New Experimental Card – June 23

And the nerf is significantly worse than the buff. So her barrier was not buffed. It’s a second straight nerf.

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So how long will this experimental last before the changes go thru/don’t go thru.

I just wanna get the dumpstering of Brig over with, y’know rip the bandaid off and all that

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Hey Molly Fender! I was wondering If you could take a look at this team built rework for Brigitte! If there’s someway you could send them over to the Blizzard balance team that would be great! I want what’s best for this character and I think you will really find some amazing changes within this rework you should consider testing and looking at!

A Team Base Rework / Change For Brigitte


Inspire Splash Packs

  • Healing: 120 HP In 4 Seconds (30 HP Per Second) Rate For The Allie You Hit

  • Over Full HP / Armour: 60 HP Only for the alli you use it on.

  • Armour Duration 5 Seconds

  • Projectile Speed: 30M Per Second Towards Allie

  • Max Range: 30M Towards Allie

  • Inspire Splash Radius 6 Meters at a 360 Degree Angle

  • Healing Rate For Allies Within The 5M Radius (60 HP In 2 Seconds) (30 HP Per Second) This does not include the extra armour.

  • Ammo: 3 Charges

  • Recharge Duration: 1.5 Seconds For Healing For Each Pack

  • Cooldown For 3 Total Packs: 4.5 Seconds

Whip Shot

  • Damage 70.

  • Projectile Speed/Out-Going Velocity 80M In 1 Second

  • Retracting Time 0.5 Seconds At (Full Length)

  • Max Range 20M

  • Cooldown 4 Seconds

  • Knock-Back 5-10M

Shield Charge (Charge - Hold The Shield Bash Button In To Go Farther)

  • Damage: (5 DMG For Instant) - (1.2 Second Charge 20 DMG) (2.4 Seconds 35 DMG)

  • Max Range 13 Meters

  • Area Of Effect: 60° Front Cone Angle Radius

  • Stun Duration: 0.5 - 0.9 Seconds Depending On The Charge Level

  • Shield Charge:
    (Instant Shield Bash Will Go 7 Meters) (0.5 Stun Duration)
    (1.2 Second Charge Will Go 10 Meters) (0.7 Stun Duration)
    (2.4 Second Charge Will Go 13 Meters) (0.9 Stun Duration)

  • Cooldown 7.5 Seconds

  • Shield Bash Cannot Stun Through Barriers

  • If Shield Bash interacts with Reinhardt’s Charge, Doomfist’s Rocket Punch, Ashe’s B.O.B, or another Shield Bash, both heroes get knocked down

  • Shield Bash ignores Genji’s Deflect

  • Shield Bash Knock-Back: (1 Meter Instant) - (1.5 Meters 1.2 Second Charge) - (3 Meters 2.4 Second Charge)

Shield (HP Increased / Movement Speed Increased)

  • Shield HP: 300 HP

  • Shield Regeneration: Regenerates 100 Shield HP Points Per Second After Being Down For 2 Seconds.

  • Cool-Down: 4.0 Seconds After Being Broken

  • Movement Speed when shield is up -25%


  • HP Per Second For Allies: 18 - In 4 Seconds = 72 HP

  • HP Per Second For Self-Healing: 12 - In 4 Seconds = 48 HP

  • Area Of Effect: 20M

  • Duration: 6 Seconds

  • Cool-Down: 1 Second After Be Triggered

  • Triggered By: Primary / Rocket Flail

  • Applies a heal-over-time effect to allies, meaning they do not have to continuously stay in range.

  • Does (Not) Heal Allies Behind Enemy Barriers Or Surfaces That Block Line Of Sight.

  • Does Not Stack With Itself. Instead, The Duration Resets.

Primary/Rocket Flail (Damage Build Up)

  • Damage: Each Hit = 5 Bonus DMG Points Starting At 25 DMG Until 35 DMG - Will Reset If Constant Swings Comes To An End. (EX. You Swing At A Moria With A Constant 3 Hits With A Total DMG Output Of 90 Instead Of 105 If Moria Gets Away Before Your Next Swing And Comes Back It Will Reset Back To 25 DMG Build Up Output.

  • Rate Of Fire: 1 Swing Per 0.5 Seconds

  • Max Range 6M

  • At 5-6 Meters Away, Brigitte’s Flail Has a Horizontal Range of 3 Meters On The Side She Swings Toward and 2 Meters On The Opposite Side.

