Patch Notes for Heroes


Junker Queen

Adrenaline Rush (Passive)

Now heals for the remaining wound damage when an enemy dies with wounds on them

Cooldown is now reduced by 2 seconds for each enemy it impacts
Jagged Blade

Thrown impact damage reduced from 80 to 50
Thrown direct impacts now add a 30 damage wound to the stuck target. Stacks with wounds caused by Quick Melee or returning Jagged Blade hits.


Energy (Passive)

Energy degeneration reduced from 2.2 to 2 per second
Delay before energy degeneration begins after gaining energy increased from 1 to 2 seconds



Barrier Shield

Health increased from 250 to 300


Biotic Orb

Dealing damage with Biotic Orb now restores a small amount of Biotic Energy


What a joke of the balancing team, what a joke…is that all?


The JQ Adrenaline Rush buff is confusing to me but I assume it’s pretty major.

That Biotic Orb change though, I’m trying it out in training mode. It’s a massive buff to her kit. It restores her healing at the same rate she can output it.

Nothing “massive” about it. Pls. learn the meaning of “massive”. It’s a tiny buff/QOL change for Moira.

Also dealing damage with the orb in the practice range is not nearly the same as dealing damage with her orb in the actual match.

The JQ carnage buff seems really cool

JQ buffs seem good.

Zarya buff corrects previous overnerf.

Brigitte shield buff is nice. Should help a bit.

Moira change is more QoL. Might help if you spam damage orb too much and need to heal.

wow, Brig can now tank 0.3s more of Soldier fire!!!

Brig fixed!!!/s!!!



Not mad about any of this. Seems pretty light and fair.

Brig’s is so minor but I know that’s probably likely to be accompanied by her ult being reworked like they were planning.

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I feel like these changes push the game into more heals and tanky-ness

Still no ball buffs but zarya gets a buff although she’s been meta once before. Not saying this makes her meta just saying she shouldn’t get buffs before ball

I doubt they are going to buff ball until there is a real answer to mobility.

He needs buffs. Despite his mobility he’s one of the worst characters in the entire game. CC will never return to what it was in OW1.

Does the Jagged Blade change mean you can proc a bleed twice on the same target (once on hit, once on return)?

No, you still just get the bleed on hit. I checked in the practice range.

Watching Ml7 ATM, people saying brig shield looks bigger. Idk tho

cry baby you go and make a balance patch then

They’re not gonna buff ball. He’s plenty strong already. He just has a high skill gap. Some of the best tanks on the leader board main ball.

Then he never will be allowed to be stronger. Thats something people will have to deal with.

This is the result of removing CC and removing almost all anti-mobility. Flankers and dive tanks will be problems that need nerfing forever.

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You say that as if people didnt throw out ideas every single day, many of which are more bold and interesting anything Blizz has done in years.


If you’re run out of energy playing Moira you’re holding left click down too long….like most Moira players do.

Prolonged stalemates are only time you should run out. Which are rare anyway.

Not defending the balance team but this is not the mid season patch.

That being said, no changes to roadhog is disgusting. Their idea of having each season having a meta has been a huge failure. We had Zarya being a nightmare in season 1 and now we have Roadhog being a problem in season 2.

When I say problem I mean, if one team switches to the OP meta tank, the other team needs to mirror it or it’s an uphill battle.

They could have temporarily reduced hog’s health to 600 until his actual changes come out. He would still be really strong.