📊 Poll: Should Competitive Open Queue be a permanent mode?

Have fun! As a Doomfist/Ball player I personally don’t really rely on shields, and thrive on the chaos of multi-Damage-Dealer compositions.

Same nonsense as QPC? Not in my experience. Want replay codes?

I’ve never quite understood this.

Open Queue might not be perfectly balanced, but that doesn’t make it inherently uncompetitive.

If the forums are anything to go by, the game has been in an unbalanced state for going on 3 or more years now.

Perfect balance isn’t a requirement for competition.

Remember, both teams have access to whatever unbalanced heroes there are.

It’s not so much that I guessed it, it’s that we (those of us who advocated for this) argued for so long with you guys about how this would be a good change, and were constantly told about how terrible it would be. Now it looks like the devs actually agree with us.


You cannot accurately rate two players comparably between two different systems, when the characters are balanced for one. It basically means the SR for 2-2-2 that characters are balanced for is the one with more integrity as a proper comparison, OQ means some characters are over-tuned, some are under-tuned, so its not a fair analysis.

Both teams have access to all characters though?

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I get the impression the 2-2-2 crowd are scared the streamers and pros will adopt OQ as the unofficial, official, SR.

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Yeah, that’s a possibility. Fear. Always a big motivating factor in these things.

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OF course, but it still means all characters in play are simply not properly balanced (not that 2-2-2 will ever be), but it means the more accurate assessment of skill is in the system that tuning is done for. It basically means people will by and large respect OQ as the “lesser” meaningful SR between the two since OWL uses 2-2-2.

Not in the least, we watched OQ for a long time, so no, no one is "scared’, honestly I feel like I am talking to like 15 year-olds here with these kinds of comments…

I would honestly rather have just OQ instead of two systems… I think its unnecessarily complicated.

That doesn’t matter though. Both teams have access to all characters.

Yeah, you could be right about that one. But I don’t care what people think. The number is meaningful to me.


Access meaning its “fair” because it allows players to just jump on anything? That’s not how players by and large play, it still means its less balanced and ergo and inferior measurement.

“Flex” is by all accounts, something a smaller group does, its not the majority.

SR is a measurement of who’s best at… winning, regardless of the means. Both teams in Open Queue have an equal chance of winning off the bat.

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It only means something if a common set of rules are observed at least to those who care about integrity of a system.

And there are a common set of rules, just not 2-2-2.

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It’s not complicated though.

  • Tank SR shows how good you are at Tanking.
  • DPS SR shows how good you are at DPS.
  • Support SR shows how good you are at Support.
  • OQ SR shows how good you are in general as an adaptive player.

Weirdly enough, all four of those are in the same ballpark for me.

The balance is wrong… surely you understand the impact this has on the system?

The balance is always wrong though. We’ve never had, and never will have, perfect balance.

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You made me laugh with that last one… in a game where most players don’t flex. Do you guys really think that your “flexing” is going to now carry games? I mean, I understand hubris to a point, but its never really been that way. All this “flexing” does is lose ult charge, and throw both teams off on what people are doing, so its more a tactic to take advantage of chaos.

This was a desperation mode to appease the almighty Korean players who apparently have far more time on their hands to game all day than the rest of the planet and were leaving OW.

But if you balance for 2-2-2, and not OQ, then you will have asymmetry in SR value. I mean if you are good with OQ being the inferior measurement, no problem. I wouldn’t put as much stock in it over 2-2-2 if balancing is done for that. If the reverse was true, that they balanced for OQ, then I would feel the same way about 2-2-2, but they aren’t.

SR is based on Elo/player skill distribution, it has nothing to do with hero balance.

It measures player skill relative to other players on the ladder.

If the characters are not properly balanced, it is tilted to favor some and unfairly cut others, so no, it’s just not a good measurement. Trying to separate hero balance out of this question is absurd. If I can only get 2300 SR with say Reaper in 2-2-2 but easily keep getting 2700 in OQ for the same skill,. then the systems are not comparable.

Doesn’t matter, everyone has access to all of them.

Just try and follow this line of thought through:

Some characters are favored more in Open Queue.

What happens?

Players now have to learn those heroes to win more.

Something that they are able to do.