My Career Profile still shows 0 competitive time

According to Addressing Career Profile Stats for Console Players, a fix for the career profile issues on console has already been deployed. I understand that stats from Oct 4-Oct 18 have been lost, but I’ve played plenty of comp matches since then, and I’m still not getting any comp stats whatsoever. On this account and my alt, it says that I have 0 games played this season.

I don’t really play QP and I haven’t been paying attention to total hours, so I don’t know if those have been accumulating properly since this bug fix was deployed. But, I would just like to be able to see anything, really, about my stats in comp this season. I’m having fun playing, but I don’t even know how many games I’ve played.

Update: I played a match of competitive open queue, and those stats are showing in my career profile. Role Queue is still empty. I’ve played dozens of role queue matches, and just the one open queue match.

Update 2: I played on another console-only alt that I haven’t used in a long time, never had a license for OW1, and has no PC playtime. My competitive stats for role queue appear to be getting counted correctly on this account.

Update 3: My season 2 role queue stats are appearing as expected. I still can’t see my season 1 role queue stats. It seems like the issue may be specifically related to having season 1 role queue playtime on record prior to the fix they deployed.

Update 4: Just want to highlight a few folks in the replies who play on PC and console and can only see their console stats when logged into either platform. This suggests that the issue I and the other console-only players are experiencing for season 1 stats has to do with our (non-existent) PC stats being incorrectly surfaced on console.


Same here I’ve played all throughout the time we’re stats would be lost and played way more since then and still have no stats. I’m still ranked in comp but no stats reflected the time I’ve played it


Yeah, I’m unclear on whether this is a separate bug or what. I understand that the restoration of OW1 stats may take some time, which I’m fine with, but like… with no stat history outside of the game reports that only exist for a session, and a rank update only every 15 matches or so, I just feel like I’m swimming around in the dark.


I have the same issue. I thinks it’s affecting my ranking now, too. I can’t climb at all and my stats look great in game and I’m winning more than I’m losing. Unfortunately I can’t prove any of that because NOTHING shows up in this competitive season.


They said in another post that this bug does not affect your competitive ranking. It is only a visual bug.


It’s not solely a visual bug, because they said that they lost stats permanently. But, they also said that it doesn’t affect your ranking. Which makes sense, because the stats are collected in-game just fine, and it would make the MMR update right after presumably.


I have all my rank and hours played but no status on any of my characters on competitive and it also doesn’t show how many wins i have on competitive so its like i haven’t played at all but i have rank i have over 54 hours played this season and 0 of my progress shown


I have a similar problem. My stats are also no longer tracked. I have been playing ranked exclusively for the past few weeks and I only have 9 minutes of play time logged, of those I have won one and lost one, that’s it.

However, I have a guess because I started playing Overwatch 2 on PS5 at release. After I finally unlocked ranked, I played a few rounds until I realized that the game doesn’t make sense with a controller. I therefore switched to PC. Btw, that was a very good decision, even though I’m more a controller player. Anyway, I didn’t notice the bug that my stats weren’t being tracked right away, but looking back I strongly suspect that it hasn’t been tracked since the switch to pc.

Sorry for the bad English.


That makes sense. The career profile bug they posted about with hours going down was specific to console players. This seems like a different bug, or a case they didn’t catch in their deployed fix.

Both of my accounts have most of their playtime on PS4, and only casual modes on PC. The only competitive time that I have tracked this season is the one match of competitive open queue I played.

I am also still having no competitive stats record. Still says no competitive games played, and i play almost exclusively competitive. The bug is definitely not fixed for me.


same here still 0 across the board, bronze rank 5 every time 6x in a row now. PS5


I am also having this issue where my stats show 0 games played in competetive but 62 hours of gameplay. It’s quite frustrating and I’m not too sure how the ranking system is unaffected. It seems like it uses your previous history to form its ranking. Anyways please help us blizz team. We want our match history. It seems strange without it. Thank you.


The only thing posting in career profile for me is the 500+ hours I’ve played. No character stats are listed. Games played and victories listed are a big fat 0 when I have won my fair share. Frustrating.

Playing on xbox one.


None of my competitive stats this season are showing . It’s completely reset . This only happens on my competitive stats. If I go to my all modes tab I can see my previous stats have transferred over.


Same here, competitive stats are only recorded in open queue. For role queue I only get the icons to show the rank, stats are all zero.
I also suspect this to be linked to the stuck in bronze 5 forever bug.
Stats for other modes seem to be recorded again, after the numbers have been decreasing in the beginning. Stats overall do not seem to have been transferred correctly from OW1…


Same. No new stats; no old stats. Claim that this has been fixed is just not accurate.

Was also dropped FIVE ranks without an update and now displays the new one as the season high. That’s literally forty hours of playtime.

The game’s central mechanism, for established players at least, is broken. Appalled that this hasn’t been addressed.


Im also still having this issue. No competitive data showing for this season at all. Played dozens of hours of it as well. 0 games played. 0 stats. Only the rank shows up on mine. Also they are WAY too small. I should be able to read my own rank clearly.


Same here. Stats only showing for Open Queue Ranked, which i rarely play. I have 70 wins in Role Queue Ranked and no stats are showing for any of them.

This stinks.


Same here. My stats are recording for Open Queue Ranked and I’m steadily moving up in that. Role Queue not recording and it’s nearly impossible to move at all. Same player (me) playing both, same role and flying up the ranks in Open Queue.


This is an issue affecting many. I posted about this over a week ago and have been keeping track of all similar posts in this thread: