Overwatch on Switch - Confirmed Facts & Key Anticipated Questions (Updated 9/16/19)


As you can see from various posts, Overwatch is coming out for the Nintendo Switch and there is a lot of information to take in.

What is confirmed

  • Nintendo E-Shop Price: $39.99 USD
  • This is the Legendary Edition of Overwatch which includes the 5 Origins Skins + 5 pre-selected Legendary skins and 5 Epic skins from the standard Loot Box distribution.
  • Pre-purchase the game and get the Widowmaker Noire Skin and a Golden Loot Box (only for Switch).
  • Immersive gyroscopic motion controls
  • Get 3 free months of Nintendo Switch Online (required for Overwatch on Switch)
  • The game will run at 30 FPS at 900 pixel resolution docked and 720 pixel resolution undocked.
  • Voice chat is still operated on Blizzard’s platform and not through Nintendo’s voice chat service.
  • There still will not be any cross-play or cross-platform progression immediately planned for the Switch or any other console platform.
  • Linking a Nintendo account will earn the rewards and benefits from outside-of-game promotions like watching Overwatch League for League Tokens

Questions still to be answered

As I anticipated there are some key questions I know the community will be asking (and frankly so am I) so I am going to be compling a list here.

  • Will this be the full game as it appears on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One including all heroes and all maps?
  • Will all current collectible items including skins, emotes, voice lines and sprays be available?
  • There has been many great one-time offer skins and items which are no longer available. This includes items like the Pink Mercy Skin, Demon Hunter Sombra, Kerrigan Widow, etc. Will there be any way for new players who get Overwatch on Switch be able to obtain these items?
  • Other console Legendary Edition bundles include the bonus goodies for Blizzard’s other PC games including World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. Will the Switch version include these bonus goodies?

Here are other good questions from the responses below:

If anyone else has important questions they wish to ask, I encourage you to comment in this thread and I will add relevant ones to the list in this post. Hopefully, details on these and other questions about the latest platform to join the fight will come to light soon.

Notice: As a Forum MVP I have no insider knowledge to the features for Overwatch for Switch and do not represent Blizzard. This topic is intended as a single place to discuss key questions about this subject. There is no guarantee that Blizzard will choose to respond to this or any other topic about these or other questions.

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My main question is how the performance is. Will it be 60 FPS?


I’d say we’ll be lucky to get a stable 30 but if that 30 can be achieved in handheld then I’m sold.


I can see it as 60 docked, 30 handheld.

I’m hoping for cross integration with accounts though, I mostly play on PS4 and would really like cosmetics to carry over. I don’t care as much about account level or rank, but just the cosmetics would be enough for me.


This, all I need is the answer to this and I will be happy.


My main question is if they allow cross play with the Xbox one edition, because Microsoft and Nintendo seem to have a hard one for that type of thing


Adding the FPS question and Cross Play question to the list.


I never knew i needed something so bad until now. Thanks.


Waluigi Junkrat and Wario Hog would be much more fitting.


Will there be Nintendo themed skins and will they be exclusive to Switch?

My guesses are maybe on the skins and absolutely they will be exclusive to Switch if they end up being a thing.


It’s on Nintendo switch. It will probably lag so hard that it will run at 1 FPS.


So I can for the moment answer the price question.

The game will be 40$ Going by the EShop listing.


That would put it at the current retail value for the Legendary Edition for other platforms. My guess then that will include the Origins skins going for that price.

(Note that the “standard” $20 version of Overwatch is only available for PC.)


I think so, I only glanced at it while looking for the demo of Daemon X.

I did not know it was at 20.


Will all my progress carry over to the switch example: player progress skins achievements


Is there going to be competitive feature on the switch?.. :sweat_smile::cold_sweat:


i’m just laughing because of all the people saying the Switch wouldn’t be able to run it XD


Looks like the ability to aim is going to be worse than console. Also, looks like they’re going to be implementing a hell of an aim assist.


How will the Voice chat function… since you have to use your phone with the Nintendo app?


Good news everyone, key notes are included. It looks like this will be the Legendary Edition so you get the 5 Origin skins and the bonus 5 legendary and 5 epic skins. Plus, 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online is included for free.


(Note that this skin is platform specific so this will most likely this offer only allows you to collect the skin for the Switch platform assuming no cross-sharing ever becomes available).