Pink mercy return overwatch 2 PLEASE

actually, no, we cant…no forum user has the ability to merge threads, to the very best of my knowledge

a forum moderator can do so, but the “you” - ie forum members creating threads - that you refer to cannot

if instead you are suggesting that all forum members, even brand new ones like the OP of this thread, share the same brain and instinctively know to put all Pink Mercy statements in one thread…well, how exactly would that be accomplished?

Magica Pretty Reaper of Death


well, folks that dont care whether they are obeying the rules of a given system generally get removed from said system over time

but you do you

it actually isnt false

many people have declared that they like the skin.

some people have even declared it to be their most favorite of all

the individual I replied to simply declared that the skin was ugly, as if it were a fact, whereas it is actually an opinion that many players disagree with

It isn’t about MERGING threads and I said this already: INSTEAD of creating a NEW thread, you guys pick A thread and start using it.

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What does many people mean, in percentage? I’m absolutely sure that some people find the skin pretty and perhaps even their favorite one, but i think that goes for anything really.

Also I’m sure that if i bought something that i find unappealing but is for the charity i would not make a loud noise about that either. I would just silently never use it.

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that’d be fine, imo.

is this for charity, and if so, which one?

again I ask - how do you propose that all forum members (including brand new ones) somehow share a brain wherein there is a rule to confine all Pink Mercy posts to one thread?

additional question: why is this being requested for this topic only, and not for other topics that repeat far more often than Pink Mercy?

There are actually many players who have stated both on this forum and on other internet discussion sites that they use the skin, with some saying it is their favorite of all skins in the game

If you mean skins available, uuuuh Both?

Blizzard has done this before in WoW with Children’s Week with having the previous pet quests being available (granted only one quest line per year-but regardless you can still obtain previous pets if you do not like the current one).

So no reason why they wouldn’t have both back.

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Im sorry, I dont understand - by “both”, are you saying there would be a charity version and a non-charity version of this proposed skin?

Yes, you have said the word “many” twice now, it is still not a number or readable data. Unless you have actual data and numbers i have no reason to believe your claim about this many.
your “many” is not necessarily same as my “many”


you may believe what you wish, of course

that said, the statements Ive spoken of are in the forum and are also viewable in other internet discussion sites. If you choose not to read these statements, thats your choice

Oh I wasn’t sure what you were saying either. I was meaning both skins (Mercy and Reaper) being available.

If you mean which charity-could be for BCRF since men can get beast cancer too. It’s rare but it does happen.

Heck could go to one of the numerous cancer research foundations that supports research for all cancers: prostate, liver, colon. The American Cancer Society is one I regularly donate to could be nice but it’s not an international charity.

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Well, you are the one who made the claim and now you are telling me it is my job to go look for proof for you? Thats not generally how it works, no.
If that is the case i choose to not to believe your claim.


It has been requested before.

I mean they have already addressed the request before and they’ve said they have no plans on bringing it back.

Maybe it’s just time to let it go.

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I have no issue with that

Thank you for remaining civil about it

I am not sure what you are referring to here - what exactly has been requested before?

Proof doesn’t matter to the covetous individuals who want Pink Mercy to return at all costs, even with eliminating the charity component.

These people post outrageous fictional statements and ideas without proof, not rooted in facts or reality, yet have the nerve to demand evidence of common knowledge and refuse to accept simple facts. Let’s go over some of these:

The new CEO will bring back Pink Mercy!
Microsoft will want it to return.
Pink Mercy will return.
There is a good chance it will return.
BCRF needs a big bag of cash.
Blizzard needs PR points with women.
Millions of people with duplicate accounts want to buy Pink Mercy.
The partnership is ongoing because Pink Mercy still has the BCRF logo.
A few hundred thousand of the 840k are dormant accounts or banned or lost access, so all these people want to repurchase Pink Mercy.
Staff and mods that make statements don’t know what they’re talking about.

There is no evidence of any of it, yet they continue to use these talking points.

But real stuff like a 1.68% ownership rate is somehow “alleged exclusivity,” 840k participants aren’t “unique or special,” or the fact that Pink Mercy is a one-time-only charity skin from 2018 is “not true because they will bring it back.”

It’s weird and interesting at the same time.


Meh it’s sad there’s proof from Andy B stating it’s not coming back-quoted it earlier in the thread too:

But it gets ignored. Still feel free to use this as a response when proof of a statement is needed.