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Hey everyone! I’ve got some great news in regards to Overwatch 2 that I’m allowed to share with you guys. Blizzard Entertainment is having a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” event on the r/Games subreddit, 2022-06-22T20:00:00Z.

It should be a good chance to ask a lot of questions you’ve been having about Overwatch 2 and it’s upcoming launch on October 4th. Please note, not every question maybe available to be answered at this time, but I hope you all have the time to check it out! Cheers! (^^)v


Oml I’m calling it right now the comments are all gonna be about Diablo Immortal


PSA: the easier it is to answer your question without any fallout, breached NDAs, SEC scrutiny, or other negative consequences, the more likely you’ll get a response

Like this should be obvious, but I’ve learned to never underestimate the forums being the forums.


Thanks for the heads up.

Also, it’s interesting how the date in the post adjusted to my timezone, but the title didnt.
That’d be a nice upgrade.

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That’s a heavily underutilized feature of the forum platform.


Also note this is reddit not the forums. The general whiney comments that get so many “likes” here are down voted and ignored on reddit.


i am not on reddit but its great they are doing something like this, cant wait to hear a bunch of new information

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i wouldn’t say that at all. you can search for “overwatch” in r/games and see many of the concerns people here share getting upvotes lol


While true. Kind of stupid they call it “ask me anything” doncha think?

…dodge a lot of honest questions and timefill with nonspeak explaining nothing.

And it’s gonna be a trainwreck.


Nah, you can ask them whatever you want, and they can read their list of approved topics and respond if your question it on it.

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Oh. It’s on reddit. The dumpster fire of the human mind. I’ll pass. Y’all enjoy.

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Someone go ask about lootboxes and credit transfers.


Ok yea, but still the title of it makes one think they will answer any question. But they won’t. So it’s dumb.

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Oh yeah, I agree it shouldn’t be called “ask me anything”, but really, if anyone actually expects them to answer whatever spiky question people want to throw at them, they’re dreaming.

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Will you be posting a summary of the OW-related questions & answers on the forums like you did last year? :pray:

Trying to follow any conversation on Reddit is a bit much for my old grandma brain. :face_holding_back_tears:


I’ll get a summary up. It may not follow it immediately live but I will get a summary up shortly after it completes


Their AMAs have actually been one of the better sources of information for the community.

I feel like for communication from Blizzard, things go better when they’re not scripted ahead of time.

Thank youuuuu. :heart:


I’ve never seen this lil guy before but I’m definitely stealing him for future use

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