Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

oops. I just accidentally deleted it. Megadodo I will do just like you. ignoring is the best way. As I said I HAVE MANY ACCOUNTS WITH THIS MERCY SKIN. AND I WISH HER TO RETURN FOR THE CAUSE AND FOR THE REMEMBER THAT SHE CAUSES. I know and know group B. I am all groups. Those who donate for the sake of donating… on behalf of my late grandmother. And I’m also part of group B. because I like to have this skin because I remember that I can still help and show it by playing with it. And people forget its meaning. forget that it was a partnership with an institution. Children only listen to what suits them. Having said that, I will no longer respond to provocations and side conversations. And no opinion against the possible return will prevent her from returning one day. It’s not the people who have her who don’t want her to come back who are going to decide this, otherwise Blizzard would have ended it by now. Just like there are many people who have her (like me) who want her to come back. That can change the course of history. And it’s not even close to over. and it’s in our face. 4 years… nice. It doesn’t matter. 5 years…nice…doesn’t matter. What the skin means is what matters. contrary opinions will always have. and they are funny.


I just want people to admit they just want the skin. That they do not care about the cause itself.

Rather admit selfishness that trying to fake the moral high road.

Want to do it for the cause? Here’s the link:

If they just go “I just want the skin” then fine, they can want the skin back but it doesn’t change the fact that they have admitted to not bringing it back anytime soon.

Would I have loved to see them continue an annual event? Sure they do it for Children’s Week and WoW and allow you to get previous pets-so an annual cancer awareness event would be nice too.

But again-I just want them to admit that they only want the skin. That’s it.


Imagine saying it’s best to ignore somebody, right before making some lame insult towards them that applies more directly to yourself. Oh wait!

It sounds like you actually forgot it’s meaning, because rereleasing it discourages previous donors from ever donating again. Who would donate again after being intentionally misled? You might.

lmao just like no thread will assure her to return one day

It’s not the forum users crying for it to return who are going to decide either ^-^

There are many people who have her (like me) who don’t want her back

It can, but it might not. I’ll stick with the ladder!

lol you keep telling yourself that.


I will go as far to say that wanting something small in return for donation is completely fine. Yes, of course doing it just for the sake of donation would be more, moral i guess? But we are people, it is ok to be somewhat selfish if it benefits charity.
If a skin or sticker or some small trinket makes you donate more for good cause them by all means donate and enjoy your tiny souvenir as much as you like.
As long as it actually goes to reputable charity i’m fine with whatever the reason people have for donation (maybe drawing line for some major tax fraud etc.)

I remember on one other forums we once had an charity drive to donate money to support farmers in poor countries by funding them money for various farm animals. One choice was to donate to get them honeybees.
People went nuts for it and i’m fairly certain that most people just loved the narrative of donating bees and they donate just for that.
Raised a huge amount of none the case, people got their bee story and charity got money, everyone won.

The point is. As long as the the pink skin or any other similar skin is tide to some actual charity cause, i dont care why people want it.

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And that’s fine, but people in here are not even wanting to admit that they do want that compensation. Cause when it’s brought up they deflect it.

I have no issues with people going “yes I donates cause I wanted the thing”-I get it. What I don’t get is people denying they want compensation and try to weasel out of trying to explain why they just won’t donate instead of they’re so adamant about them cause.


Yes, i agree with you on that. It is fine to be honest of your motives.
Not directed at you, just looking how this thread is going i felt like it had to said out loud once in a while.

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Yeah I’m just tired of the same old “no no I do care about the cause but it still should come back”.

Like honestly I would have loved more charities in OW. I just want transparency from people who just want the skin.

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you need not do as I do - I choose to ignore the many attackers for my own reasons

If you wish to reply to them, theres no problem with that – its your choice to make

Also, EBP – I do want to thank you for your participation in this thread and all the hearts you have tossed my way


And this is exactly what people here mean by that some people only care about the skin rather than donating.

