Pink Mercy waiting room

Yeah no. . . I don’t want an old skin I’d like a new one and I’m sure those who already had owned the skin would LOVE to pay for it again.

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I accept 100% that you personally would like a new skin, but there is a well-established huge demand from other players for Pink Mercy

also, though I am all for new charity skins, they dont exist, whereas Pink Mercy is ready to go

On the matter of existing buyers - many of them have already clearly stated that they will buy the skin again for accounts they have created since the riginal offer and/or as gifts to others


The OWL skins were never limited in a rotation. It was because of people wanting them to come back that Blizzard decided years later in 2022 to “unvault” the previous skins before the launch of OW2. Now in OW2 they’ve been available through rotations but they were not previously.
If the OWL skins could come back like they did, then Pink Mercy probably could too. The Blizzcon 2018 Sombra were available through weekly challenges during 2019 haloween terror event.
In the link below it says “The in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019—further details will be announced at a later date.

Some people has mentioned before that they think the skin would only be available again in 2019. I thought it came back in the remix events but I could be wrong.

The noire skin is one you get with a code and it released again some years later with the pre-order for OW1 on Nintendo Switch. Because they released the Noire skin for switch players maybe they will in the future consider to release the Blizzcon ones again.

I have myself the Raynhardt Blizzcon skin and I love it. It would be nice if other players had a second chance of getting those Blizzcon skins in the future if they missed out on them.

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I have the entire collection of Overwatch skins from the beginning. Don’t try to find yourself the best. If I want I can find an account for sale anywhere and give it as a gift to Megadodo

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well, thank you, but please, no, dont do that…I think that would just lead to a ban for both of us as the buying and selling of accounts is against game rules

but I do appreciate the thought


It hasn’t been back since 2018. And with a fairly recent comment from a blue name saying there are no plans to bring it back.

Who knows? Maybe it will return. But it’s closing in on almost five years that it hasn’t been back.


They can always bring back the Pink Mercy while at the same time make a new skin for the same charity or a new one.


You know there are people out there who never owned and or warn an original Rolex? Well we don’t always get what we want of course but I feel if the skin returns it has to be FREE.

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I don’t care , the weapon models are midcore and with normal sound effect.
maybe add new VL like for the charters too (like paladins) then maybe I will consider to buy it.

remember OW has Expansive skins compare to other,

It was a joke, don’t cry

That said, pretty sure Blizz already said it’s never coming back so these kinda threads are just pointless


Blizzard has never said that any limited time skins will never come back. They have only said that they don’t have any plan of bringing back the Pink Mercy skin. However they say the same about other limited time cosmetics like Noire Widow, OWL, OWL Gray and white and the weekly hero and holiday skins. Those cosmetics eventually came back in the end of OW1. The OWL league ones came back through “the vault” were the previosly limited edition skins came back for a limited time again because many people were asking about them for a long time. The Zenyatta 2018 OWL skin came back again 4 years later after its initial release. Since the launch of OW2 the OWL skins has been on a store rotation so they come back much more often now


It probably isn’t going to come back, and I hope it doesn’t either, and if it does it better go towards the same charity or there will be some problems. However, I think it would be better to make another Pink themed skin for a different female hero to also donate to charity, but I am willing to bet most people want Mercys skin, and would just roll their eyes at such an idea even though it should happen this way.

I guess all I mean is who cares if people make posts requesting this?

Way more pressing matters at hand

This ain’t a waiting room, this a prison


Given that Pink Mercy is a charity skin, meaning the proceeds of the sale go to charity, I think it would be wrongdoing in the extreme if it were made available for free

That aside, I dont see the Rolex example as applicable here as it is a real physical object while Pink Mercy is a virtual object that can exist an unlimited number of times

Not at all

Theres been no crying by me

No such statement has been made to the very best of my knowledge

I accept that, but it remains true that many other players do care about skins and other cosmetics, and Blizzard is depending on that fact as its means to earn revenue off this pay to win game

not at all

one is free to come and go as one pleases in this thread

so its nothing like a prison whatsoever


It’s called figurative speech man :sob:

well, there’s nothing about this thread that resembles a prison whatsoever, so…

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Like most threads that are repetitive, I guess some feel like it’s spam. Since the subject gets brought up almost weekly for the last 4 years. And it always ends up with the same responses.

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apparently that doesn’t mean no to them.

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