Pink Mercy Skin Request

pink mercy bring it back now


Welcome to the team on the return of Pink Mercy, buddy :wink:


I’d love to see that Pink Mercy skin in other colors, like aqua, purple, or even a grayscale version. I also enjoy the chime sounds it makes when you heal people to full.


I wholeheartedly agree with the Pink skin mercy request. I am not a forum troll, nor am I looking to engage any. The fact there has been many posts/requests for this to happen SHOULD be an indicator as to how the community as a whole perceives this situation. With how Blizzard has operated in the past and how they are trying to course correct, one could imagine that this is an easy win. The only people who are upset at this idea, are the gatekeepers. Their opinion does not amount to much outside of their ‘special interest’. So Blizzard makes the silent majority a little more happy, Blizzard also gets to say - ‘helping to find a cure’ - goodwill. The only downside is less forum posts by people wanting the devs to actually listen to the gaming community and a fore mentioned gatekeepers crying about pandering to something they have no interest in.


100% agreed with you there Nicole! That’s a fantastic idea!

They should definitely bring it back as well as in other colours!


Maybe they could bring it back in other colors to support other causes. :slight_smile: There’s a rainbow of possibilities, I think.


I would love to see vision disorders being a supported cause!



OMG!!! Is that a spoiler that Pink Mercy will be a new “mythic” skin (like the Genji one with lots of customization)? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
If yes, then we can expect it not in October or even November (it was said that it will be only 1 mythic skin) :sob:
Give us this incredible Christmas present- Pink Mercy :pleading_face: :christmas_island: :christmas_tree:

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As usual, the reality is much darker:

Most of the “silent majority” don’t care. The loud minority is split into two groups throwing poop at each other on a frequent basis. You have just joined one of them and thrown your first turd. Both groups are motivated by one of the biggest forces: greed.

Neither Blizzard (as a for profit organization) nor most players have any direct and genuine interest in supporting a “good cause” - that’s secondary at best. That alone isn’t a problem but using “good cause” as a facade to hide greed will always be an irritant.

These Pink Mercy threads have become a frequent occurrence here. It is the norm so a new thread is unlikely to register as a strong signal.

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You didn’t actually believe this literally did you? The devs are well aware, but here is why its very unlikely to return soon:

Think about the woke mob and how they would pillory both BCRF and Blizzard simultaneously for an event for women because of the association in those circles now with Blizzard hurting women vis a vis the “Cosby Room” scandal? They are not fools, they know they will get attacked mercilessly, and neither they nor BCRF will take that chance over giving a bunch of people a skin. It’s not worth it to either party to incur that attack. This is why we can’t have nice things now.

Ok, then… But one of the most powerful arguments for return this skin (despite the charity and more related to the company reputation) is that Nintendo Switch players couldn’t participate in this event :rage:, as the console support started in 2019-20 (I don’t remember the exact year - sorry) Thus, it turns out that Blizzard discriminates against the players of the Nintendo console :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

However, if the company will bring it back only to the console - the players of PC, Xbox and PS (play station) also are discriminated against. So, there is only one way - to bring it back for all platforms and for all players all around the world. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That isn’t “discrimination”, that’s just unfortunate circumstances. There is a difference. Sometimes in life it’s too late to have a happy childhood, or get Pink Mercy.


:unamused: :roll_eyes: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Gamers paid money to play this game, so they MUST have all the opportunities as players of other platforms. It’s like the buyer’s law or something like that

P.S. Stop writing about childhood or something like that. I am personally - very happy person with excellent childhood and I am studying at university. These forums were created to let people say their emotions and feelings. Also, by using this resource, developers actually can see the whole situation, maybe to see people’s wishes. :rage: :rage: :rage:

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Not if you come in after the fact. That’s just unfortunate timing. Children rage against things that were not intentionally “bad”, they just are the way things worked out. It’s not the “buyers” law whatsoever. You weren’t around when the deal was made. You are free to express your emotions, but they don’t alter reality. Again:

Sometimes its too late to have a happy childhood, or get Pink Mercy.


It has become one of the big topics on this forum for a number of years.

The outspoken scalpers and selfish collectors will tell you that it shouldn’t come back. Despite it is a charity skin. It has a ton of greed around it. I think it is a very nice cosmetic and should have been a yearly fundraiser myself. But for whatever reason these skins go for big $$$$ on scalping websites and despite it being a good cause. it has been used in a crude manner.

Especially since scalpers will NEVER donate that money back to the charity itself.

I’ve always felt that charity items being resold should come with the caveat that any money earned off of them should have to go back to the charity itself.

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You are trying to justify anyone opposed to it coming back as “selfishness” when the reality is there are good reasons for it not to. The biggest reason is it’s been shown repeatedly FOMO is the best way to get people to contribute where they get a reward; if the reward is not limited access then people tend to put it off and often never donate. Make it limited time and the wallets open. Blame human evolved psychology, not “greed” or “selfishness”.

I’ll say again: you won’t see it anytime soon because neither Blizz nor BCRF wants to risk a blow-back on a woke mob response to “company hurts women, seeks money for BCRF hypocrisy” nonsense media posts.

Good luck with that. I’d like people to be nicer in general, not steal and murder, world peace to occur, but it isn’t going to happen.

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Almost no one cares about the charity aspect. It’s possible to exchange $$$$ for a Pink Mercy because the greed is there on both sides.

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It is not greed to trade things just because the item in question originated with a charity drive.

I’m really sorry I do not agree with you, and I have the notion here (actions speak louder than words) that you do support the decision and reinforce my statements as stated, as such.

I do think it is extremely selfish of others that want an access wall up on a charity skin for the sake of Monetary gains and that for something that was about charity was instead a money making tool used by them for a cause that is about a Horrible illness.

Not pointing fingers here, but I get that vibe. Otherwise one would say “lets have another fund raiser!”


I would be fine with it returning personally, why would you attack me for pointing out why it’s not going to happen? What part of what I said is “an action louder than words”, that I don’t march in here going “YEAH YEAH GET IT GET IT”? That’s just how children see it.

Did I ask for a wall? No. I’ll thank you to keep the facts straight.

That “vibe” is in your head.