Pink mercy return overwatch 2 PLEASE

WM was and is a good guy. But he’s not infallible, and the opinions he stated while he was an MP on the forums (he isnt anymore, now that he has become a Blizzard employee) were his opinions, not the official opinions of Blizzard

I need to add that none of this constitutes any proof of the claim that was made

actually, the skin will return when and if Blizzard decides it will return, no matter how many forum members claim that this can never happen

oh, and its not gone, at all. 900 thousand accounts have the skin, and can wear it anytime they play Mercy

He literally addressed why so I’m just not gonna search as I said that. btw he was always in touch with ow team so you’re wrong here. You have 0 proof for yourself why this skin will return. :smiley:

Keep that delusional hopium for yourself. There is no reason for them bringing pink mercy back. keep malding

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Oh is this the new Pink Mercy begging thread? Nice.

This is where I have to disagree. Despite having Atlantic Mercy, I hate her hair in that skin. Lace front wigs are just really cheap looking to me lol

Oh she won’t. She loves broadcasting it.

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Not unless they return DH Sombra bro.

Even with proof they refute it. You can quote Andy B:

And they will still deny it.


I ask that the personal attacks cease

There is already a mega thread for the skin. Go post in that one instead of creating new threads.

The OP is a relatively new member of the forums and probably was/is not aware of the unwritten rules of the forum. I’d cut him/her some slack on this.


How about a skin for prostate cancer? Why womens issues should get attention twice in a row?

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You guys gotta stop sprinkling :milky_way: your wishes around.

If you guys who want the Pink Mercy skin back, you gotta combine all of 'em into one thread. You know, bring all that power together and then maybe, just maybe your wish will come true. :dizzy: :sparkles:

I am in favor of any new charity skins, so I am down for this

not at all

this is a legitimate ow-related topic on a forum set up explicitly to discuss ow-related topics

so this thread belongs here

no forum user can do this, actually

only the forum moderators can merge threads

Just gonna start flagging these posts as spam tbh

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I wonder how much they would charge for pink mercy :thinking:?

given that none of the Pink Mercy threads meet the definition of spam, this would be a false flag

I am guessing somewhere between 30 and 50 USD

Unless they add it to a bundle and you have to purchase the bundle to get the skin

You can do it. There’s been at least 10 threads on this in the last month. Instead of creating NEW threads, you can keep adding to an existing one. Which was my entire point.


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Frankly I don’t care

Need a pink reaper, hog or doomfist to really shatter the patriarchy

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That is potentially false.
It is completely possible that people find the skin ugly, but wanted to support the charity this way and just never use it.
Unless you have actual numbers of people who own the skin and are actively using it you cannot claim that.