Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2

I’ll just say 4 words: bring back Pink Mercy :pleading_face: :sob: :dove:

It is passed more than 4 years since a truly special charity event when gamers all around the world donated money to the BCRF - Pink Mercy. However there are still millions of people, who wanted to help but for some reasons couldn’t participate in it. It’s time to act and answer the call! It’s time to bring back this event and achieve several things, which are incredibly important!
First of all, the players of the Nintendo Switch platform did not have the opportunity to participate in this charity event and could not support the BCRF company (explanation: access to the Overwatch game in 2019, and the action was foreseen in 2018). As a result, Blizzard Inc seriously discriminates against the players of this console, by not returning this event in the game.
Secondly, gamers will donate more money to the BCRF, so more and more people, who need help, will get it. We all will be like guarding angels, who save innocent lives. Remember - more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!
All in all, I am completely sure that Pink Mercy must return in Overwatch 2. Moreover, the most favorable decision will be to leave this skin in the store forever so that players of all platforms can donate money to charity at any moment. Remember - more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!
Heroes never die!


ugh its you again posting the exact same thing you’ve posted the other several dozen times. please move on, it’s never coming back.


That’s a lie you should call a spade a spade, you want the skin. Cause no 1 is stopping you from donating right now you could but dont. Why do you need something to give?


It will come back, as Overwatch 2 is a different game. Millions of new players will start to play because of free-to-play system, so more money can be donated BCRF.


I will start flagging those topics as spam now. They will not bring her back because of some laws and contracts. End it.


There aren’t even millions of people playing OW let alone millions that want to “help”. Just be honest and say you want the skin because it looks cool and you are willing to use a others peoples suffering as an excuse of why you should get something. If you cared that much go donate right now why would you need a reward to do it if you are such a good person?


You’re overdosing on copium bro


You know you can just go and donate right now?
If you want to save lives: go on!


The reality: Pink Kiriko, that’s what they will do, Pink Mercy will only exist in our dreams, forget about her coming back, she never will, I wish I had a time machine, i need a Tardis.


Pink Mercy was a fever dream.


If you compare it to the last skins and OW2 skins its not even a skin that is very detailed or so… kind of meh.


True but it’s desired for the exclusivity.I do have it but I don’t use it too much since she has better skins.


in honor of MegaDodo I hope you guys get pink mercy back.


Do you think the people whose lives breast cancer research saves care about where that money came from? Why do you feel a need to be a moral gatekeeper over cancer donations? If the money raised from the sale of one skin can save even a single person, it’s worth it.

Who cares if everyone buys it for the skin (like they did when pink mercy was available) money is money. If they can make more for breast cancer research than they would otherwise, why have a problem with that?


I have a problem with people who claim that they want to help the cause, but instead only care for a skin.

At this point, the donation is nothing more then a excuse for the people who want pink mercy back.
And I find these excuses absolutely disgusting.


If gamers wanted to donate to BCRF, they would just do it without needing a skin in return. the people making these posts need to stop pretending as if they don’t only care about the skin LOL it’s never coming back


WTB ability to sell individual skins. I’d make bank on Pink Mercy in a heartbeat.



let’s try to beat this record: no (1 word).

Cool. Take here:

so where is the topic where you ask for this justice for blizzcon skins?

WOW has also offered many types of charity campaigns in the past. Exclusive never come back. The licensing of the skins is handled by both Blizzard and the companies to which it was commissioned. see Bastion brick that has not returned to the challenges, knowing that LEGO has not seen positively the scandal of Blizzard, which last year was ousted from the charity demonstrations during the period of revelations on sexual abuse. I can’t tell you if the BCRF is part of this opinion.

No, you’re wrong: when people KNOW that something won’t come back, they have more incentive to buy it now rather than wait for a possible discount in the future. that’s probably how a lot of people interpreted that offer, and the result was “ah … we didn’t know. next time we’ll avoid stalling”. And I remember well that it was said by many that it was “too much money for a skin, we’ll wait”, but how much do you bet that if a new skin comes back they have a different attitude than "in the end whining for years allowed me to have what I wanted, I’ll be able to do it again for other things thanks to this exception. "

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely consider Mercy pink a skin that is both beautiful and noble in its origins … but I am also fed up with this fake benevolence that puts as its primary motivation the “we can still do charity” as if you could never do it. And if you speak for others and not for yourself … I bet you say it because you don’t have the skin or because you are quite fed up with the Pink Mercy spam.

What do I think of it? that the skin could have the same treatment as Widowmaker Kerrigan: it is an alternative version to the Nova skin which is free in the gallery. If Mercy pink has a strong appeal for her “sailor moon reference”, then we ask for a skin called Mercy Majokko with Mercy pink … not pink. White? golden? that’s fine and doesn’t create a win on “I’ll cry harder until I get EXACTLY what I want”.

I repeat, I am not angry with you, but with false charity. you are a collector and you have to say it clearly: “I WANT that skin.”, not “WE SHOULD have that skin”. ok?

PS: congratulations for the maturity of users to report the post where the wordings of the reports in forum are not suitable for what he says. It bothers me too but I know how and when to use the flag, my dear babies. it deserves to be ignored, not to be reported.


I’ve already said my piece on Pink Mercy and why it isn’t coming back, I won’t say it again.

If you’re still delusional at this point might I suggest seeking mental health counseling?