You can keep using your grandmother as an example (I’m sorry for your loss, Seriously) but eventually it becomes a moot point.
I can talk about how I donated for the sake of some of my cousins and my aunt and that’s why I got the skin, But I still advocate for the skin itself to not come back.
Because it was advertised as such and many including me had the assumption it would never come back so we donated with that also in mind.

However people like you wont listen because most of you take that as We don’t want the skin back=no more charity events.

When most of us have directly said we want more of them, We just don’t want pink mercy to return for it.
New skins can be made with just as much representation for cancer awareness as pink mercy but you all are so set on it its unbelievable.

Its been 4 years and its time to move on.
They have already made a statement on it as well.
Yet you and others tend to either
1: Ignore it.
2: Say its vague company speech.

Focus on the factual statement of them saying its not gonna come back, Then after wait and see if it does. Saying that something will happen going against the actual statement the developers made feels like repetition and most of you acting like children. Speculation gets you nowhere.

And if they add it back, You know what, Fine. However I will never be incentivized to donate through Overwatch again and many others here feel the same. Ill just keep donating outside of it.
As much as you may hate it exclusivity and limited time offers fuel people towards a common cause.
And before you say “That’s greedy and elitist” No its not. Its a matter of principle at this point.

You put this skin up on such a high pedestal that you are blinded to see that other characters can represent cancer awareness as well but pink mercy apparently is a must.
So instead of suggesting more ways of representation you want a old limited time skin to return.

Which instead of furthering your cause it hinders it if anything.

And for the ones saying she should be put in with the new charity skin, You are still hinging on the pink mercy. You can have a charity event without it. Cancer awareness does not hinge on this skin alone. Many other characters in the game can do the same. You just don’t want to see it.

Have fun taking pages from Dodo, Ignoring people and taking statements as attacks yet backhandedly attacking other people in the forums and subsequently breaking forum rules by themself in the process.

It sure makes one look mature indeed.

Personally I feel this thread should be closed for now, I feel like what should have been said has already been said from both sides. But we will see.


“…Personally I feel this thread should be closed for now, I feel like what should have been said has already been said from both sides. But we will see…”

I strongly disagree with this statement! We mustn’t give up so easily and the worst thing will be closing this topic! Blizzard Ent. and the developers team MUST SEE OUR DESIRE TO BRING THIS EVENT BACK! And if the moderators will see it every day (thank you guys for making this topic alive and write something here every day), the better result we would have!
Of course, it might take some time to make one more document with BCRF about having this event one more time, but it WILL happen. One day, Pink Mercy will be on the main screen again.
Moreover, this topic doesn’t interfere other useful topics in the general discussion. So, you can close this page, go to the main menu and search for another topics you want. It’s all up to you!

P.S. if this topic will be closed, I WILL create one more time! And I don’t care if people will say that this is spam or something, because that’s not it! It’s my opinion and my desire which I can write about on this forums. That’s the reason why these forums are created for! “Russian people don’t give up so easily”, so I won’t too!
Heroes never die and Primum non nocere :dove:


Nah the worst thing would be bringing the skin back

You don’t know that. Ill keep hoping it doesnt happen.

I have pink mercy and don’t play mercy lol.

Starting bid is 3 monopoly shmoney


Just adding my 2 cents here:

I don’t even want the skin so I can use it, I honestly think Atlantic is more suited to my tastes.

I just want it to come back so I can complete my collection, and so that the people who have it now can’t feel (and try to act) like they’re special for having it. Because, truthfully, I think that’s the main reason that a lot of these Pink Mercy icons in this discussion are so against it coming back. They just want to be special and attention-grabbing, and they feel like if others get to have it, then it will be taken away from them—which is a mindset that kind of disgusts me, to be honest.

Because, let’s be real, most of them didn’t even do it for the donation. I’m making a sweeping generalization here, of course, because maybe some of them did. But I’ll still maintain that the vast majority of them didn’t, they just did it for the skin.

