Pink mercy return overwatch 2 PLEASE

You got the Fel Drake mount from pulling the card from the old physical trading card game. And because it was a limited print run that made the cards a limited resource and thus valuable- prior to Blizzard announcing they were adding the Drakes as a Twitch drop for the week Dragonflight came out unused Fel Drake cards were commanding 3500 USD on auction.

Unless Blizzard penned an exclusivity agreement with the pink Mercy skin there’s no reason to not re-issue it.

If you havent already, I recommend you read the last few post from Somvra. they should explain the mercy skin problem quite well.

EDIT: if, legal matters aside you only have a problem with me thinking that selling skin meant for charity event without having said charity no longer on board would devalue the goodwill and the spirit of the act.
Let me be clear fraud and other legal matters aside, with that comment i was not talking about monetary value or any sort of value counted in money, just that it would be immoral thing to do.

And the rest of us will say no from now until the day the forums shutdown in 2086 and tell you you’re not a mod so you might as well stop asking, we’re tired of people pretending to be in as you say “group A” when they just want the skin and we’re going to be vocal on it and if you dont like it that’s unfortunate because until you are a mod we won’t be policed by you

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The only thing is they have no PLANS bringing that skin back.

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How about give a male hero a Purple skin for testicular cancer awareness?

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just curious, what is being referred to here?

There’s always the pink Mercy OWL version ^^ People don’t talk about that one enough.

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There we go, so people can still get the Pink Mercy!

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actually, thats not proof at all - it is simply the history of this situation.

saying “well x hasnt happened for years” does not serve as proof that x will never happen

WM was and is a great guy, but he is not a “being of power”. As a forum MVP with green text, he had a little more access than the rest of us to internal resources. He is now a Blizzard employee and while he has much more access to internal information, the downside is he is no longer with us here on the forums to share anything

I am happy he got a job with Blizzard, but sadly, this means he isnt on the forum with us anymore

the price is more or less the same or higher, actually, for a new situation

first, Blizzard would have to spend the time and resources to find this partner, design the offering, and create and administer the offering. The new partner would be equally aware of Blizzards urgent need for PR repair, and so the price to them would also be high. The difference with BCRF is that all the cost of the work needed would be much lower, and Pink Mercy already exists. Bottom line: a new partner would be more expensive than working with BCRF, not less expensive

well, it still means that the current stance seems to be one of backing away from bundling products

there’s been no contradictions in what I have stated

not exactly

the end goal is maximum profit

sometimes it is better to price a product at 10 dollars apiece rather than 100 apiece because at the lower price you sell 50 (total revenue = 500) and at the higher price you only sell 4 (total revenue = 400)

Blizzard will identify the sweet spot and price accordingly

again, this presumes both 1. BCRF has veto power and 2. BCRF doesnt want more money coming in.

I havent seen any proof of the first item, and as for the second, cancer isnt cured yet, so I suspect theyd prefer to see more money coming in to fund current and future research

assuming that BCRF does have veto power I think the only change they’d have to make is the removal of the logo. I dont see that as watering down the product much at all, personally

again, there’s been no proof provided that BCRF has this say in the matter

actually, many of the OG buyers have stated they wish to buy it again for new accounts they have created since the original offer

its not actually that simple at all

First off, Mercy is arguably the most popular hero in the franchise. Choosing a different hero for a second offer may result in less sales simply because the chosen hero will probably have a smaller contingent of fans

Second there is a high cost to creating a new skin, in money and in dev resources. There is no such cost for making Pink Mercy available again. . And said dev resources would have to be diverted away from work on the unstable and incomplete game being called OW2. Not sure if Blizzard would be willing to divert them right now

I see logic suggesting a return of the skin

I dont see it as illogical at all

thank you again for remaining civil. I find this to be a rarity among those opposed to the return of Pink Mercy

I am going to again agree to disagree as I disagree with every counterargument point you stated. Enjoy the rest of your day, and wish you the best of luck.

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as I have already stated, plans can and do change

Who even wants to wear that ugly skin anyway. When i see pink mercy ingame i just laugh at their face for wearing it.

Also no one with that skin or any unique skin is special.

Never trust someone who ends their sentences with smile emojis

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plans can change except when there is no plan. It’s not even discussion it was colab at first place. the only thing can happen if they release new pink skin for other hero. Love these ppl full of hopium even when chances are 0.00000000000001%

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it was bought for nearly 900 thousand accounts, so I’d say those folks

and given that so many folks bought the skin, I feel that a lot of folks dont think it is ugly

I think it’s more of the “90 Day Fiancé” feel of middle aged women in pigtails to try to look younger. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

I liked the style at first too, but honestly I kinda like the flowing Atlantic hair more than the pigtails.

actually, the absence of a plan can change into the presence of a plan

except it actually is a discussion

in this thread, and in others

Ive seen the claim made several times that it cant be re-released, but no proof has ever been offered

if you have some proof, feel free to point us at it

proof? which proof you need the one devs said: they’re not releasing it or what?

I can’t see any people from ow team in here so yeah no discussion just same weaning

proof of the claim that was made

many people have made this claim, no one has provided proof that it is actually true

this thread is a discussion whether OW team personnel are here or not

WyomingMyst he wrote that. If you want to see for yourself go to his profile and search cuz I’m not even considering reading his 37k+ posts for you.

It is what it is that skin is GONE forever even if you make 1mil post about it nothing will change.