Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

by a week im not getting in this

Right?! I sat down to play a round on his pc and after that round I was like nope I’m just going to wait lol but definitely didn’t think I would be waiting ALL day haha… hopefully this torturous wait will be over for us soon

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To be fair, we’ve been waiting for like 3 years for this right? What’s a few more hours? Assuming we do actually get in.

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5 hours sigh… It’s been a long day of waiting.

even after all this time of being calm and patience i have take the precautions of linking the day before and finished the stream in FULL just waiting for it. I dont like to be that person but im feeling like precautions shouldve been taken when they were getting a full list of accounts in the initial sign up. I never get this anxious but i am losing my excitement in the game ive played for years. i want to see it come back to life

That is the current plan. We updated frequently during Alpha, and there’s a desire to do similarly for beta


1.5 million viewers on twitch today, “1,500 per hour”… no way lmao. That’s a month of waiting if you end up unlucky :skull_and_crossbones:


This is for OWL not the current twitch drops.

the 1500 per hour is codes they are giving away for OWL opening weekend. not the twitch drops

What a great birthday present…waste 4 hours of my time for nothing

knowing my luck, i’ll be that person :skull: :skull:

Been waiting for over 5 hours now. My more casual friend already got it. FeelsBadMan


The “If you haven’t gotten in yet you’ll have another chance” wording is weird on that then but that does make more sense.

working on it for 5 hours?

actually embarrasing just make the beta open cringe

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do we have to keep the launcher open or do have to resart it every 5 mins?

For those worried they might not get in due to some player cap, today Blizzard announced that in upcoming Overwatch League matches, they’ll be dropping something like 1500 beta codes every hour. I don’t think they have a real cap in mind.

6 hours I’ve had the drop and can’t play. All my friends are on and playing. I quit my stream because I have lost heart over this. Blizzard has ruined my night by being the same company they have always been. Sorry folks, go home. No new leaf has been turned here.


5 hours later… still nothing. i joined a stream at 12:58PM thinking that i’d get my 4 hours from 1PM-5PM and be playing by now. Really disappointed. Two of my friends have access, and myself and two others are left out.

We can’t even play using someone else’s account, they’ve locked that out.


wooooo 5 hour gang!!!

its the best gang :slight_smile: