Please add 2-2-2 role queue

They can continue to falsely report players meanwhile I can get undone or have 30+ Accounts to take revenge on this community.

I will not get banned for reporting mercys that run around with pistol out all game, ruining the game for the rest of their team.

threatening this sort of behaviour just proves how petty and immature alot of the anti 222 crowd are. Taking time out of your day to try ruin other peoples games out of spite is extremely sad

Take revenge on this community for wanting a better competitive experience. Grow up pls

**I disagree. The fun part of overwatch is dps, tanker, and healer could pick character they want. If we force 222 it would make game easier but it would lose the point of the game. (Sorry about my grammer and spelling. I am Korean

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I mean looking at owl it has all 4.
Dps,heal,tank,flex players.

Isn’t the true overwatch basically you pick your role/heroes.

But the higher you go the more you’ll have to swap and probably have more flex players.

The only issue with flex, its a 4. Sr or just the mid value of the 3 roles.

But its hard to let a flex player get his real sr, as he could in theory be a gold tank but dia dps.

Maybe the flex role is selectiv to how many roles you select ex. Dps and heal.

And if these 2 role sr aren’t 1000sr away you can que as dps support flex.

I actually have hopes that blizzard takes a lot of time so if they implement it, its fully polished and thinks about a lot of variables.

It won’t be perfect on day one, but it shouldn’t be a big step back.

Just like hero limit, hopefully.

Telling me to grow up when every single 2-2-2 Supporters are fully bias ego and attacking people for having different opinions. Y’all need to grow up. Not me

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#killing all discussion with facts.

EVERY SINGLE 1 ? lol. Its actually BOTH sides that are attacking people for having different views if u look closely and soooooooo many anti 222 people ignoring the many benefits it offers for MANY people. We acknowledge some of the flaws like que times but the positives fly under all of your radars… then u proceed to say u will throw your toys out the pram if it gets enforced. Hmmmmmm

We adapt to all the awful comps/games we have to put up with now, maybe instead of threatening to ruin games u could learn to adapt to 222. Its massively immature to claim u will throw on support if dps que times rise

I just wish the devs would make an official statement on whether or not 222 is coming (I hope it is).

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If you are caught doing so - and many players have been caught doing so - you’ll almost certainly be actioned.

i say “almost certainly” rather than “certainly” because I dont speak for or work for Blizzard, but by policy, you’d be eligible for actioning

If someone is trying to win the game, regardless of whether it is done in the manner that one or more of said players 5 teammates want them to try to win the game, there is no spite

taking time to falsely report someone is indeed sad

I would argue that folks who break the rules of the game by submitting false reports are the ones who need to grow up

Lol reporting some1 for ruining every1s competitive experience is ‘sad’ but running around with pistol out all game as mercy and letting your team die around you is not. You continue to baffle and amuse me with your stubborn mindset.

I wish i could mute your posts :joy:

Your argument for this would be heavily outnumbered by people with actual brain cells and common sense as u have already seen in this thread.

Stop quoting me now plz

What is wrong with that?

Oh yeah, I am on edge today.
Do remind me to tone it down if I go bat **** crazy today.

Picking a healer and not healing is straight up gameplay sabotage. Gameplay sabotage is reportable.


gameplay sabotage is definitely reportable

the activity described is not gameplay sabotage, as e x p l i c i t l y defined in Blizzards written rules

Dodo has literally tried defending this behaviour in 100s of comments over the past few days. Apparently reporting this would be “worse than a widow aimbotting” and “sad”.

Also stated that people reporting this behaviour should be “removed from the game”

I know… I’ve seen it. I’m happy for him to continue for the simple reason that it reflects really badly on the rest of his argument.

I try not to interrupt my opponents when they are making a mistake.

What argument though lol. All i see is He/she doesn’t want 222 enforced and refuses to acknowledge all the benefits whilst HEAVILY pushing this 'dps will throw on support and would be within their right to do so". Everytime a counter-argument is made it either gets ignored or considered a ‘personal attack’.

Hardly any1 wants to actually openly discuss the positives and negatives. Clearly the positives are THERE since its close to actually being enforced and im sure blizzard are currently trying to work around the negatives to make it good for every1.

Im personally hoping for 2-3 new tanks released faster than the usual timeline, few tank buffs and added incentives to play other roles to try and even out the que times a lil bit

2-2-2 would be the death of flexing and as such the death of the philosophy the game was designed on. All to capitulate to people who are in fact the problem.

Making my role extinct despite my being part of the solution is not fair nor reasonable.


I think that, for the conversation to move forward to a discussion of how the game will change, it will need Blizzard to officially confirm that it is happening. Until then, whether it should be done or not will draw the majority of attention.

clarification: I have made no such statement

A philosophy the majority of players, and virtually every pro team rejected years ago… because it’s a bad design.

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