One year of Symmetra 3.0

Today is the 1 year anniversary since symm 3.0 was put on the PTR. Since her initial release on the PTR she has had a 40% decrease in her weapon charge time, a extra 2m added to her primaries range and a few teleporter fixes.

How do you guys feel about the not so new Symmetra a year later. Is she still trash? Is she better? Still bitter about the rework?

Personally I have achieved and maintained a higher competitive rank using 3.0 as opposed to 2.0. However I do wish her new abilities were more unique, especially the Zarya beam. I do think Symmetra needs a few tweaks most notably to her health or beam range. She dies so quickly even in her 12m range and maybe adding an extra 2m to the beam would help that. Anyhow what do you guys think?


I mean she is slightly better than 2.0 in some regards. But that’s not saying a lot to be honest. Especially when she lost a lot of stuff to get those things.

Still the worst hero in the game followed closely by Bastion.


She’s definitely in a better spot but still too weak in my opinion. Just a little more survivability. I agree with your YouTube vids on the buff ideas


I don’t really play Symmetra. But I figure if she could charge up her primary fire with both primary and secondary attacks. It would give her the range she needs to charge up her primary, without running into the catch-22 of your enemy either killing you or running away before you get to level3 charge.

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She’ll be balanced once they stop being stubborn and give her extra 25HP and 25 Shields. She is the only close-ranged character that has no escape, give the girl a little something since her escape is so pitiful.


She’ll never be truly “viable” in the top echelons of play, no more than Torb or Bastion will be due to bias against characters with turrets, etc. They are too fearful OWL will not be accepted if “certain characters” ever became truly equals.


I love 3.0, I really do, but I’m still mad at a few things :

  • They basically deleted Sym 2.0 and replaced her with a character who looks like her but is different in every other way
  • During the entirety of 2.0’s existence, she received no changes whatsoever aside from bugfixes, which means that the devs reworked Sym one day, didn’t even try to rebalance her once and then just reworked her again
  • With 2.0’s removal, the ability to grant extra shield health is completely gone from the game, at least until a new character is introduced with that ability

They have stated that shielding like armoring was in turn forcing healing and damage to have to go up - easiest solution, take those out. This is why with Brig they in turn had to remove Torbs armor kits and take out the Sym shielding. I doubt you will ever see a shield generator or armor pack like Torb gave out ever again tbh…

Sym is a much more balanced character than before, people need to move on and accept it and if you have issues with it focus on improvements to this don’t include tear-eyed discussions about Sym 2.0. And that’s from someone who probably likes the character more than most others.


My reflections on 3.0:

Compared to her launch, it’s pretty hilarious how much they’ve buffed her and how she hasn’t improved much. She launched and I remember the Youtube streamers saying “Symm meta” and that “TP is going to be ridiculous.”

Yeah. Where??? Lmao. And that yeah, her primary was buffed to being nearly half the charge time. So when people were saying, “Hey, this DPS potential is very bad” All those people who were rude and inconsiderate… yikes.

A buff to nearly half the charge rate, and she is still in the same spectrum. The buff to TP and she is still in the same spectrum. Almost like, she might have just been underpowered.

I’m definitely pretty smug about it. Each time she is buffed and suddenly doesn’t define a meta… It’s fuel to my salt for my critiques about her before.

3.0 was flat worse than 2.0 on launch.

However, Now that she’s been buffed to where she sits currently, I have no mind for her power really.

But since her launch, we have received dev posts and the game has changed and been worked with other heroes… and now I have issues.

Symm might be fine and niche. But fine and niche have no place in the game. Symm as she stands, needs to be scrapped with everything in her kit except maybe her ultimate. Just throw the whole hero away and start anew. Her beam has no place, her orbs have no place, and her tp her turrets all need to be thrown in the trash , shot and burned.

Out with the old, in with universally viable.


she’s a heck of a lot better. Still kinda trash tho.

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Better overall, but worse in a few areas as well.

I think she needs more survivability, like the shield she used to have. I do not support a direct HP buff to her, as her hit box is way too small to have more than 200 health.

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Yeah that’s not coming back, the best you can probably expect is +25 to personal shields.

Her turrets provide a means of effectively extending the range enemies need to cross before reaching her.

Your turrets are your means of sustain.

Uh, this is complete nonsense.

Barely. And it can be very easily taken out.


Her counters got buffed, other heroes in her category got better buffs and tweaks, without any sustain tools her kit leaves her vulnerable

Mains and ptr people said what her problems nare. Teleporter too clunky, needs more turrets or lower CD, primary needs more range or give her health/sustain tool

Only if you don’t understand the substantial difference between how she plays and other damage role characters.

I can understand your reaction. Its quite common when trapped in single mindset.

If your turrets are easily taken out then you are not taking advantage of them to their fullest.
Proper placement forces enemies to turn from you and your team and even can prevent various hero’s from being able to remove them entirely.

Once again, peoples perceptions on sym highly depend on if they have properly adapted to her unique playstyle.

If you have the wrong mind set then she is absolute garbage. If you have the right one she becomes extremely oppressive to the enemy

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I think she’s much like Mei’s Wall in that players are contentiously figuring her out as time goes on, especially her Photo Barrier. I know in OW time, that’s not good enough to justify it being so, yet there’s still quite a bit to be had there.

She could do with more subtle buffs at an incremental level like Orisa has had for 2 years.

Upon release of 3.0 on the PTR, I was ready to say that this Symmetra is much worse than Symmetra 2.0. Fortunately for her she got multiple giant buffs that other characters fought much longer to get, and I am confident to say she is “best she’s ever been”, even though I feel like I am about to vomit because of how often people say this sentence.

Whether “her best” is good enough is another story.

Now I guess I am just salty that 2.0 didn’t get any changes through her entire life span while 3.0 got her rain of buffs.

No wait, cancel that. She got few changes. A bug where Moira could wipe 60 seconds worth of cooldowns and a bug where her ult suicided on its own. Took them months to fix it. Amazing.


The people claiming she is better because 4 and a half OWL level pros use her for memes is hilarious when Sym is arguably worse for ladder. Her winrate plummeted by 10%, her pickrate went down by half, and none of her in-game stats are significantly better that pre-rework.

The people claiming that Sym ‘‘is better now’’ have watched too many TP gimmick cheese compilations and probably barely see Sym in ladder. Because uhhhh Sym is worse now, and OWL players memeing with her in low importance matches isnt a good state for Sym.


One year and we still don’t know how to aim or how to play the hero according to other people.