One year of Symmetra 3.0

I still miss Symmetra 1.0. The OG will never be forgotten.


Yeah I’d like if 1.0 or 2.0 was in the game

My favorite version was 2.0 though


That was also my idea for the turrets. If she was still 2.0, this would probably be the perfect fix for the turrets. Some HP, less damage and revealing both turret spot and turret target to all teammates!

And giving it an HP value above 1.

Seriously, I remember back in Volskaya or Eichenwalde where sometimes a would do the long flank just to shoot at the turrets from Widow’s optimal distance and break them with tickle damage.

I vouched for 15~25 HP when buffing Sym2 was on the table, because that would still kill them with Lúcio sonic wave and McCree flashbang, while defending them against the sniper D.vas and Tracers.

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What I mean to say was that she was able to outplay the enemy depending on who it was, she was definitely able to outplay Brig as long as Sym had shield gen.


The issue isnt ‘‘sYm mAinS aRe lAzY aNd nO sKiLl hAhA lEaRn 2 aIm n00Bs’’, that is just what a bunch of delusional clowns repeat into every Sym post even if no one mentioned the lock-on. The issue is that her aiming requirements on her primary are absurd for a close range hero in the first place, and then we get to the fact that she is the only close range hero with literally no tools (survability or mobility) to stay at the range that her primary works.

I dont understand how people really think that ‘‘well just aim’’ is a feasible argument when Sym 2.0 had more actual close range survivability and lock-on AND practically the same TTK that current Sym and yet 2.0’s primary was still considered a troll skill above Plat. There is no logic to consider a generally worse primary fire in a squishier hero to be good now.

Its self-serving and delusional, and it shows that a lot of people dont care about Sym’s viableness at all, and instead they are obsessed with some ridiculous, biased gameplay ‘‘fairness’’ checklist of what is ‘‘skillfull’’ and what isnt.

That is not even mentioning how the same people think that Sym has a higher skill ceiling just because she has to aim now, despite the rest of her kit being either useless or braindead.


So hard to hit a barrier or tank…

Evidence of lack of game sense right here if you are trying to charge it outside its intended design.

isn’t this basically equivalent to telling a dps sniper to just need to always land headshots or telling ana’s to just always land sleep darts on flankers and that not meeting that standard is the player simply “having bad aim and need to get better aim to meet the intended design”?

Like the point being raised is that conditions of use for primary are so constraining that even if you’re going for the “intended use” of charging on barriers or tanks, the situation hardly comes up often even with good gamesense (not to mention the fact of having a really situational primary that is supposedly her dps “wow” factor is kinda a contradiction of the point of the rework which was making her more flexible and less situational). Like not often will there be a barrier to charge up in safety, neither will the tank pocket shield the sym 12m within the enemy/enemy barrier (latter is suicide if enemy has a better shield breaker), and relying on the enemy’s negligence of sym’s existence to charge despite having bright lasers showing where she is was kinda part of the reason why old sym primary was bad.


Love the turrets and the new RMB, wish teleport was more versatile or just replaced by a throwable jumppad, and I wish the shield-wall would discourage enemies walking through it somehow.

I’m fine with LMB being more situational in exchange RMB being useful, although I’ll take a buff, why not.

Teleporter cries quietly in the corner.
“Am I a joke to you”? He whispers gloomily.

I tend to get a full charge at the start of most of the pre-fights. Having a barrier or a tank to target is not rare. Even in quickplay.

The situation is not so niche when you spend the time looking for it.

Nope, because either of those examples require significantly more mechanical skill rather then game sense.

Hitting barrier’s and tanks does not require significant aim. Just game sense.

Telling people to learn WHEN to use it is more akin to telling people to know when to use fan the hammer over primary fire. Fan the hammer requires significantly less mechanical skill then mccree’s left click but is superior in many situations and worse in others.

If you use the wrong option consistently at the wrong time you will think its terrible.

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Yes. Because TP is a mobility option, but not an escape option.

It works to send you and your team through a choke or high ground at mid range, but it’s to slow to setup when you are being attacked (Insert “escape grav” memes), and even if you want to use it as a hit-and-run tactics, the enemy can simply destroy it before you use it to come back, which makes it unreliable at best.


Of course it’s an escape option. Sure, it won’t let you escape if you’re in the middle of the enemy team, nor should it, if it allowed that it’d be stupidly overpowered, but if you’re for example flanking but run into a 1v2 situation, you’ll pretty much always be able to escape with the teleporter.