And, even worse, I think a lot of them are claiming to have done it for the donation when they really just did it for the skin, because, to throw one of their arguments back at them—what stopped them from donating $10 to BCRF before the Pink Mercy promotion?

Also, regardless of whether Pink Mercy comes back or not, I hope we get another “mythic” tier Mercy skin with different ability effects, so that Pink Mercy isn’t the only one.

Because it’s a little weird that her most detailed and coveted skin, the only one without the yellow wings in Valkyrie that clash against the color scheme of many of her other legendary tier skins, has to be this “uwu anime e-girl cosplayer” aesthetic. I don’t like the message that sends about Mercy as a character and the people who play her, tbh.


I recall when I got the Pink Mercy skin, I think I paid about $10 for it. Many players complained it was too much for a skin and didn’t believe that the money would go to BCRF.
Pretty much their loss.

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For the most part, the people saying it’s not about just buying the skin are the one’s advocating for it’s return. I’ve stated many times I didn’t care about where my money went.

I mean, that’s fine you feel that way. It disgusts me that you want to take that feeling away from everybody who didn’t miss out on the skin.

Again, I’ve only seen the other side claim that the skin should return for donation purposes. I didn’t care either way where the money goes.

This is all opinion at this point, but you pointed out why I love the skin. It’s super kawaii and cute, and I like that D.Va isn’t the only character now that look’s like a typical “egirl/gamer girl” stereo type. It’s nice. With the yellow thing though, I do agree. Even if she did have to have one Valkyrie uniform wing color, white would make more sense, so it wouldn’t take away from her skins color design.

Yeah, I don’t really care about which side is saying what. I just jumped in here to give my own opinion.

The reason I’m disgusted by it is because I think that any good feeling that necessitates others not having something or being deprived of something, just isn’t… a legitimately positive feeling, for lack of a better word. It suggests that just having the skin won’t make you happy enough, that you need to be happy that others don’t have it—you want others to envy you, which is a negative feeling for them. And, to put it bluntly, I just really don’t think that’s valid.

I don’t think others should be deprived of something just to soothe anyone else’s insecurities about not being special or unique. Because, really, you don’t need to hinge that kind of feeling on something as simple as a skin in a video game.

Atlantic All-Stars Mercy was brought back once (along with all the other All-Stars skins), and that’s how I got to get it. And I don’t think I saw anyone who had gotten Atlantic Mercy the first time around complaining about it no longer being “unique”.

Yeah, I just don’t think it should be her “best”, or her single most detailed and significant skin, tbh (the only one with sound effects, different colored wings in Valkyrie, etc).

No hate to the Mercy players that like the “uwu kawaii gamer girl” aesthetic, because I can honestly see the appeal of it. I just don’t think they should be promoted as representing Mercy players as a whole, by having the most significant skin. Because, again, I personally don’t like the message that sends about Mercy as a character and the audience that plays her—it caters to certain stereotypes that have an unavoidable negative side to them.

As a solution to this, I think she needs to have at least one other well-designed “mythic” tier skin (I would classify Pink Mercy as something akin to that, since it changes the appearance/sound effects of her abilities in a way that other legendary skins don’t) so that Pink Mercy doesn’t stand out like that. I’d be fine with Pink Mercy not coming back if this was the case, even if it meant that my collection couldn’t be complete.

…In fact, I think I’d actually rather have this happen than Pink Mercy coming back, if I had to choose between the two.


Just curious - do any of the mythic level skins for any other character(s) include custom animations or sound effects?

I had thought Pink Mercy was unique in this respect


weird, flagged the op as spam and it didn’t show any notification, i guess this is just excepted spam and still not a normal post

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I wish in-game exchanges of cosmetics were possible

well, it isnt actually spam at all, so…


it’s fine if you disagree with what the definition of spam is but don’t tyrannize that on me for your own comfort

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