My (second) Hitscan patch

Here’s the last one, if you missed it and wanted to see the changes.
This time, I’ll try to better show my perspective on each change. I hope you don’t totally hate them. Also, for whatever reason, I could not find certain PTR/Live patch notes on the U.S. forums…so ye…

Biotic Grenade

  • Anti-nade will now reduce the effects of healing by 75% no longer denying all healing

This change, or a variation of it, has been suggested to death for a reason.


Proposal for full revert:

This really shouldn’t be controversial. Many believed Ashe had the most balanced release yet she’s only been buffed. Toning her back in the most predictable manner to make sure she does not become too weak would be through reverts.

The game also had a lot more barrier up-time at Ashe’s release though. There is a decent chance Ashe may remain a little too strong in which case a nerf to coach gun or a revert to her reload may be worth investing.


Proposal for partial revert:
  • Recovery time decreased from .45 to .4 seconds

Regenerative Burst

  • Radius increased from 10 to 13 meters

Baptiste can not really compete with Ana as the game moves away deathball/brawl play styles as without barriers, it’s far too risky to play in the open or too grouped up as the game moves towards a more individualized focus. These changes may better help Baptiste secure value as he does not compare to Zenyatta as a hybrid damage or Ana as a long-range healer. An ammunition reduction or addition of bloom may solve him doing too much damage overall.



  • Now active when in recon
  • No longer active when deployed as configuration: sentry
    • Still applied during configuration: tank

Configuration: Recon

  • Fire rate increased from 8 to 9 rounds per second

I know many want Bastion to receive a rework, but regardless of if he is a tank or support, no one will want to go against a human turret.
The healthiest change for Bastion will be putting more power into Recon so he’s not as frustrating to go against and can escape F-tier for more than one balance change.
Proposal for full revert:

Proposal for partial reverts:

January 24, 2017 patch notes

  • General
    • Health decreased from 400 to 300
    • Armor increased from 200 to 300

Defense Matrix

  • Length increased from 10 to 12 meters

Micro Missiles

  • Explosive damage increased from 4 to 5

To my understanding, used to be a must-pick with a high PR and WR as she functioned as both a community favorite and the key to a good team comp. Over time, had her entire kit nerfed rather harshly and I think a some partial reverts could really help her compete for a spot on the team when compared to Wrecking ball or Sigma.

Proposal for full reverts:

This also should not be controversial. They brought barriers and healing down a good bit over the past year. As long as we keep snipers in check, Mccree doesn’t need an assault rifle for a pistol and we may even be able to revert the FtH buff if he’s still over-performing, although unlikely.



  • Movement speed buff increased from 50% to 70%


Proposal for full reverts

Wait, who asked for this Hog? The Hog I want is the one that hasn’t been tested for 2/2/2, not the Hog that already failed.

Additionally, I think a 6 second cooldown Hook could use a range reduction to 16 or 15 meters.

Soldier 76

Automatic Pulse Rifle

  • Ammunition increased from 25 to 30


  • No longer disables reload while running

Tactical Visor

  • Can headshot (how? well idk, devs’ job. Center of the reticle over the head? Double damage I suppose).

These changes have been asked for since the dawn of time, and we’re all ready for them.


Proposal for full reverts:

Interestingly, on the EU patch notes, there was a developer comment I didn't see on Molly's post.

In my humble opinion, the old Translocator was far more versatile than its current iteration as a tool capable of hyper-mobility, escape and a fake out for the enemies. This change made it far less efficient as the former in favor of the potential to chain the ability in succession.

This not only is impractical but wasn’t worth the overall nerf the ability got.
While it may flow better to infinite stealth, I am in favor of reverting that change as well.

The stealth changes may have been a better idea when the game was about open queue, however, Sombra struggles to secure a spot on the team in a role queue environment.
As a damage hero with little and inconsistent damage output for a larger focus on utility, she spends far too much time outside of team fights and far too little time being able to stay in them.

Reverting the nerf to translocator allowing it to better be used as a mobility tool while returning her lost speed while in stealth will better allow Sombra to play as an assassin so that she may better secure a spot as a damage hero.

I would also very much like another of these two changes:

With an update to her line of sight checks, Sombra sounds perfect!


I have no real changes to suggest. Possibly a revert for pulse bomb to 300 damage as tanks will struggle to stay at high amounts of health without being able to rely on barriers as much but, overall, Tracer will probably return to number 1 with power creep reverts.
From there, we can all best decide what Tracer needs, if anything.



  • Health pool reduced from 200 to 150

Widow’s Kiss (Secondary)

  • Ammunition consumption increased from 3 to 6 per shot

Grappling Hook

  • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10 seconds

This creates a better dynamic between Ashe and Widow instead of one being the dollar tree version of the other. Widowmaker will have openings more frequently, unable to hold a sight line for as long without reloading.

Ashe inversely has a large clip and a double knockback to resist being dove but is vulnerable for a long period when either are no longer available.

Interestingly enough, Hanzo feels like the best of both worlds, offering infinite ammunition granted a mini-reload in between each shot. He’s capable of constantly pressuring choke with less worry of being dove by a single target with the trade-off of his projectile shots being much harder to land, especially for headshots.

As long as storm arrows are kept in check, Hanzo may not need any nerfs in a patch made to reduce damage creep

This also allows all heroes to better duel Widowmaker instead of her only true counter being another Widowmaker due to her consistent value regardless of the range she fights at.

While I do prefer a 170 health Widow with the distinct idea to give Ashe a fair match-up, I had my ears talked off about how the numbers must be perfect. The greatest worry will now be some random icicle deleting Widow as Mei outsnipes her, then again, I’m not mad if Mei becomes a Widow counter.

Wrecking ball

Proposal for partial reverts:


  • Affected players’ loss of air control increased from .5 to .75 seconds


  • Reduced projectile speed from 12 to 11

While the minefield changes seem to be intended as a buff, the most practical use of the ultimate (in mid-air before using pile driver) made it function more like a nerf. This revert may help Wrecking ball regain some value out of a well-timed minefield without the mines being too spread out to secure kills.

Ball isn’t doing too hot, especially if Sombra/Hog are looking better. I think it’s only fair to suggest some small changes and see how they play out.

And thank you so much JoshNash & Molly! The majority of patch notes I was able to find under the U.S. forums were thanks to your posts. Appreciate you making the links to what I want to revert so accessible.

um anyway, my last one did fairly well. If you prefer changes from the other or have your own changes, feel free to comment.

ok so um double side comment… when quoting eu patch notes, I guess the forums linked the quote to a US post?? I’m not sure why that is but for changes I couldn’t find under the US forums I took from the EU forums so I’m assuming that’s why the quotes lead to the wrong post.


I don’t agree with everything

But have a like simply because you put so much effort into this

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Eh it wasn’t that hard

Just looking up when x patch was released and finding the post on the forums

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Aight calm down mr flex

Would you like to do my essay next?

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McCree is terrible, he doesn’t need a revert on his gun, you know he has major damage fall off right?

If you’re going to revert his rof give him 250hp 10m range increase and old flashbang.

He needs the extra hp because his hitbox is giant, He also has the worst ultimate in the game


Bap is balanced.

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