Pink mercy return overwatch 2 PLEASE

Do you even read what you type?! :woman_facepalming:

I do, and I did…and this question remains unanswered

will you be answering?

:clown_face: :crazy_face:

And so has the request for the skin. As stated multiple times already: They have no plans to bring it back.


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I am in many threads where the topic is repeated far more often than Pink Mercy is

I have never, in all my years here, seen any requests to move all of the posts on the topic in question to a megathread

Plans can and do change

Particularly when it comes to Overwatch

no need

this is a legitimate OW-related topic on a forum dedicated specifically to the discussion of ow-related topics

so this thread, same as every Pink Mercy thread, legitimately belongs here

You’re like kids in a store when your parent(s) tell you no, you can’t have that toy. You just keep pestering and pestering 'em about hoping to break them down until they cave.

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not at all

what you are seeing in threads like this is normal consumer behavior

you go to a grocery store, find out that they’ve removed your favorite product from the shelf, so you talk to a manager and ask that it be brought back in again

simple, normal, everyday consumer behavior

it only makes sense to ask for that which could be available but currently isnt

They remove things I like from stores all the time. (it’s actually a joke in my family about it) and never have I once bugged anybody about it. I just accept it and find something else.

if thats how you personally choose to react to such a circumstance, thats fine as well

Many consumers - normal everyday folk - will ask for something to be made available when it isnt but could be

That’s what would typically happen, but this case is more like this:

You go to a grocery store looking for a product such as Holiday Spice Pepsi from nearly five years ago that was limited-time-only and ask the manager to consider bringing it back, and they say, “we have no plans to do so.” And you keep showing up every day asking when it will return? And keep telling people you feel it will return and expect if the store had new owners, they would bring it back. You tell the manager they could make “big bags of cash” if they brought this back and how you just know millions of people are clamoring for it to return!


Many consumers - normal everyday folk - buy things purposefully when the producer implies that it will not be available again, as the scarcity adds value to them ^-^


I wholeheartedly agree, I personally do not care if it makes a return or not as it is skin attached to a good cause. Like you said it is weird, but also interesting seeing this topic pop up every other day theoretically as many others know that this topic, this skin is popular amongst most.

By nature, and I am going say this in quotations " Allegedly, it is individuals who do not obtain the skin that creates such topics" new and existing players I notice, and there IS NOTHING wrong with fighting for a cause or in this case fighting to keep this topic alive years later from the event, but many have tried to explain why this is very unlikely, not impossible, but highly unlikely due to reasons, legal reason.

Not to mention that individuals and dev have stated that back then and even in the year 2022. It is just quite interesting indeed.

Thank you for this, I was looking all day for this, saved and bookmarked.


Glad to help!


in regards to Andy’s statement: plans can and do change…quite frequently in fact when it comes to Overwatch.

Threads like this one help keep the possibility of a change in plans open

Yall dont care about the charity. It sickens me to no end how many people seem to “care” about the charity because of a b tier skin.

If you care, you would donate today without an incentive

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its still unique even if more ppl have it…making another pink skin would remove its uniqueness. your post make NO SENSE AT Alll…

How exactly is it that you know all of us, and well enough that you know each of our motivations?

Most likely, you dont, actually, and as such this is a baseless attack on others, which is against the rules and spirit of this forum

I ask that such attacks cease

Here, if you want to donate, click this
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Group B has been explained many times in most Pink Mercy threads

Pink Mercy is an appeal to group B

“Just donate” is an appeal to Group A

Apart from there are people who are both

Therefore this explaination is null and void

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actually, the explanation I provided is quite valid