Please give sigma some actual downtime

Also PEOPLE PEOPLE in this thread can we effing grow up and not derail every fricking thread into a debate about dumb wr and pr, when its not even the point of the thread.

Can we fricking just talk about hero design instead of numbers scrapped by some bot.

I came here to bash sigma design not to read your thesis on overbuff. Like everythread.

But Supps and Tanks PR should be higher than DPS ones.

We have Role queue. Both teams have 2 Tanks/DPS/Supports.

There are ~17 DPS and 7 Supports.

So the chance that Ana gets picked is way higher compared to Cassidy.

Thus If a DPS has a higher PR than a Tank/Supp that is kinda questionable.

Overbuff is pretty reliable. Its sample size is pretty big, its the same way inductive statistics work.


Don’t bother arguing with them, DVS will choke to death on a certain cowboy’s… gun… before he admits he’s actually strong.

And as he just mentioned, will gladly die on the hill of: “hUrR duRr hE’s nOt StRonG hE’s juSt pOpUlaR”

But as for Sig, i’m on the fence. I don’t think many people will be actually happy (me included who plays him too) until his shield is gone for good. Open’s him up to some really fun and whacky changes, drastically reduces the garbage double shield viability.


To be fair, I kinda enjoy having these big discussions with DVS. Maybe I won’t change his mind, but I find it weirdly fun, I don’t know why?

I guess this comes down to perspective. Personally I love having a “skillful” shield where he’s all about catching cooldowns but then again grasp could be adjusted to have a higher skill ceiling than now so maybe it could work.


Sigma has a lot of downtime, just not against dps.
Like Soldier and Tracer aren’t doing anything until your tanks start pushing him. Considering his kit is just playing keep away from flankers and denying snipers with 2 layers of barriers and spammable nades he softens dps trying to enter chokes.

Roadhog and Zarya pretty much eat Sigma once he drops barrier, and Reinhardt is always out damaging him unless Sigma has a Roadhog teammate to peel for him, but Rein’s second tank should peel for him too. Also Winston with a pocket is good for jumping Sigma and his healers since Sigma isn’t good at peeling against tanks.

Also Ana and Bap function better with other tanks than Sigma since he isn’t giving healers any ult charge as he plays more distant and safe.

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Idk if sigma need nerfs, but I watched him survive against 3 enemies on him for a good minute in quickplay. I couldn’t heal him since he was out of LOS but he somehow managed to survive long enough to come back to me with 3 enemies following him LOL.

I actually think sigma is fine if he is the only tank like in 5v5. He’s just really oppressive in 2CP because of how much self-sustain he has. And lamp probably isn’t helping with that either. Is it a bad thing that he has so much self-sustain though? I can’t tell whether this is a good or bad thing, since it’s technically a good thing that tanks have self-agency in this game for once.

I have yet to meet anyone that said Sigma is a braindead easy hero that requires no aim


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I wouldn’t consider him braindead at least for the current meta but his kit is overturned compared to other tanks who usually have only 2 options instead of 3.

this part confuses me. wouldn’t giving him more downtime be the thing that’d make him clunkier?

No, if you reduced his grasp duration to 1 second then reduced shield cooldown back down to 1 second he’d be 2x less clunky. Grasp feels like it lasts too long for its own good anyways.

probs just me thinking you meant something else by downtime then. because when I hear downtime, I’m thinking “time spent outside of effective range for their job increasing”/“time spent doing their job decreasing” and to me that’s very in line with clunkiness in gameplay (well at least in 1 form of it).

whether or not your proposal does that idk, but, if it does that I don’t see how it’d make him less clunky.

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Nevermind that Sombra can “downtime” him with her hack.

Nevermind that all the other flanking DPS can get on his back and harass him.

Nevermind that Winston and Zarya can primary fire through his grasp.

Nevermind that he is completely vulnerable during his grav flux and can easily be CCed out of it.

Nope, I can’t figure out counters, so just nerf this character plz.

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When OW2 will be here, no hero will be allowed to have any downtime.

Let’s be real for a moment - you can afford downtime, only if there is someone to take over your duties.

they consider all ranks, you are the one that only focuses on GM.

you act like its the only thing that matters and blizz does not see it that.

they only balance around GM is the biggest lie on the forums

90/10 chance of cassidy buffs

The already nerfed shield? The 12-sec cooldown grasp that you just don’t shoot at, or pick beams/melee?

That’s your own fault for shooting at him. That’s like complaining Genji deflected your shots.

So what? Now he has to cancel the shield and wait like 1.5 seconds before he can use it again. And then there’s the big slow, clunky rock he charges for 5 Dragon Ball Z minutes.

You wanna talk about “lack of downtime”? How about we talk about Genji who gets complete cooldown reset on dash from assitsts. Meaning, he can just fly around all the time and when he ults, and espcially when he gets nanoed, he basically becomes the Falsh. It’s like he’s playing by Total Mayhem rules.

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Sigma is a braindead easy hero that requires no aim

Junkrat with 400hp, shield, matrix, and air burst grenades.

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Parody is dead.

And more burst damage! More tank busting from Torb! More Storm Arrows buff!

Please AndyB, convey my deepest feedback to the dev team, it is the same as before: I utterly believe devs give zero thought to how tanks play and could not care less if 1/3 of every lobby is having a stressful time because of that.

Prove me wrong sometime, I would love it.

Remove Sigma’s shield, biggest problem with the game is double shield.

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This topic in a nutshell - give Sigma some easy to exploit weakness, so he stops being an obstacle.

They literally are making hybrid of Storm and Scatter arrows, as scatter had ricochet too. So even if you missed your shot, don’t worry, it still can ricochet and hit someone.

They just believe, that teammates will be understanding, will help tank to survive…sorry, I can’t continue without laughing.