One year of Symmetra 3.0

Swap that to Widow, Ashe and McCree, and you have my experience on MH.

Different styles for different players. What you don’t find fun, others do. See how now and then someone complains that playing Reinhardt is a chore, and others promptly reply they find Rein absurdly fun.

Myself, I love pets, turrets, minions and summoning mechanics. So have some kind of hero that do that reasonably well is a sure way to bring me and people like to to the game.


I understand - but I for instance think having a flying character like Pharah is bad, and high mobility characters like Tracer are ridiculous… but that’s Overwatch.

Its also not about “laziness”, some people simply cannot aim as well, and this is not CS:GO.

You deserve the kills for having the foresight and intelligence to place the turret to best effect. Decrying turret positioning as brain dead is almost as bad as criticizing Rein for pressing M1 for damage while not aiming or Winston…


I’m very aware others find it fun, I personally hate the design and playing them feels painfully dull, that’s all.

I know people can’t aim, I myself have a disability which causes me inability to aim well, and I know others find other heroes badly designed, I’m just stating that I don’t like the design and find them dull. I play Mercy and Rein, they’re both very low aim heroes, I’m aware it isn’t CS:GO, I just hate the idea of builders in general.

Bitter yes. But I’ve grown to love 3.0 despite missing 2.0 with all my heart. She’s still bad and will be until something is done about her min damage

I like Sym 3.0. I climbed higher with her than I ever maintained with old Sym. That being said, the one thing I miss is the ability to provide shield hp. I wish she’d get an aura or something.

As far as further changes, I think her TP needs 2 small buffs:

Infinite uptime until destroyed or replaced, without changing the cooldown or adding Torbjorn turret mechanics. i.e. a flat buff.

Deploy time reduced by 0.25-0.5s.

And then I could honestly say she’s where she ought to be.

She also needs to qol ability to manually destroy her own sentry turrets, which could be done by putting your reticle over one and then pressing the interact / weapon swap key.

Tp just needs that self destruct bug fix. Shields aren’t coming back because the devs don’t want hp stacking, even brigs ult got multiple sledgehammer nerfs, it’s actually worse than valk at this point. The last buff I want for her if this version stays is either 90/80 damage at lvl 1 or faster charging orbs

How exactly did she outplay Winston or Brigitte?

Brigitte arrived the patch before her rework, so we didn’t had much time to fight her and figure out how to deal with her, primarily because for many it was considered a waste of time to put more work on a hero that was going to change so drastically, very soon.

Also, she had this bug:

For Winston, the trick was scattering the turrets in such a way that anyone crossing the chokes (or the designated room) would still be hit by all turrets, but Winston would had to move around to clear them all. The turrets have a 10m range, and Winston is 8m. That would not prevent him from breaking all the turrets, but would prevent him from doing so as an afterthought. In the meantime, he would be an easy pick for your teammates, or even yourself if he was focusing on turrets and ignoring you melting his scientist behind.

Winston was also known as the best Symmetra counter, so often when your Symmetra started to show that she was the real deal, someone with zero Winston experience would swap to him, and would focus a bit too much on the turrets and less on the tank main role. That was also an edge for good Sym players. It was rare that we would meet a good Winston player, and if you played your cards right, you could harass him enough that he would consider you his top priority instead of doing his job as main tank.

Brigitte was released in March. Symmetra’s rework wasn’t until June.

Problem with that is that it means less turrets on the choke point or on the objective. He can just ignore them at that point.

Then there’s also heroes like Pharah.

You are right.

If I don’t remember specifics on fighting Brigitte, then it’s probably because she wasn’t a problem as big as Winston for me to craft a way to fight her.

Pharah is a problem for many more heroes than just Symmetra.

At least as Sym I could keep Shield Gen up, forcing her to use one more rocket to kill any target, which gives my whole team more time to deal with her.

I also loved being able to throw my shield at her to make her suicide on her own Barrage. The current barrier is too slow for that.

Winston was not picked to bypass turrets. The main reason people thought he was a hard counter to Symmetra was because: 1) He could delete her turrets in an instant if they were all together, and 2) because of his large health pool, his autoaim gun would beat Symmetra on an endurance test.

Spreading turrets deal with the first problem. Playing near your team (instead of going yolo flankmetra) solved the second one.

If he simply ignored the choke and your turrets, they would still fry his team, because they had to bypass the gate as well, performing they job.

I’ve adapted to 3.0 but I’d swap her back to 2.0 in a heartbeat.


“almost”? Not really. Everyone counters her. Even a Mercy with decent aim can kill a Symmetra in a 1v1.


That’s why they should’ve just scrapped Turrets during her rework instead of destroying every other ability and make her turrets even more nightmare for bronze…

Sym 2.0 was viable in gm just not many people spent the time learning her

any hero with enough skill can make it to any rank


Sentries are fine as a concept of, you know, sentries. Area deniers or flank route controllers.

The issue is that Blizz moved too much killing power into them and the TP sentry bomb, while leaving Sym completly unable to fulfill a DPS role outside that 45s cooldown inmobile squishy killer cancer combo that 3.0 mains parade as Sym’s ultimate skill ceiling. Right now they are just a bootleg version of lock-on primary but somehow both worse and less interactive at the same time.

They could have given them sentry buffs instead of turret buffs, like showing through walls to team mates like Sombra hacked HP packs, showing the Sym player and her team the hero that is being attacked or destroys them, or even reduce the effectiveness of mobility as a stackable debuff. There were a ton of buffs that didnt involve making them a 45s unaware support killer nuke.

Really the only Sentry change that was good and healthy for Sym’s kit health was flying deploy sentries.


Like the ability to output consistent damage for flankers, survive 1v1 engagements, or protect herself/teammates in any way in a clutch encounter.

Proton barrier I miss you so much.

Hit the nail on the head. I often say that Symmetra is a lopsided hero now - she is both too strong and too weak.

Her buildables are too strong, the fact that I can tp bomb melt someone instantly is cheap. It just is. The fact that she can barely survive a duel unless you have perfect tracking and a nest of turrets up already to help you is also super weak. She’s easy to kill if you just walk up and kill her because her gun takes so long to do damage and, as long as you bully her away or destroy her tp, she’s literally defenseless- there’s not much going on for her there.

Her old gun might have been no aim, but it was only strong if you were dumb enough to get within range of her - and she had plenty of other weaknesses too, otherwise she would have been dominating the charts and kicking butt all the time. New Sym is just… Ugh.

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If someone lacks the aim and general game sense it would very much seem like all her power is in her turrets. However, she can very much fulfill the DPS role with the combination of her right and left clicks.

As for turret TP bombs… I never use them because they don’t produce as much value as turrets in proper spots do.

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Hard to believe its been a year since I dropped Sym