough players to have another main game mode

I love role queue, but it’d be nice to give those who hate the limits to get a competitive mode of their own forever. Also, it gives me time to practice my positioning as dps.



It should stay as an Arcade mode on rotation. Thats what old comp reminded me of anyway, besides you can earn arcade lootboxes that way. So I don’t see the need to make it a seperate mode. However Hero bans shouldn’t apply to it and it still needs a time your expected to wait to find a game.

It’s a mode that can’t be balanced because the games balanced is shifted to 222. You can’t possibly do separate balancing for two modes when one has thousands of more possible combinations of comps.

It’s a good thing we have 3 years of patches pre-Role Queue as a solid groundwork to work from for balance in Competitive Open Queue.

If they had to start all the way from scratch I might have agreed.

It should be a part of the main Competitive card.

So when you click on the card you have the choice of Role Queue Comp or Comp Classic.


I vote to make it permanent. It strikes a nice balance between the clown show that is qp and the pressure cooker that’s comp. I’d like a nice middle ground for the nights I just want to mess around on hero’s I don’t usually get to play, but still get quality matches paired with similarly skilled players. I’d have no expectations Blizz would balance around it and that’s fine. But keep it in arcade since it’s not overwatch proper and absent balancing will always have problems that just can’t be fixed.

It’s an Arcade Competitive mode though. It runs off the current balance patch so is to not throw everything out of whack when jumping across modes.

There’s few exception when Arcade modes do get tweaked. Ana sleeping heroes till they afk in Total Mayhem for example.

It shouldn’t be permanent as others modes aren’t. Rotations are healthy and needed to spice things up. You can get bored of Mystery Heroes if it stay around too long, same with Deathmatch, Low Gravity or No limits.

Plus it’d be unfair for other comps modes like 6v6 elimation, 3v3, CTF, Deathmatch etc if they had to share a spot with 222 Comp and Comp no role lock. Further dividing the player base.

They should, but at the same time tweak heroes to be competitive than leave it as a throw pick.

no its just as bad as i remember

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I don’t get the "no"s at all.
You don’t like it, then don’t play it???


Thinking about it after the surprise wore off from seeing it, it wouldn’t harm anyone to have it. They just need to move it from arcade. It probably can be safe to say that there would be no need to try and defend either game mode as with both being accessible, it’ll cater to players as a whole with whatever they prefer.

Myself being a support main, I’d prefer RQ in all honesty. I will likely only do Open Role from the rewards after placements. Finished them yesterday and got placed into Plat which surprised me since I struggled in gold for so long.

This was a good move by Blizzard simply because now people can just pick what they enjoy rather than be forced. 2-2-2 came up in the first place because of GOATS back in OWL S2 and it sticking around despite those massive amount of nerfs given to characters but I was glad to have it.

Well once you realize how good the balance is in ope quee you will ENJOY it.

I think this mode definitely needs to be included to play for a while.

The data it would provide is extremely valuable, but it will need to be decided which mode to go with, because the devs cannot balance two different monsters at the same time (not effectively at least).

I’m saying this as a person whose experience with it so far has been exactly what I remember from before role queue… DPS chicken, swapping from being tilted, and 1-3-2 with an off-tank; I haven’t even bothered with trying to play DPS.

Yes it should be a permanent mode, people want to play DPS without waiting 15+ minutes to find a match, people say “it’s going to split the community”, but in my mind the community that’s going to be split is the DPS one and the DPS player base are in a larger number.

Also they wouldn’t balance the game around a Arcade game mode, so don’t worry much about it.

I voted yes even though I personally have absolutely no interest in playing it. I think it’s healthy for the classic modes to exist alongside 2/2/2 role queue. I do think role queue should continue to be the main mode that things are balanced around, but I don’t see any reason why both experiences can’t coexist. It’s a live and let live solution that I think benefits everyone.


The game is balanced around 2-2-2 now, sorry.