Ultimate/The Sprinkler (Takes Her Flag Out And Places It On The Ground Which Then It Turns Into A Sprinkler. This Concept Is Like Kinda Like Orisa’s Ultimate)

  • Covers 20 Meters Out At A 360 Degree Angle From Flag Placement

  • Height Of Flag Lowers And The Height Of The Spray As The Ult Runs Out

  • Movability 0% When Placing The Flag Down (Takes 1.2 - 1.5 Seconds)

  • The Ultimate Duration: 7 Seconds

  • Ultimate Healing: 60 HP Per Second (Total HP: 420 In 7 Seconds)

  • Ultimate Shield Healing: 30 Shield Points Per Second (210 Shield Points In 7 Seconds)

  • Ult Cost: 2800

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I have 100 more SR than you in every role and peaked 3112 on Open Queue.

okay so?? does that make you better? I don’t play this game cause I wanna get T500, I just play it cause its different then CSGO or any other shooter that’s what I like about OW. but I’m happy for you that your SR is higher congrats!

But why should a hero that takes less skill give you so much more value? The devs are balancing the game now to make it that you get more value from you mastering a hard hero (Ana, Zen, Lucio) than if you just exist on an easy hero (Brigitte and Moira).

where do I even start, first of all, ana, zen and Lucio are not much harder than brig and Moira, and in fact, they have more impact on the game,

ana: anti nade, nano boost
zen: discord orb, trans.
Lucio, sound barrier, boop.

what does brig have? shield? noo… armor? don’t think so gone in a second, her inspire? bastion has better self-healing, her ult? that doesn’t save you from anything in a grave or nana-blade or Hanzo ult (in fact zen his ult does more) so that means that zen and Lucio have more value overall.

How can you say that as a Mercy one trick? When everyone is inside of Rally, it is so hard to focus a single target down because they have up to 150 extra health with damage reduction You’ve clearly never tried to fight a 300 health Tracer in your backline before.

lol, one-trick mercy? no… I play every healer from zen to ana to brig. just not as much as mercy cause I love mercy just because of who she is and what she does.

brig her ult doesn’t give you 150 armor, 100 armor (nerfed it a while back) and if you think I’m a (mercy one-trick) then you should know that tracer loves to kill mercy, ana zen in the backline so I know how that feels and I don’t mind just talk to your teammates. BREAKING NEWS you are not alone in a match!

okay yeah, 7 swings? so tell me when are you alone in a comp match? lol, you are not the only one!

its called an ult for a reason so no joke that she is not killable with an ability lol weird of you to think that a ability needs to be better than an ult. funny :slight_smile:

yeah funny, but he when can laugh about it right?

it’s always funny when your rein goes into the enemy team and dies and then calls his healer’s trash cause he died from his mistake… no thanks.

All changes help balance the game a lot. Thank you.

It’s an Ult. There are multiple Supports that won’t die if you pin them during it. (Brigitte, Lucio, Zenyatta), one whose Ults makes pinning them pretty much impossible (Valkyrie) and one cooldown that makes it literally impossible to kill not just the support but their entire team (Baptiste).

Value in what way? After GOATS died, Brigitte only recently found her niche (giving armor to flankers). That is the only value that she has provided that made her worth playing at a high level.

this is a good idea and a step in the good direction, thanks for sharing your ideas! let’s hope they give this a shot.

I’m a 4500 DVA main. I really dislike the missile change.

It messes with years of muscle memory without giving much benefit.

I really like the other 2 changes.

I hope it comes with the talent system. Making it a micro transaction would be awful.

Very similar to my rework. I genuinely would like to see this kid of change tested.

Competitive mode is now divided…I don’t know whether it will bring more queue time or not…I will suggest RoleLock is the best option…after getting game players can select among 2 or 3 characters of each role…in that way it will be open q and also 222 or 312 or whatever the meta is but will not be 6 DPS together

Brigitte was specifically conceptualized and presented as an “armor-based support”. Torbjorn is an engineer, which has a little more conceptual flexibility around whether that involves granting armor to other players. (Torb himself still has armor as a thing, since he gets a lot during Overload, and he and Brig are the only non-tanks with intrinsic armor.) I think that armor, and specifically granting armor, is much more of a defining characteristic of Brigitte than it ever was of Torbjorn. Her base color palette even has that golden-yellow armor color as her primary color. I would be very surprised if they removed her armoring abilities completely, just as I would be very surprised if they completely removed Mercy’s Resurrect or Sym’s teleporter.