Pink Mercy waiting room

I see the same repetition in other topics, but those rarely if ever get complained about.

The attackers seem to come to Pink Mercy threads far more often to attack

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It doesnt mean no in the english language, actually

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yes it does

right here stop being dilutional and if they did rerelease it the money would just go to blizzard, not to cancer.

i want illidan genji but you don’t see me crying and screaming for it

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actually, I’ve already fully clarified that the statement that was made does not mean “no” in the english language

That said, I ask that attacks on myself and others cease

Finally, I wont be continuing this side discussion given that it appears to be an attempt to draw me (and possibly others) into an exchange of personal attacks

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yes it fully does.

how about you accept its never coming back and move on with life its not an attack to call you dilutional when it 100% applies its just pointing it out

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I have pink mercy and don’t play mercy lol

Bidding starts at 5 cents


it would indeed be nice if there was a way in-game to trade skins with others

Even if there were a way to trade skins in-game, I am not sure this one would ever be tradeable tho, because of the charity aspect


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We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons.


Not everything is an attack. Opposing opinions aren’t attacks. Unless there’s name calling and blatant toxicity towards these threads, it’s just being annoyed.


They hated him for he spoke the truth

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Yes, this was indeed the statement that was made

It has been pointed out many times that

  1. this statement does not mean the same thing as “the skin will never return”

and also

  1. plans can and do change…as we have seen in Overwatch especially many times over the past couple of years

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Ok delete your account then since u don’t want the skin

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I suppose but note the charity skin was than this is now and charging people again is just wrong because I doubt if they bring the skin back it would have anything to do with a charity.

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Nothing about the skin has changed tho, aside from it being ported over like all skins were to OW2

first, the only people who would be charged would be the folks who choose to purchase it

second, the charge was for adding the skin to a single account. If someone wanted the skin on multiple accounts, they bought the skin that many times

third, some folks want to buy the skin as a gift for others. as such, they are being “charged again” but this is per their wishes

The skin is a charity skin

it is inherently linked to BCRF

It would be a PR disaster for Blizzard if they were to hand the skin out for free or take money from the proceeds for themselves if they sold it again. Blizzard already has too much bad press on its hands. I doubt that the incoming owners (Microsoft) would tolerate that sort of thing either


It would be nice if they did a new charity event again so people who didn’t get the skin before can do so. They could maybe also make a new skin while they are collabing so that players who already own the skin also has the opportunity to get a new one.

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Yeah you are mentally ill

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Thanks, i like Hawaiian Pizza, so you can add it to the list ;D


I feel we are at a misunderstanding I don’t own the skin nor do I want to own it but for those who do have it can they still use it? I’ve never seen it during my times playing I guess why it’s so “rare”.

BUT I have the notion that blizzard would charge those who already own the skin on that account which is owning the skin again just to have it and I know back than it was a charity skin and you claim it still has that but you can’t get this skin again it’s done the event is over and i feel if they were to bring it back regardless of the charity or not I doubt they charity would want to work with blizz.

Plus again this is OW2 not OW1 and who’s to say that this was the “same skin” y ou know what I mean? like they could just charge us the skin and none of it goes to the charity because that was ow1 not 2 I don’t know I just feel there is a loop hole here and I’m unaware if there is legal ramifications that would actually bind them to make this skin a charity skin again.

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