We can debate how good of an escape tool it is, but saying it’s not one is just silly.

I feel I do not properly utitlize her teleporter. I can see how it’d be a great tactic for sneaky past points that are being gunned down, but I don’t play enough competitive or team chat games to coordinate the use of it. It’s kind of like a group Reaper teleport if you think about it.

Recall, Fade, Translocator and Wraith Form are invincible instant escape options. Blink, Swift Strike, Concussion Blast, Concussion Mine, Coach Gun, and pretty much all of Doomfist are reliable escape options that are not invincible.

TP isn’t neither reliable nor instant. Ergo, it can be used to provide mobility, but not an escape option.

Recall, Fade, Translocator and Wraith Form are all personal abilities, which can’t be used by your team.

Wraith Form and Fade are also much more limited in distance and can’t be used vertically.

On top of also being personal abilities, Concussion Blast and Mine, Coach Gun and Doomfist’s abilities are all shorter range than her teleporter and only provide a speed boost in a set direction, rather than an actual guaranteed escape ability. They are all more situational than teleporter is.

None of your points means teleporter isn’t an escape ability.

I’ll preface this by saying I don’t actually hate 3.0. She can still be fun to play sometimes. I’ll still never play her in comp, as I just don’t find her viable, and there are too many bugs with her TP that can absolutely screw over the player. But she can be fun in QP.

That said, why is 3.0 Symettra? Why couldn’t this have been a new hero. Aside from cosmetics, 3.0 does not have one single thing in common with 2.0. There are similarities, sure. The sentries are similar, as are the orbs and beam charge. But they’re only as similar as Rein’s barrier is to Orisa’s, or his hammer is to Brig’s flail. They do similar things, but their uses are very different.

So why does the addition of Sym 3.0 have to rob us of Sym 2.0? This wasn’t a rework. It was a new hero being added to the roster, and an old hero being removed. Who benefits from that? Imagine if Ashe’s release had coincided with the deletion of McCree.

There was a laundry list of buff ideas I had to Sym 2.0. I would have loved to see them let sentries mark enemies like sonic arrows, or to have her TP regain charges as she recharges her ult (that way the enemy has to actually go kill it instead of just exhausting the charges). Increase the deployment range on her sentries, or lower the cast time. Let her deploy her ult from long range so she could do it without leaving the fight. Maybe let her fly it to its location like some sort of Riptire-UFO.

After a year, I’m still bitter that Blizzard didn’t even try to work on Symmetra, and instead just rolled out a new hero in her stead. I miss playing the real Sym. Even if she wasn’t ready for Comp, she was a blast in QP. A year wasn’t enough time to forgive Blizz for that slash and burn rework.


I miss the old Photon Barrier, where it was an ability and not an Ult. It was so satisfying to throw that baby out and save a teammate/the team from certain death.

I also miss her Orb’s going through Barriers, especially now that with have more heroes with them. I feel we need more heroes who can do that.

I don’t miss Shield Gen, however. Mainly cause the characters felt the need to scream about it every 5 seconds. (“THEY HAVE A SHIELD GENERATOR!”).

The fact that you think its good design that Sym’s gun is only usable when there is a lone Reinhardt in the enemy team (because Orisa just kills Sym at range before she can even get close enough, Winston’s doesnt last much and he can kill Sym, and Brigette can easily kill Sym unless she sets up the perfect kill with turrets, and as a support shouldnt ever be alone) just speaks how absurdly biased this whole conversation is on the ‘‘Sym is fine even if all her stats are down massively because uhhhh AIM YOU CASUAL NOOB!’’ camp.

‘‘Sym’s gun is only usable when there is 1-2 out of 30 heroes in the enemy team, but only when alone, despite being part of the hero class that should never be alone’’ is an inane, ridiculous argument, unapplicable to basically every other hero in the game, much less a damage class hero.


The fact that you literally have to strawman me to come up with a figment of a counter argument says much.

  1. Sym’s “gun” as you put it consists of two options. Her primary fire being designed to START with tanks and then used against squishier targets once charged and her secondary being used when option one is not feasible. Her “gun” is useable at all times.

  2. I love when people point out the number of tanks compared to the rest of the roster as if this makes tanks some rare breed. When all the time we are all fully aware that a team does not have 30 players on it. It has 6. Often meaning that 1/3rd of that team consists of the targets you need for her PRIMARY.

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