Pink Mercy waiting room

If an account already has the skin, I do not see it as even remotely possible that such an account would be charged again if the skin were offered for purchase again

The only folks who would be charged would be those who want to add the skin to an account that does not have it - exactly as it was in the original offer

and yes, it is the same skin. If you had it in OW1, you have it in OW2

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How does that make any sense.

Germany too. Our Domino’s went wild with the banana and curry.


The difference is, they never said they have no intentions of doing any of these things.

When did they say Noira Widowmarker and OWL gray skins will never come back?

I think that if Blizzard could do it, they would have by now. What would they be possibly saving it for, the Blizzard Epic Edition Pink Battle Pass? :open_mouth:

My guess is there’s some legal issue in the original agreement with the charity. They literally can’t.

But they do see all of these posts, and I’m now certain that they will do a pink skin that feels similar at some point. Sales & Marketing is just farming our tears… until we’re ready to pay anything… *stares out window*

Jeff Kaplan, game director, on the subject of Widowmaker Noire, Aug 8, 2017:

No plans to bring this skin back.



They brought it back on the Switch because like every other platform, pre-ordering the game would give you the skin.

OW was new on Switch and so people could pre-order and get the skin. They haven’t brought it back for anyone on any other platform because it was only for those who pre-ordered on a NEW platform.

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Then I’d love to see them bring back pink mercy for the switch because they have a very good reason to which is that switch owners never got a chance to get the skin…



Well they aren’t going to bring the event back just for Switch users. There’s a difference between a limited-time event skin and a pre-order exclusive skin. Widowmaker Noire will likely be available to pre-orderers everytime OW is released on a new platform because that is what the skin was made for. Pink Mercy was not made to be released everytime a new platform is introduced.

Cool then bring it back for all platforms heh…



Just going to repeat myself.

Plenty of limited time event skins have returned…



Who cares about pink mercy - i want GA back!

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Like? The only one i can think of like pink mercy is demon hunter sombra and the back lash was insane

They only want it because it’s unobtainable. The skin is so basic and she has better ones that are available right now.

They’ve never really said that any skin will not ever come back. However they’ve said before that that they have no plans to bring back older limited time skins. Years later they changed and said that they have been in talks about maybe bring back some skins since a lot of people have asking for them for years. The OWL The Zenyatta skin were vaulted for 4 years.
I think it’s good that Blizzard has brought back many vaulted skins since not everyone has had the chance of getting them of different reasons like not played the game during the time they were available or perhaps had a console like Nintendo Switch that got OW years later.
Even in earlier OWL YouTube streams from years past, the cast has said things similar to “this skin will only be available for some more days so get it while you still have the chance” when speaking about OWL skins.
Skins being available for limited time doesn’t always need to mean that they “never” will come back unless they state so but I can’t remember the OW team ever saying that skins will never come back. It has more of sounded like it’s highly unlikely for the moment when they answer questions about the skins.


The Demon Sombra was never exclusive to the Blizzcon. It was said that that it will in someway be available in the game at a later date. The other Blizzcon skins has though been exclusive to the Blizzcon virtual ticket.


actually, different people have different reasons for wanting the skin.

the reasons arent confined to just the one named in the statement above

this is an opinion stated as if it were fact

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some folks say it isnt a great skin, some others have declared that it is their favorite skin of alll skins, not just of Mercy skins.

many folks care about Pink Mercy.

Ergo the dozens of threads and thousands of posts

each new day brings with it the possibility of the re-release of Pink Mercy, actually

I dont know why Blizzard hasnt done so yet, but regardless, they can change their minds at any time

threads like this one help ensure that the decision makers involved know that interest remains strong in this skin even years after the original offer


where did it say that

Not ones Blizzard have said they have no plans on bringing back.


And there are plenty of OWL skins they have and will likely never bring back. They never said Zen’s skin would make no return.

Limited-time skins doesn’t mean they will never come back. What means a skin will likely never come back, is the devs saying “we have no plans on bringing it back”.