Pink mercy return overwatch 2 PLEASE


People like you who only want the skin dont care.

As someone who has had family members who have actually died from this terrible disease, it annoys me to no end how childish some people get for some damn pixels

I suggest you heavily consider changing your perspective on the issue.

From now on, any thread i see for this skin i will be flagging and i encourage others to do the same

The devs have spoken on this, MULTIPLE TIMES, its not coming back



again, this is an entirely baseless attack on other forum members

such attacks are against both the spirit and rules of this forum

as such, I ask again that these attacks cease

I am sorry for your loss(es), but what seems to be forgotten here is that those you are accusing have also lost loved ones and/or experienced breast cancer and/or had a loved one go through the pain and suferring of breast cancer and its treatment

such flags will be false flags, as this is a legitimate OW-related topic on a forum specifically set up for discussion of OW-related topics

false flagging is against the rules of the forum

first, thats not what the devs said

second, the skin will come back when and if Blizzard decides it will come back, no matter how many forum members declare otherwise

not at all

the discussion continues

however, given the continued baseless attacks you have made on other forum members, I will not be responding any further to this side discussion

It’s also baseless to claim you they do care. But you don’t care about a baseless argument as long as it’s on your side. You cry “attack” when you know you can’t dispute the claim.

I ask that you stop posting the same substanceless posts over and over with your baseless claims and irrelevant opinions, but you refuse every time.

As usual, you misstated it. The skin might come back. Many of us hope it doesn’t though ^-^

Oh hey! It’s the dodo excuse :smiley: You act like you’re being attacked, and use it as an excuse to ignore your opponents who you can’t argue against, even when you’re trying your absolute hardest.

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Actually, youve been attacking me. Please stop


Alright. Now provide proof of these changes. Provide quotes or videos stating for examples.

If you can then I’ll stop referring to the Andy B quote.


Making hundreds of posts about the same topic is grounds for spam


Again it’s an addiction, an absolute obsession with the skin


children often have a difficult time tempering their emotions which is why they are called temper tantrums


And an unhealthy one at that. If I realized I was that addicted to something and I could not curb said addiction, I would be seeking professional help asap.

psychologist: “So you’ve spent at least one hour every day for the last two to three years making requests for a pink colored cosmetic in a random video game to come back. And you think about said cosmetic every time you wake up and when you go to sleep? I see. Do you dream about it too? You do. OK. I have a colleague who specializes in therapy via hypnosis who will help you overcome this addiction, I’ll refer you to them.”

If that were me giving those yes’s to a psyc, he’d think I was in need of a lot of help.


I ask that attacks on myself and other forum members cease

Everything is an attack in your eyes when you can’t figure out a response as others’ have stated. It’s all you say now when someone doesn’t agree with you.

I’ve dealt with obsessions so i was commenting from experience (led to counseling), but thankfully not all the way to hypno :slight_smile:


Source in terms that this confirmation follows your statement as to

As I stated that the chances of this happening are very unlikely, just as it is very unlikely that Mercy’s Mass Res for her ultimate to make a grand appearance back in the PvP realm in OW2.

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I ask again that attacks on myself and other forum members cease

It’s not an attack and you’re the only one posting about it really. Can you post something other than spam the personal attack line?

Edit: Point proven.

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I ask yet again that the attacks against myself and other forum members cease

Ignore them they try to police the forums all the time


Yaa that’s what I’ve done. A nice permanent ignore was added :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: When someone is spamming and refusing to have discussion, it’s pointless to reply to them.

You know, on the OG Pink Mercy video there are actually nice and polite people who say they want the skin. It’s really different from how the requests get posted here.

The video aside, I’ve missed out on cosmetics in the past. Whether it be because I couldn’t play a specific game mode due to not having enough in-game friends to do the achieve for it, or simply having not been there at the right time. But I’m fine with missing out on content for whatever reason, that’s life. You aren’t going to get everything you want.


Can we do petition for pink mercy skin? That way they can hear all the fans of the skin. Please do one and share eith us so we can share with others as well