NEWS! Upcoming Reddit AMA June 22 at 1:00 p.m. PDT! (ENDED)

Please someone ask where we obtain the mythic skins, I need to know if it’s going to be awful or not. Also please hound the life out of them to make sure they do not go the FOMO route.

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seems awfully brave of them, hopefully they don’t dodge tough questions


keep us posted. it would be a great service - maybe even a pre-requisite one - for the community to get answers to those hard questions. bring up the issue of live-service ecosystem delivery and integrity standards. i don’t care about some new map, hero, skin, or game-mode if i can’t even zone-in to my local server play what i want and stay in the hotseat for hours of gaming.

God damn, I saw the date/time thing, and though, OMG they added a sane date time system into html?

I was all excited. But nope, discourse plugin. Just Dev things I guess.

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I can tell the comments with questions will be from the people that have been sleeping for the past two years and were already anwered a long time ago.


Fellow Mercy players, can we please ask if they will rework/change any of her kit/abilities in OW2 to be more fun and impactful?


Yes, it would be thing to ask, because “they promised us”, changes in support in beta 2 and again they only focus on tanks and dps… the forgotten supports, what a novelty.

I agree that reddit is not exactly a bastion of human intelligence but as opposed to… These forums? You serious? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Do you already have answered question or can we really ask ours

I hope someone gets to ask a question about more hero reworks/class swaps, I still want to see Mei as a tank and sym as support to really even out the roster.

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Fringe groups are always well represented at these things.m and shout the loudest. Don’t you worry about that.

You can ask anything. They don’t have to answer everything.

You realise we’re you posted that?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I literally see the same takes on here get upvoted on reddit

hopefully we get the answers we’ve been looking for with the new Watchpoint Pack contents and what they’re each worth compared to the value of the bundle!

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You expect them to touch on these things on a preview vod for OW2?

A lucrative career in PR awaits you.

When you say “this studio” - who are you referring to?

The Junior devs? Senior devs? Artists? Interns? Testers? PR and comms? Marketing? Senior management? Finance?

Only because companies don’t have emotions, people do. So is this a collective consciousness of people feeling exactly the same thing?

NGL its more than suspicious, that the AMA is happening only a few hours before the eligibility for the Founders Pack is over.

I wonder what they will “accidentally” reveal in the last minute that might impact sales.

What they need to address tho is basicly everything regarding the Watchpoint Pack:

-Why is no discount for those who have the Legendary Edition already?
-How much is the 2000 Currency in $ value?
-How much is the Battle pass?
-What can you buy with 2000 currency?
-Is the battle pass going to expire?

Non watchpoint related stuff:
-What will happen with the current OW Currency we have?
(It would be nice to know because there is only 1 event left before the OW2 release to spend them on literally anything. Or just make everything buyable for a few days as a final goodbye to OW1.)
-Is the PvE going to be tied to the premium battle pass or it will be free?
-Is the PvE going to “expire” after each season? Meaning if you missed out on Season 1 you cannot play those maps anymore?
-How much do we have to play daily in order to complete the battle pass?
-How we can unlock the current cosmetics in OW2?
-What is the remaining reward for the Founders pack?

If i get answers to these questions i think im relatively happy.
If they try to dodge questions like these with some “we are not sure yet”, just saying its a lie, the release is close enough that they have to know every single detail about monetization already, and they have been for a very long time.

Hopefully people ask questions like mentioned above and not useless bs like “What is Junker Queens favorite food?” or “Whats it feel like to work on OW2?”.


I checked the Reddit, but I don’t see anything. For me to at least check out the Reddit, see what others were interested in, etc. But, my question/s cannot reach Reddit, as I don’t have an account. So, I’m gonna pray that my 1, single question gets to reach their ears. My question is relating to Supports, and I’ve discussed with my little bro about this clever, but tricky idea to bring to life in a new Support character. I am just genuinely curious on if they can, but in their pockets, or in their minds, Can they make a Support that is a aggro/peeling main healer? Is the possibility there for them to have the power and potential to do this?

My little bro and I know this is a tricky build to bring to life, especially cuz of the concerns of the potential of said character becoming OP, But, I feel like just maybe, with the slightest chance of hope, it could be doable to make it work without the overpowering concerns. We’ve made a Wrecking Ball exist in OW. We’ve made a single fist become a full-fledge character. We’ve got Swords and Axes and Hammers and Daggers and Bows and Explosives and Guns Galore in this Shooter. We’ve made simple, basic, everyday animals as characters. So, with All of this creativity going on in the game of OW, I just wonder if my simple idea could potentially come true as a Main Healer. We need more Supports. And getting ideas together to help bring more Supports to life is a good place to start. I dunno if they’ll hear me, but my prayers and hopes will be right here, hoping to get at least something to bounce back to me. Peace :v:

Hopefully it can be answered about earning enough premium currency from the battle pass to get next seasons. It’s the only thing holding me back about the Watchpoint pack.

Not going to be around myself, so if someone could ask if they’re interested in the answer too, that would be great!

I am torn on which version of the BP I prefer: time limited that offers currency or unlimited that doesn’t. Both have their positives.