New Experimental Card – June 23

I know, I made the dropdown text saying I know sym did shields, but same concept. Another DPS giving allies extra hp essentially.

The removal of the overheal reduces the power of Repair Pack in so many dimensions. I can understand wanting to reduce the availability of extra HP that blocks extra damage and modifies some important damage breakpoints, but removing the overheal also reduces the duration of the ability from 5-6s to 2s (since the overheal armor persists for 5s if not destroyed and it takes some time to accumulate), so it’s drastically less useful as a pre-heal ability.

If the armor is the main issue, what about extending the duration of the healing effect to 5s but capping the amount at 110? That way it would still be useful for pre-healing but wouldn’t provide quite as much sustain as the armor overheal.

that sounds even more terrible, it would be like a zen orb but with a defined duration instead of being infinite.
having repair pack give 50 armor without overhealing and after some time that armor converts to health would make it a better option.

I think this is a great first step. Brig and armour need to be decoupled for a few reasons:

  1. It makes squishies too tough. Tracer with pack is literally unkillable by another Tracer who doesn’t have pack. It’s better than harmony orb and even a Mercy pocket at times, and requires no continued use of resources. I’ve watched 4.6k peak streamers like Kabaji be utterly rebuffed by a low GM Tracer who has pack. The counterplay is basically switch or get a pack yourself – it’s not healthy for the game, imo.

  2. The devs judiciously choose armour values for all heroes (mostly tanks). Brig providing armour throws this out of whack and hitches Brig’s wagon to the strength of armour. You cannot buff or nerf armour without affecting Brig’s power. Breaking the link (just as was done with Torb’s old armour packs) is the right thing to do.

  3. Once again, armour totally dumpsters certain heroes. 50 armour on a small target is a big deal for a 76, Tracer, Winston etc. Anyone who does tickle damage struggles against armour while burst heroes (Hanzo, Widow, Cree etc.) do much better. This is a fairly arbitrary design choice as far as I can tell, and it makes little sense to hobble heroes based on whether Brig has provided armour to an enemy.

Also, to all the people complaining that armour is “Brig’s thing”: It was “Torb’s thing”, and years later it’s not a problem. Nobody thinks of Torb and armour and laments the end of his armour packs – it had to go for the good of the game.

The devs can work out how to keep Brig useful. There’s plenty of things that could be tried – longer healing time, overhealing with temporary shields, etc.


At this point, why even keep Brig and armor together?

The dev team really seems to be against the armorhealing. Fine, it doesn’t cause any more issues than any other support using their abilities, but we’ll sit here and pretend Brig’s armor is the one and only problem in this game, the one that obviously demands the dev’s repeated attentions, and that there’s no other problems in this game that haven’t been addressed in months or years.

Honestly if this is bugging the dev team this much that they’ll leave the rest of the game rot just to focus on over-armor, then just remove it completely and give Brig some other utility. There’s probably a lot of things this game needs, and you can re-shape her to whatever whim you have. Find a role for her to fill, and fill it. But removing Brig’s over-armor shouldn’t be done unless you’re ready and willing to strip a lot of support abilities across the board (yay a nerf Moira is immune to!). You can’t just focus on Brig and pretend that hers and hers alone causes a change in gameplay strategy or helps teammates push the envelope.

Seriously. Just give her something else at this point. Take away her armor identity and give her something new. Just stripping her abilities away and leaving her isn’t an answer.


Blizzard. You’re nerfing healers too much all while creating more powerful DPS. This is a mistake in my opinion. This will promote longer que times for DPS. Healers will leave from feeling inadequate given their throughput. Players will request more heals and create more toxicity. As a support main, these healer nerfs harm more than help.


^ This entirely. I just wish Blizzard would read it. They sure as hell show they aren’t listening to their community at all. Only the glorified streamers. One day you will have your precious 30 GMs playing this game exactly the way they want it with a couple of hundred viewers on Twitch. After this I almost long for it.


we can all see that you are a silver Genji main

How can you bring what heroes I play into your argument? Firstly, I have 43 seconds on Genji this season…? Secondly, I have 100 more SR than you in every role and peaked 3112 on Open Queue. HOWEVER, I have 10 hours Reinhardt this season (50 total), and I know that it will take me 7+ swings to kill Brigitte when rally and inspire are active. Even if I pin her during rally, she still won’t die!! Is that a support trait?

it’s not fair that brig gets nerfed only because she needs less skill then ana

But why should a hero that takes less skill give you so much more value? The devs are balancing the game now to make it that you get more value from you mastering a hard hero (Ana, Zen, Lucio) than if you just exist on an easy hero (Brigitte and Moira).

her ult is most of the time useless

How can you say that as a Mercy one trick? When everyone is inside of Rally, it is so hard to focus a single target down because they have up to 150 extra health with damage reduction You’ve clearly never tried to fight a 300 health Tracer in you back line before.

