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We all know you don’t eat, sleep, or poop.

What are you really up to? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thank you for being thorough and efficient in doing this.


So they answered the typical/usual questions they would basically always answer. No one confirmed how to get mythic skins either. Ugh.

Except supports have historically been rather problematic so the theory should only really stay theoretical. I don’t mind having fewer heroes in the support category than others, I just want NEW heroes to play. Im sick of ana and baptiste jail

I kinda figured I wasn’t gonna reach Blizz without Reddit… Sadge. I rly had hope that my question would reach em, but it didn’t. My question is back at This forum post: NEWS! Upcoming Reddit AMA June 22 at 1:00 p.m. PDT! (ENDED)
As Post # 42.

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I don’t expect them to change their mind on using it, but I do expect them to address it.


I’m guessing third will most likely be a support. They said october will see a tank and 2 of the next 3 characters are supports. So Tank, Support, Support? Just a guess though.

ok mod go off, the 2000 currency being able to buy two more battle passes is good to know

It’s a shame that we didn’t get an answer about earning premium currency in the battle pass for the next one like a lot of other games handle it, but since most of the answers are positive, I’m about 70% confident they won’t fumble that like Hearthstone.

Yeah, refusing to comment on PvE is such a great idea
What an awful AMA

This right here. You buy the BP with currency, but not the skin itself. You earn or unlock it. The mythic skins are also that important that they would have said if they were the level 100 reward for the current pass.

Expect the mythic skin to be much more expensive than the BP and separate in the new online shop.

Yet again they avoided talking about Mei after gutting her. Sucks they balance some heroes around ladder but the only place I can think of where she was balanced around was OWL

Oh well, they avoided answering this specific part. Another fail AMA where they don’t address Mei who needs a tank rework

Excuse me… WHERE IS WORKSHOP??? Where is community modding support? You just will drop everything and forget? Where is map editor?

WHY U DON’T TELL ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. Jeff promised an good rework for workshop with new exciting features in OW2. And nobody said ANYTHING till now about this…

I mean we know literally nothing about the BP beyond that it is 100 levels and yesterday we learned there are challenges to complete it faster. So given how little we know literally anything could be in the set and I would not be surprised.

Nowhere were we told that you could buy the Mythic skin directly, only that it would require premium currency. They have absolutely nothing publicly that excludes the Mythic skin as the level 100 reward and have given so little information about the BP that not mentioning that isn’t weird.

The only reason that we could say that it isn’t is the BP is, seemingly, about $10 but that Mythoc skin is about $40 in value minimum based on other games (arguably more). However if their goal is to create repeat BP users so that the game has consistent income locking something really good in the BP makes sense.

Breaking News:

I don’t think he mentioned the latter at all? There was no mention of Support Sym in the OP nor Josh’s response

puts tinfoil hat on

Avoiding the question about role changes could mean more role shifts are coming

Ewwww, they are forcing us to play that horrible OW2 without stuns or any way to help the healers vs characters like reaper or tracer. We can’t even go back to OW 1.



Please, don’t remove the profile level. Make different levels for account and battle pass, like in many similar games.

For me a profile level is the only way to evaluate my progress and the amount of game time. I like to collect my stats and how much time I spent in the game. Please, don’t touch this.

I don’t want to focus on battle pass progress. How will I track my progress without an account level ?