Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2


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Aug 17

I’d love to see that Pink Mercy skin in other colors, like aqua, purple, or even a grayscale version. I also enjoy the chime sounds it makes when you heal people to full.


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Aug 17

Maybe they could bring it back in other colors to support other causes. :slight_smile: There’s a rainbow of possibilities, I think.

I can’t forget these two comments! I am so glad that some official workers of Blizzard (some kind of official people) also want this skin back. Maybe there are some plans about this skin in Overwatch 2, not in Overwatch 1, which is dead of course. Who knows, maybe we WILL meet Pink Mercy again in the main menu of the game like it was in May of 2018. I really hope and believe that it will happen :pleading_face: :sob:


I love you MEGADODO. I Love you CB. as I already said I have the skin. I donate because my grandmother died of breast cancer. and they have my full support. never mind these selfish, petty people cry saying they won’t come back. because I know it will. And I’m rooting for you all. We are heroes. there will always be a null sector trying to stop us. but heroes never die! and neither do our desires.


Just following up - what is your intent in regards to this?

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thanks EBP.

Hopefully at some point the attackers will stop attacking, and we can then keep these threads focused on the actual topic - regardless of which side one takes


Well, a volunteer, not an employee.

But I still stand by those ideas!


Actual employee quote trumps a volunteer’s.


Even the quotes dont ask for pink Mercy to return, just different versions of it:

None of the quoted information implied this is a want for the actual skin to return


But that doesn’t fit their forced narrative. lol


Thanks Nicole :slight_smile:


Dude, do you realize how petty and pathetic you are? Everyone here knows they want Pink Mercy. Changing the colors of this beautiful skin I have was an idea of ​​a possible return along with the original to raise more money. You answer everything like you were the only one to have this skin and get upset because you don’t want to share it. I pity you. I have several accounts with this skin. I gave it as a gift to several relatives and friends who play. and I wish again for her to come back. because what matters here is not just the skin. because yes, she is extraordinary. moreover its meaning is more valuable. and I say more… more valuable than your ingratitude. so cry louder… in fact if it’s so against her to come back. create your own topic. and put your opinions in it. Nicole thanks. Megadodo thank you. everyone who wants her to come back…thanks. I really want to see this symbol more and more in the game.


I mean, you’re the one out here crying for a skin to come back, but yeah I’m the pathetic one lol

I didn’t see re-releasing Pink Mercy in those quotes at all, but maybe you have some type of glasses that show you what you want to see? It seems like it, since you also seem to think the skin is returning after years and years.

Nah not really. I’ve mentioned many others in this thread plenty of times. Good try though.

Cool. Won’t bring the skin back.

You’re literally in a thread crying and begging for a skin to return.

Nah, not interested in being in an echo chamber. I know you are, but I’m not. That’s not how these forums work. When lame takes and opinions are stated, they get called out.


Did you just pick the handpicked phrases? read again. You have to be really ignorant. spoiled child. I share the things I have. Pink Mercy wasn’t made just for you. it was made for a cause. Good luck with your comments, they won’t recover the skin with YOUR OPINION and they won’t STOP if that happens. Kisses. Kisses.

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Your whole post wasn’t worth responding too.

Gross no thank you


Calling me spoiled, while you’re crying over a skin to return. Makes sense.

Cool who cares

I know. Many other people have it too, silly goose.

If you even cared about that cause you wouldn’t be trying to discourage thousands of players who have been proven to donate from ever donating again by bringing back the skin. Good try though, bravo.

My reviews? WHat are you still going on about?

So we agree the skin won’t come back. Nice.



oops. I just accidentally deleted it. Megadodo I will do just like you. ignoring is the best way. As I said I HAVE MANY ACCOUNTS WITH THIS MERCY SKIN. AND I WISH HER TO RETURN FOR THE CAUSE AND FOR THE REMEMBER THAT SHE CAUSES. I know and know group B. I am all groups. Those who donate for the sake of donating… on behalf of my late grandmother. And I’m also part of group B. because I like to have this skin because I remember that I can still help and show it by playing with it. And people forget its meaning. forget that it was a partnership with an institution. Children only listen to what suits them. Having said that, I will no longer respond to provocations and side conversations. And no opinion against the possible return will prevent her from returning one day. It’s not the people who have her who don’t want her to come back who are going to decide this, otherwise Blizzard would have ended it by now. Just like there are many people who have her (like me) who want her to come back. That can change the course of history. And it’s not even close to over. and it’s in our face. 4 years… nice. It doesn’t matter. 5 years…nice…doesn’t matter. What the skin means is what matters. contrary opinions will always have. and they are funny.


I just want people to admit they just want the skin. That they do not care about the cause itself.

Rather admit selfishness that trying to fake the moral high road.

Want to do it for the cause? Here’s the link:

If they just go “I just want the skin” then fine, they can want the skin back but it doesn’t change the fact that they have admitted to not bringing it back anytime soon.

Would I have loved to see them continue an annual event? Sure they do it for Children’s Week and WoW and allow you to get previous pets-so an annual cancer awareness event would be nice too.

But again-I just want them to admit that they only want the skin. That’s it.


Imagine saying it’s best to ignore somebody, right before making some lame insult towards them that applies more directly to yourself. Oh wait!

It sounds like you actually forgot it’s meaning, because rereleasing it discourages previous donors from ever donating again. Who would donate again after being intentionally misled? You might.

lmao just like no thread will assure her to return one day

It’s not the forum users crying for it to return who are going to decide either ^-^

There are many people who have her (like me) who don’t want her back

It can, but it might not. I’ll stick with the ladder!

lol you keep telling yourself that.


I will go as far to say that wanting something small in return for donation is completely fine. Yes, of course doing it just for the sake of donation would be more, moral i guess? But we are people, it is ok to be somewhat selfish if it benefits charity.
If a skin or sticker or some small trinket makes you donate more for good cause them by all means donate and enjoy your tiny souvenir as much as you like.
As long as it actually goes to reputable charity i’m fine with whatever the reason people have for donation (maybe drawing line for some major tax fraud etc.)

I remember on one other forums we once had an charity drive to donate money to support farmers in poor countries by funding them money for various farm animals. One choice was to donate to get them honeybees.
People went nuts for it and i’m fairly certain that most people just loved the narrative of donating bees and they donate just for that.
Raised a huge amount of none the case, people got their bee story and charity got money, everyone won.

The point is. As long as the the pink skin or any other similar skin is tide to some actual charity cause, i dont care why people want it.

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And that’s fine, but people in here are not even wanting to admit that they do want that compensation. Cause when it’s brought up they deflect it.

I have no issues with people going “yes I donates cause I wanted the thing”-I get it. What I don’t get is people denying they want compensation and try to weasel out of trying to explain why they just won’t donate instead of they’re so adamant about them cause.


Yes, i agree with you on that. It is fine to be honest of your motives.
Not directed at you, just looking how this thread is going i felt like it had to said out loud once in a while.

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Yeah I’m just tired of the same old “no no I do care about the cause but it still should come back”.

Like honestly I would have loved more charities in OW. I just want transparency from people who just want the skin.

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