OMG right? And when Zen ults nobody can be killed within his aura! What’s that about! And when Ana nano’s someone all of a sudden they get super strong!? Welcome to Overwatch. What you are experiencing is a so-called support Ultimate Ability. I swear these people…

EDIT: And in case you don’t understand my point; Ults are supposed to swing the battle to that hero’s favor. You’re not supposed be able to beat a hero exactly the same way you do when they’re not ulting. But hey, let’s nerf Rally too why don’t we. Let’s see you complain about OP Brigs even after these nerfs because you don’t have the skill to defeat her.


I really like the overheal-armor being removed from repair pack. I hated being a pre-pack slave and this change is just a whole lot more enjoyable. There is still over-armor from Rally, so the uniqueness of Brigitte’s kit is still there. I feel like there’s room for a future tweak to bring back armor to repair pack without the overhealed, but please let the current change go live.

The 250 hp shield is much appreciated. The lowered regen rate feels like it takes forever to recharge the shield to full hp, but the extra 50 hp means that the shield uptime isn’t any worse.

The new Brigitte is definitely better

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Don’t you dare put those Brig changes into the live game or i will not play her ever again! PERIOD!


As a brigitte main, i can safely say that the experimental brig is way worse than her normal counterpart. I think that taking away one thing that is exclusive to brigitte is stupid. This is why I chose brig as my main, to support my teammates in a way that no other character can. Now, about the shield. While I do appreciate the shield hp buff to 250, and the slower regeneration is something i can live with, in my opinion the extended downtime will be devastating. Her shield’s primary use is to block important damage, like or mccree ult, that would otherwise kill you. Either way your shield will break and longer downtime would mean a guaranteed death (or maybe I just play brig wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). If this was up to me I would keep the shield hp buff and the slower regen rate to make it balanced, and scrap everything else. I hope you know what you’re doing…

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Here’s my feedback, nerf Genji’s ult charge a little bit and give Zen some QoL changes like being able to orb when you reload without having to cancel the animation, I know double shield is an issue but I don’t see what could be done to fix it without destroying Sigma or Orisa.

laughs in bronze skill floor

It’s now Activision Blizzard, that power up will probably come as a micro transaction. It’s sad that you will have to buy the new game just to get your characters kit to work like it should and even then only in pve whilst dps just keeps getting stronger.

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what exactly is a “bronze skill floor”?

I encourage change and more experiments, but I’m not feeling this one. Except the Junkrat changes. Those are great

I played several games with each D.Va , Junkrat, Brig and Ashe. Regardless of winning/losing, just played each character to the best of my ability and judged accordingly. feels really strong with this. I dont like it. I get why, because damage is being creeped again. But her being able to walk out around corners holding primary and switch to DM on the turn of a dime makes her super tuned to just drown out ranged heroes with long cooldowns (Ashe). She needs a buff, but all 3 of these? Maybe just start with the Matrix changes or scrap this concept and just give her 100 armor?

Junkrat feels great. Keep these changes. We need more spam rat to take out the hypermobile characters like Tracer and Genji.

Brig feels weak. It’s not that the armor nerfs alone make her healing less effective, it’s that she’s generally just lost survivability. She’s still strong in certain combos though. Idk. I dont like it but I dont hate it as much as I did when i first played it.

Ashe feels clunky with 12 second dynamite. I couldn’t get used to the slower rhythm of play and was constantly caught where i’d have 2 or 3 seconds without a cooldown and dynamite could have dissuaded the enemy team from clustering against me. To be fair though, not a lot of shields were played in these experimental games. She could work with a longer cooldown, but I’d rather see a revert to one of the buffs she got rather than play with dynamite’s cooldown timer.


Trust me. You won’t notice either of the Junkrat changes.

And that’s what they should do before applying such nerfs. Reducing the armor little by little, counter balancing it with longer healing over time, raising the instant healing so it can be used as an emergency pack instead are so many options that could have come with it but they just went “remove it”.
The shield “buff” can’t be considered as it came with its own nerf to balance it.
Also said squishies are already resilient as they are due to their mobility but again, instead of looking at them the hammer comes down to Brigitte.

No! She’s still not going to get played, your just bad. Hopefully you know that D.Va isn’t even strong with these ‘buffs’ there simple reverts. 40% was a smart idea instead of giving her a spread decrease. The DM change makes D.Va have something from sigma, like his shield.

This is why D.Va needed that buff. It makes D.VA feel like she can do something.

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